Big G’s Latest Giveaway – 120 FREE Cannabis Seeds Up For Grabs!


Ready to get your seed on … for free? It’s that time again, so here goes!


Big G has partnered up with his best bud Barney to put together some prizes that’re guaranteed to blow you away. And, entering this contest is so easy. You don’t have to fill out any long forms. You don’t have to mail anything in. You don’t have to find some long-gone receipt. All you have to do is click a link for each entry you’d like to submit, follow a few simple steps and you’re in!


Here’s The Deets:


    5 Ways to Enter

  • 7 Amazing Prize Packs
  • Each Winner Gets At Least 20 FREE CANNABIS SEEDS
  • Starts Now – Contest Ends 31 Aug 2018!
  • Winners Announce About A Week Later
  • Absolutely No Purchase Necessary!!!!!

The Prizes – 7 Winners!


Barney’s Farm Blue Gelato 41 – 5 Pack, Feminized Seeds

Blue Gelato 41 is one of Barney’s Farm’s newest creations and it’s a goodie! This is a Blueberry X Thin Mint GSC X Sunset Sherbert cross that’s capable of yielding up to 3000 gr/seed outdoors. That’s crazy, right! Barney’s hasn’t released an actual figure for THC yet, but this one’s reported to be plenty potent.


Barney’s Farm Peyote Critical – 5 Pack, Feminized Seeds

This Barney’s strain has been out for just a little while. It’s a new take on their high-yielding Critical Kush, but with a more intense flavours, aromas & colours. There’s just a touch of mental lift in Peyote Critical, but the Kush will definitely keep you grounded when you enjoy this 80% Indica.



The Feminised Seeds Company – King Gelato – 5 Pack

These cannabis seeds have been topping our sales charts for the past few months – when we can keep them in stock. It’s similar to Blue Gelato 41 with a few differences. Instead of Blueberry, King Gelato includes a very potent King Indica strain that boosts both yield and potency. THC has been tested as high as 26%. Fancy a side-by-side comparison?!


The Feminised Seeds Company – Pink Sherbert – 5 Pack

Pink Sherbert is another GSC X Sherbert cross, but without anything else to complicate the mash-up. Some phenos will turn pink & purplish if allowed to fade, but many will stay a deep green. Regardless of colour, the flavours are an intense mix of sweet, minty and nutty with a heavy, hashy aroma. Highs are strong but functional.



The Grand Prize Add-Ons

Every winner will get four packs of 100% feminized seeds, but Big G will personally draw an extra entry and award one lucky bastard to receive a bonus prize that we’ll announce about mid-way through the contest.


It may be seeds, it may be a very nice stash box, it may be an assortment of papers, pipes and grinders. You just never know. Keep your eyes peeled!


Where You Can Enter – 5 Easy Ways!

You can enter on all 5 sites if you want to, but make sure you read the instructions on each page. They may vary slightly.


If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, please do. It’ll make sure you always know when we’re running specials or giving away free stuff. We try to make sure there’s at least one value-add in each one!



Every contest has to have some. Read each entry site carefully for individual instructions.


  • Post As Much As You Want, But Only One Entry Per Person Per Site Is Allowed
  • One Prize Pack Per Person – We’ll Choose Again If You’re Picked Twice
  • Complaints Earn An Automatic Disqualification
  • Prizes Shipped Via Registered Mail – No Reships If Lost

By entering this contest, you agree that we can send you newsletters and other promotional material using the email addy on your entry. You also agree that we can use your name (it can be an alias) when we announce the winners.


Please make sure you understand the laws pertaining to cannabis seeds where you live and how they apply to you. Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds for collection and preservation purposes only. Germination and cultivation are strictly prohibited.


Everyone’s A Winner!

If you’d like to buy the weed seeds featured in this contest from our online shoppe, use coupon code CONTEST0818 to get 13% OFF – good through the end of the September.


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