15% off all Cannabis Seeds






To Enjoy this discount, add beans to basket, then add the discount code ‘GORILLALOV3′ to the basket. Simple  as can be! This offer is available for 6 days from now until Midnight 19 Sep


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Tell us know what you think of our promotion and offers by commenting below. If we feature your comment and the gorilla laughs, we will try and get you a mystery gift 😉 Psst. Don’t forget to check us on Facebook for more great offers.


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2 thoughts on “15% off all Cannabis Seeds

  1. Spud Post author

    Guys your generous freebies have ended up becoming our all time favs here in the wilderness that is serenity farm…
    (high altitude sub-tropic NQ tablelands Australia is gorilla country)

    Brands like monster mass, honeysuckle & big bag really going orfff here Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy!

    Seriously though respect u guys u ROCK…

  2. RB Post author

    could you please do your promos at the beginning of the month, when i`m “rich” and don`t have to miss em all cos i`m waiting for the begininng of the month 😉 pretty please 😉

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