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Purple Cannabis Strains

Like it Funky?

Check out our Purple Strains!

This is a page of all our purple strains. As well as being a visual treat – the little monsters on this page are also ram packed with THC and god loving yields. Experience the intense  purple flavours now available at the Gorilla Seed Bank.

Auto Purple


  • Lush Purple Hues
  • Ready in just 70 days from seed
  • Auto flowering & Feminized

Purple #1


  • Vibrant Purple
  • Ready in just 8 weeks
  • Your Mother will love em

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The Gorilla

Cheese Seeds

The Gorilla has carefully placed all his Cheese Seeds into one neat place!

Buy Cheese Seeds

Here we have grouped every Cheese cannabis strain available on the Gorilla Seed Bank into just a couple of pages. If it’s cheese you’re after, then check out the above link , if we have it, you’ll be sure to find it there!

Say Cheese – some cheese strains we recommend;

Big Buddha Blue Cheese feminized

Like Blueberry? Like Cheese? If  your answer was ‘yes’ then we recommend you look no further than Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds.


  • 25% Blueberry & 75% Cheese
  • Ready in 8 weeks
  • Fully Feminized
  • Your gran will love it.

Cheese Bomb Feminised

Welcome to Bomb Seeds Cheese – These are the most potent Cheese genetics to hit the market to date. Thanks Bomb Seeds..


  • 6-8 weeks Flowering
  • Super High THC
  • Awesome genetic background.

Happy Cheese Hunting!


The Gorilla