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Advanced Seeds available from the Gorilla

Hey Troop.

Not only is the Gorilla super busy adding Advanced Seeds to his collection, but he’s also slashing the prices like crazy making Advanced Seeds the absolute cheapest on the mega-web – please compare our seed prices to other seed banks and you will not find them cheaper anywhere else (If you do fine them cheaper which is highly unlikely then please contact us and we’ll slash the price further – deal?)

Check out the latest seeds from Advanced Seeds;

Auto Blue Diesel

Auto NYC Diesel

Auto Jack Herer

Auto Kaya 47

Auto Skunk Mass

Afghan Skunk

Enjoy ūüėČ


Meet the Gorilla Team

Finally we reveal the gorilla’s top team members, please feel free to print our about page, pin it up somewhere and throw things at! No really don’t do that as these are the kindest, nicest and most trustworthy people we have. The Gorilla Seed Bank really is nothing without them. We had a lot of fun shooting their photo’s and creating this page – we love it and hope you do to!..

Check out our About Page!

Right where did I leave that banana?




Whats Happening!

Greetings Seed Lovers.

As well as quenching his appetite for ripe bananas The main man himself (The Gorilla) has been :

  • busy adding new ¬†seeds to the store,
  • revamping the free seeds deals (making them even more awesome than before)
  • Giving away more cool stuff in the Gorilla Love Pack ( we looked at what he’s giving away and we think he’s developing schizophrenia!)
  • organising a new website design that’s he guarantees will literally knock your socks off , seriously be prepared to be blown away ( Literally)!

Free Seed Deals

This month the Gorilla is giving away  the following , the more you spend the more you get, read the exact details on our free seeds page :

Gorilla Love Kit

This is a surprise freebie kit given away on all orders, as it’s a suprise we won’t be telling you exactly whats in it ( and the contents change week to week) but you can be assured its full of fun stuff like skins, grinders, erasers and that sort of thing.

New Website

We don’t anticipate this to be ready for six months at least but it’s going to be incredible! He’s making this site¬†

  • Fully Vibrant
  • Sharp experience
  • Retina Enhanced
  • Rich experience

In summary you will be get more content in a richer experience that allows you to drool for hours over our glorious seed collection! As the design needs to be too notch and perfect he wont be rushing things.


Team Gorilla