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Go Gorilla and Don’t Look Back!

Why go Gorilla? More like, why go anywhere else? Gorilla Seeds have a radical selection of outrageously good weed seeds and an easy-to-use site that makes finding the perfect bean so fast & simple semi-trained monkeys can do it. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

Ready to give it a try? Just hit our search bar for:

  • One of, if not THE, widest ranges of premium, brand-name cannabis seeds on the planet
  • We specialize in super-sneaky, totally discreet delivery – no more endless waits for your shipment to arrive!
  • You won’t find cheaper marijuana seeds anywhere else
  • You’ll get friendly, personalised service with every order

Whether it’s extra-stealthy indoor Autoflowering Seeds or high-yielding outdoor strains, you’ll find exactly what you crave when you shop Gorilla Seeds. What’cha waiting for? Explore guys!

For the Biggest Deals on the Best Cannabis Seeds, Always Buy Gorilla!

NB: Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal, do don’t do it or The Gorilla will open a big, fat can of whup-ass on you – or cancel your order. It just depends on what kind of mood he’s in, so don’t risk it!

Advanced Seeds in Stock and Ready to Go

Why buy Advanced Seeds from the Gorilla Seed Bank?

Here’s a a few reasons why you should :

  • Cheaper than Attitude & Rhino
  • More & Better Free Seeds than Attitude & Rhino
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Super Personal Customer Services
  • The Gorilla Loves you!

If that’s not enough for you, then please contact us and let us know what we could do better!

Check out the latest gems we’ve added from Advanced Seeds:

Enjoy responsibly


The Gorilla