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Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 – Got To Have Kaya Now, Man!

Named in honour of Bob Marley’s Kaya album, Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 is a potent 60% Sativa, 40% Indica carefully selected from Mexican, Thai, Afghani and Colombian strains to make a faster, bigger yielding strain with a powerful 22% THC the Wailers would be proud of.

  • 22% THC
  • Carefully Selected Genetics
  • 60% Sativa – 40% Indica
  • Massive Yields & Main Cola

Kaya has even more resin and bigger yields than the AK47 – she’s shorter too, making her ideal for smaller spaces. Finishing in only 8-9 weeks with crystal-covered buds, long white hairs and a massive main cola that gives off a strong, sweet, fruity aroma you know this Gorilla loves… I feel so high, I even touch the sky!

Wake up and Buy Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 from Gorilla, for only £15.99 for 3 feminized seeds and £29.99 for a 5 pack. Stick some Marley on and chillax while we get this legend shipped to you, man!

You Got To Have Kaya Now (kaya, kaya) For The Rain Is Fallin’!Inspired by Bob Marley’s Kaya album, Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 is a pretty special breed.

Buy Kaya 47 Feminized Seeds Now!

Nirvana Seeds Super Skunk – Super Strong Super Stinker – Warning Be Prepared!

This Super Skunk comes with its own warning – USE A QUALITY FILTER! Don’t even think of buying Nirvana Seeds Super Skunk for a stealth setup. Her pungent parents Skunk #1 and Special Skunk have created a proper little stinker with an eye watering aroma of heavy fuel.

A potent F1 hybrid, she gives a Sativa-like Head trip plus a long- lasting body buzz just like you’d expect from an Indica. In only 8-10 weeks she’ll give out impressive amounts of super strong, rock hard buds.

  • Filter Busting Power
  • F1 Hybrid of Skunk #1 and Special Skunk
  • 8-10 week – High Yields
  • Mixed Indica – Sativa Effects

Available from a super low £14.99 for a regular 10 pack and £21.99 for a 5 pack of 100% feminized seeds, this little stinker is hard to beat!

Grab your Nirvana Seeds Super Skunk Now at Gorilla and Stink out Your Own Jungle!

Nirvana Seeds Snow White – High Ho-It’s Off to Work We Go!

Snow White

She’s no Dwarf but not as short as a typical hybrid either, and she finishes fast in only 8 to 10 weeks.

Her high THC won’t leave you feeling Grumpy but will make you Sleepy, Happy and even a bit Dopey. Her Indica qualities are just what the Doc ordered and may even have the medicinal power to cure Sneezy’s sniffles!

You don’t need a Huntsman or a Princely sum to own this little Queen, so don’t be bashful and order from Gorilla Seeds today for only £21.99 for 5 feminized seeds or £14.99 for 5 regular seeds, you won’t find a price Fairer than that!

Nirvana Seeds Venus Flytrap – You’ll Be Glad You Fell Into This Beauty’s Trap

Fall for the bait? The Gorilla doesn’t blame you – she’s a real alluring honey for sure and that sweet skunky scent makes this Sativa dominant girl irresistible. One whiff and SNAP! You’re snared in her sticky buds like a trichome booby trap.

A new generation of Sativa heavy hybrids, Nirvana Seeds Venus Flytrap is an upgrade of the 70s classic Skunk with an unmistakable punch of Diesel and enough power to fuel the longest ride – making her a modern classic.

  • Modern Powerful Sativa
  • Extra Sticky Resin
  • Classical Skunk Hybrid Upgrade

A bit taller and a bit faster at finishing than other Sativa hybrids , her energetic, active buzz will catch you hook, line and sinker time after time.

Get Nirvana Seeds Venus Fly Trap for a temptingly low £14.99 for 10 Regular Seeds or a seductive £21.99 for 5 100% feminised seeds.

Don’t Get Caught in a Trap, Buy Your Seeds From Gorilla and Avoid Being Bushwhacked!

For Gorillas Eyes Only!

Classified, Top Secret, Do Not Show to Competition, For Gorillas Eyes Only! This Silly Gorilla has left his confidential Banana case on the bus again – What a stoner!

So before the WikiLeaks team expose our new website redesign, I thought I’d give you a peek at the upgrade first hand because it’s no mystery Gorilla Seeds is the absolute best seedbank on planet earth (and beyond) or the fact we have the cheapest prices on the web.

Here’s a hint of things to come:

  • Colours that Pop! – Even if you never order a single cannabis seed (& we know you will!), you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the screen. It’s pretty slick!

  • Easier Navigation – Our current site isn’t too shabby, but we admit it has a few drawbacks. This total revamp means browsing for your next keeper will be smooth sailing!

  • Information Overload – You can still just look at the budporn & ignore our bad jokes, but if you crave info, we’ll have even more stats, more descriptions & more insane Gorilla stories to share.

But, some things will never change …

The competition just can’t keep up where it matters: fresh, top quality seeds from some of the most dedicated breeders(like) offering quality genetics, 100% feminized seeds of the latest strains (like) and amazing crosses of classics and most popular strains (like, like, & like some more).


It’s not just the new, cool look and feel of the new website we’re concentrating on but even better deals including an amazing selection of free seeds, not old stock that our completion can’t get rid of but top genetics from top breeders.

And, The Gorilla’s free seeds aren’t just free, they’re premium quality and carefully selected just for you as our way of a saying thanks for helping us reach for our goal of becoming the top seedbank on the web.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the launch date. We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you – or blow smoke at you until you forget your name, your dog’s name & whether or not you even saw this blog.

Don’t Hang Around Waiting on the Jungle Drums – Order Some Awesome Cannabis Seeds Today.

Sweet Seeds Black Jack – Play Your Cards Right and Beat the Dealer – We Ain’t Bluffing!

An exacting 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, Black Jack is a little stunner and a medical-grade strain. She has an energetic, clear headed buzz – perfect for this Gorilla’s ‘pick me up’ on even the blackest of days.

  • High Quality – Medicinal Power
  • Massive 700 gr/m2 average yields
  • An Exacting 50/50 Sativa/Indica
  • 9 Week Flower period

She knocks out an amazing 700gr/m2 on average!! Sweet Seeds Black Jack’s unique 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica genes gives Black Domina’s highly resinous, giant, sweet smelling buds that uplifting church incense smell from her Jack Herer roots.

We’re not bluffing – buy Black Jack quick from Gorilla Seeds and beat the dealer at an Ace £17.99 for 3 seeds, £28.99 for 5 and £50.99 for 10! You’ve no chance of going bust.

Play Your Cards Right & Beat the Dealer Now with Your Own Pack of Black Jack Seeds!

Nirvana Seeds (PPP) Pure Power Plant – Powerful, Pungent Producer.

PPP is a persuasively high yielding F1 hybrid, with premier class genetics, preposterous resin production and a prevailing, piney, pungent, perfume. This Gorilla’s not taking the P – it’s a premium player with perfect potential to pave your pathway into paradise.

It’s predominantly a South African Sativa, crossed with a fat American Indica. Pure Power Plant from Nirvana Seeds is perfect for any party or popular social occasion where you want to be pleasantly plastered.

  • Positively Potent THC
  • Piney, Pungent Perfume
  • Perfectly, Plentiful Buds

At a petite £14.99 for a 10 pack of regular seeds and perfectly packaged 5 packs of female seeds at a pretty £21.99, you can polish off this persistent producer at a penny pinching price.

Nirvana Seeds (PPP) Pure Power Plant – Purchase this Powerful, Pungent, Producer and We Will Pick, Pack and Post – Pronto!

Nirvana Seeds Aurora Indica Feminized & Regular Seeds – Let The Show Begin

Aurora is the Latin word for sunrise and the Roman goddess of dawn. This F1 hybrid of a pure Afghan crossed with Northern Lights have given this goddess not only her dazzling name but her massive colas and sticky covered dense buds.

Take a seat and watch the spectacle as these feminized & regular seeds explode! Aurora Indica is without a doubt Nirvana Seeds strongest F1 Indica Hybrid – with all that sticky bud, atmospheric high and fruity taste this Gorilla just worships.

  • 100% Feminized & Regular Seeds
  • Fast F1 Indica Hybrid
  • Nirvana Seeds Strongest Strain

She’s short, a sun worshiping goddess and quick for such a large producing Indica. In only 7-10 weeks she’ll give you more than just a great show!

Feminized seeds are an awe-inspiring £21.99 for 5 and £30.99 for 10 pack or you can get 10 regular seeds for a mere £14.99. At these prices, you can’t afford to miss this F1 hybrid.

Grab Aurora Indica Seeds Today – Sit Back and Enjoy the Show!

Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic – You’re Gonna Love It, No Crystal Ball Required!

Here we have a real special treat from Nirvana Seeds, a blue Indica dominant, magical lady with a supernatural blue tint and a nice neutral scent. Did I say she’s blue? 


It’s no illusion, Blue Mystic really is blue! With a fruity berry taste, This Gorilla predicts you’ll feel anything but blue – I’m no psychic, but the floaty, focussed, uplifting buzz and heavy rock-hard buds will lift your spirit to that mystical, celestial plane we all love to visit.

  • Magically Heavy Buds

  • Indica Dominant

  • Clear Uplifting Buzz

  • Yep, You Guessed It, She’s Blue!

At just a rather earthly £21.99 for 5 seeds and £38.99 for 10, you’ll come back for more in the future, so buy a few packs of Blue Mystic Seeds now and before you know it, we’ll have them shipped!

Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic – I Predict You’re Gonna Love It!

Nirvana Seeds AK-48 – The Extraordinary Semi-Automatic?

With an extremely quick 48-day finish, she’s not an Auto – but only because YOU flick the flower switch! Armed with High THC, powerful kick and a 1:20 chance of getting the killer Cherry Phenotype– AK48 is a no brainer for this fruit loving Gorilla.


Surrender to its warm, relaxing buzz. Perfect for combating stress and anxiety, AK 48’s fruity pine scent will leave you waving the white flag.

Nirvana Seeds AK-48’s 500 gr/m2 (SoG) yields give you plenty of ammo, but she’s not bulletproof, so treat her right and her rock hard buds will outlast any siege.

Available in 10 packs of regular seeds at £14.99 or give into your desires & get the 100% feminised version for £21.99 per 5 pack or £38.99 for the 10 packs.

Arm Yourself With Nirvana Seeds AK-48 – Surrender to The Cherry Pheno Hunt