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Nirvana Seeds Short Rider Auto – Extra Early, Siberian Bombshell.

This cool lady gets her amazing genes from her Top 44 and Early Special parents. A tiny, Indica/Sativa hybrid, she’s short, a real looker and boy does she ride fast.


Covered in snowy white crystals, Short Ryder Auto’s quality buds are ready in only 6 to 8 weeks, packing a pungent punch that knocked this Gorilla right out the ring!

Nirvana Seeds Short Rider Auto has typical yields of 300+gr/m2. She likes being tied up, tied down and will take whatever you can throw at her without even blushing – the best things really do come in small packages.

You can get Short Ryder Auto Seeds for cheap at Gorilla Seeds. They’re £22.99 for a 5 pack and £39.99 for 10 with fast, international shipping.

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Nirvana Seeds Swiss Cheese – Predictable, Cheesy Precision!

Named after the old school Swiss Miss that grew well in Switzerland’s cool backdrop, this Alpine beauty is as mould resistant and adaptable as a Swiss army knife – in any environment.

Swiss Cheese is crossed with a powerful Skunk #1 phenotype and neutral to whatever method you chose – Perfect for the beginner.

  • Really Cheesy Indica

  • Fast In Any Environment – Just 7.5 Weeks

  • Predictable Yields of 500gr/m2

  • Beginner FriendlySkunk

Nirvana Seeds Swiss Cheese Finishes with Swiss precision in 7.5 weeks with predictable yields of up to 500gr/m2 of mountainous, chocolaty resin that this Gorilla goes cuckoo for! The power is civilised at 15% THC.

Starting at a silly £14.99, you don’t need a Swiss bank account to afford these legendary cannabis seeds. Pick up a 10-pack of regular or 100% feminized seeds today!

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Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious Auto – She’ll Burst Your Little Bubble… Pop!

She’s fast, sticky and lip-smacking bubblygummy. Her sweet scent reminds this Gorilla of popping his first Bazooka Joe!

Indica dominant with tight compact buds that quickly gum up with loads of sticky resin, Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious Auto is just the thing for relaxing those muscle pains.

• Indica Dominant Sweetheart

• Sweet Bubblegum Taste

• Fast 8 Weeker -100% Feminised

She’s a real producer and at only 8 weeks, ready to burst your bubble in no time! Don’t get stuck without these cannabis seeds – order today from Gorilla Seeds at the sweet price of £21.99 for 5 seeds and £37.99 for a 10 pack.

Buy Nirvana SeedsBubblelicious Auto Today – and Get Them in Double-Time!

Barney’s Farms Violator Kush – Don’t Resist, You Know You Like It!

Barney’s Farm have created this rare, pure Indica with an outrageously high THC & CBD content that leaves The Gorilla feeling seriously violated, but that doesn’t stop him from going back for more. Think you can resist the hardcore power of Violator Kush? Try it – we dare you!

Violator Kush’s parents (Hindu KushMalana) have forged a short, compact monster, worthy of producing colossal yields with a misty, earthy flavour. 

Take advantage of Barney’s Farm Violator Kush today – these regular seeds are priced at an irresistible £39.99 for 10 seeds. Gorilla Seeds ships these hardcore beans discreetly to every point on the globe including some places other seedbanks won’t touch. 

Buy Barney’s Farm Violator Kush Today – She’ll Take You Right to the Edge & Push You Over!

Nirvana Seeds Master Kush – The Legendary Dutch Masterpiece!

This Indica/Sativa hybrid has monumental sized buds covered in copious amounts of resin that make it perfect for the hash lover. Master Kush is a stroke of genius!

Master Kush has a warm body stone that leaves you alert enough to make it a great daytime strain, but she still packs enough punch for a long afternoon nap! This Gorilla loves the sweet, classic Kush taste and earthy aroma.

  • Mixed Indica – Sativa Hybrid
  • Regular seeds
  • Massive, Knockout Buds

Its Pièce de resistance is its fast 7-9 week finish. It’s a real Dutch work of art – Nirvana Seeds Master Kush is a perfect, knock out, bed time masterpiece.

A popular, legendary coffee shop strain, Nirvana Seeds Master Kush is available at £14.99 for 10 regular seeds – what a bargain!

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Barney’s Farm’s Sin Tra Bajo Auto – Effortless!

Translated as effortless, jobless or without work? No matter how rusty this Gorilla’s Spanish is, it means “Easy!” Barney’s Farm Sin Tra Bajo is perfect for beginners – she’s fast at 70 days and carries fat, heavy buds a pro would be proud of. 

Another short, stocky Indica with high CBD levels and sticky toffee scented buds, this Mazari x Lowryder #1 is trouble free and seriously medicating – just what this Gorillas needs after a hard day monkeying around.

  • High CBD – Low THC
  • Mazarri and Lowryder #1 Cross
  • Sticky Toffee- Indica 

A buen hambre no hay pan duro? Choose these plug and play seeds in packs of 5 for a painless £18.99!  

Get the Job Done with This Effortless Auto – Buy Your Sin Tra Bajo Seeds at Gorilla & Get Them Rápido!

Royal Queen’s Presidential OG – This One’s Got Our Vote!

Mrs President, take a bow! Presidential OG is set to dominate the globe with her near-pure Indica genetics. No surprise here – her sparkling crown of trichomes definitely blinds the competition.

Her ruling parents – Bubble Gum & Kush – have produced a princess worthy of this Gorilla’s vote.

  • 90% Indica, 10% Sativa
  • 8-9 week – high producer
  • Body relaxing – sweet earthy kush like flavour

Royal Queen Seeds Presidential OG’s crowning achievements include the rich, dense layers of trichome covered buds and massive, elegant calyxes. She’s short, but this Queen will go straight to your head.

This 100% feminised queen doesn’t come with a presidential price tag! Starting at £16.99 for 3 seeds, she won’t be about for another term!

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Royal Queen’s Quick One Auto – Fancy a Quickie with this Little Lady?

Quick One is a small compact Indica, crossed from William’s Wonder & Northern Lights, with a strong physical effect – One of the first and strongest automatics ever released.

With a Pleasant mild taste, a fresh zingy aroma, and a nice relaxing effect, Royal Queen’s Quick One is hard to beat.

 Buy them now for a head spinning £11.99 for 3 seeds. They’re fresh & in stock, but at £20.99 for 5 and £39.99 for a 10 pack, you could blink and miss this fast lady!

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Barney’s Farm Grape Muerto Auto – Killer Couchlock To Die For!

Another high-CBD strain to get you suitably medicated, Grape Meurto (Purple Death) is a Fruity Indica-dominant automatic with a modest dose of THC but a bold CBD level to deaden any aches and pains.

 She’s a Stocky little cutie with good yielding buds that taste like apricot and grape. Turning purple at the end, her musky aroma just sends this Gorilla to heaven.

  • High CBD – Low THC
  • Fully Automatic – 100%  Feminised Indica
  • Medicating Couchlock effect

 Get Barney’s Farm’s Grape Muerto before the curtain falls at £19.99 for a pack of 5 seeds. She’ll break your heart if you miss out!

Don’t Go Broken Hearted – Buy Your Grape Muerto Seeds from The Gorilla Today! 

Royal Queen’s Amnesia Haze Automatic – You Won’t Forget This Fox!

With heavily reduced seed to bud time, this 80-day Royal Queen Seeds‘ Sativa offers the same knockout effect of the original Amnesia. She’s a lot smaller in height but just as heavy in yield and quality – exactly what you’d expect from a Queen!

Her long fox-tailing buds have that classic sweet, spicy flavour you’d expect from a Haze, giving her that euphoric, mind blowing high this Gorilla goes bananas for!

  • Fast 80 day, Fully Automatic Sativa
  • Heavy, Hazy Yields
  • Incredible Euphoric High

Don’t forget, Royal Queen’s Amnesia Haze Auto is one of the quickest Sativa’s you can get and at £18.99 for 3 seeds, £24.99 for 5 seeds and £45.99 for a 10 pack – What was the question again?