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Hallowe’en Competition – Find The Pumpkin And Win! Win! Win!

Ok Guys – enter our 1st Hallowe’en competition for a chance to win yourself some free seeds and an exclusive Gorilla Love Kit.


We just want to say thanks for making us the UK’s No1 Seedbank and what better way than with some mind blowing FREE CANNABIS SEEDS.

Here’s how it works – The Gorilla worked his magic and squashed the description of one of our best-selling seeds to make it sound like a pumpkin. All you have to do is trick-or-treat through our site until you find the right one.

prid desc

Sound simple? It’s not! We have a maze of THC-enriched goodness that covers dozens of breeders and hundreds of premium regular, feminized and fully autoflowering seeds. You will definitely earn this prize – unless you can work out the clues we’ve left on this page to narrow down the choices. Trust us – It’s critical to pay attention!

That’s it. Nothing too advanced or heavy. When you find the pumpkin description, send us the strain name & your contact info through Facebook, Twitter, email – or simply add a comment to this blog. You’ll be entered to win any 5 pack of 100% feminized seeds from the Feminised Seeds brand!

If it’s too early or your too wasted on a nice Kush to try for the exclusive Gorilla love kit, don’t worry – all you have to do is click like and share on Facebook or re tweet us on Twitter to win Free Seeds but you will miss out in the chance to win the Gorilla love kit!

Lucky winners will be chosen at random by The Gorilla himself. Multiple competitions means multiple winners so share, share, share! But only 1 exclusive Gorilla Love Kit will be given away for the main competition.

Be Lucky And Get Clicking – Winners Will Be Announced This Friday the 1st November

tw face


Free Seeds Free Love Kit With Every Order

Yes that’s right; Gorilla doesn’t just give away great quality free seeds, as a big thank you for making us the No 1 UK seedbank, we give you a free Gorilla love kit WITH EVERY ORDER! We have teamed up with the industry’s top breeders, including Bomb Seeds, Dutch Passion, DNA  Genetics and Feminised Seeds so you’re not only getting the best possible genetics and  newest strains like Big Bang 2, The Widow, Chronic and Critical, you’re getting them for FREE!


If that’s not enough we are still the cheapest seed bank, we constantly beat the competition with the lowest prices on the Internet. We just can’t and won’t be beaten!

  • Fast discreet worldwide shipping
  • Best prices on the Internet
  • Top Quality Genetics from top quality breeders
  • Free seeds
  • Free gorilla love kit with every order
  • 100% Feminised or regular seeds

Competitions prizes and free give aways. If you’re lucky enough to be part of the forums we sponsor you’ll have seen our great seed givaways but you don’t have to join a forum to win. Have you been following us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, No? Why Not!! We’ve just given away a 1st prize spot of a top quality rolling tray, grinder and solid brass bud bomb, we also teamed up with top breeders and offering regular free seed competitions all for the price of a share!

What you waiting for? Get sharing on Facebook and twitter and WIN WIN WIN!, if you don’t use social media sites that’s ok, just purchase any size packs of any strain to get your free gorilla love kit and order over £34.99 to claim your free seeds from our top breeders.

Get Buying Now, The More You Buy The More Free Seeds You Get!

Nirvana Seeds Papaya – Tropical Babe or Olympic Athlete?

Papaya leaves are traditionally used as a herbal medicine, used raw or cooked, sound familiar?

Another medical grade Indica Hybrid from Nirvana Seeds, Papaya is a tropical babe but only because she sunbathes and has an aroma reminiscent of overripe tropical fruit. In reality, she sounds more like an Olympic hammer thrower to this Gorilla!

Nirvana Seeds Papaya knocks out an average of 450 g/m2. She’s short, dense and has a punch like a sledgehammer while tasting like whisky tobacco and a relaxing narcotic effect that’s just right for this Gorillas back pain after a heavy day of harvesting seeds. Doesn’t sound very tropical eh?

Powerful performance for a fruity price, only £14.99 for 10 regular seeds – I’d buy 2 packs!

Tropical Aroma And Powerful Punch – Own Your Own Papaya Medical Cannabis Seeds Today

Nirvana Seeds Medusa – She’ll Turn You to Stoned

We don’t know where Nirvana Seeds came up with the name Medusa, maybe the snake-like white hairs or the venom-like hit, but it’s more likely that she simply turns you to stoned.

Medusa Feminised is a medium sized plant of Indica/Sativa mix, with really nice yields of light green, stone-hard buds. The Gorilla really loves the unique Scent from Medusa – it’s a smooth, deep, musty aroma with a sugarcane like aftertaste. Sweet!

The Medusa flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks and averages 350-450 gr/m2 of superior quality buds. The mixed head and body buzz is quite confusing but be assured – stoned is what you’ll be.

It’s no myth. You can get Nirvana Seeds Medusa from Gorilla from £14.99 for 10 regular seeds or a 5 pack of 100% feminised seeds for only £21.99.

Get Turned To Stoned, Buy Your Seeds From Gorilla Now And Own Your own Mythical Creature

Advanced Seeds Jack Plant – Who’s The Daddy?

Jack Herer is the daddy! We all know him as “The Emperor of Hemp” and for having a top quality strain named in his honour and here’s another.

Advanced Seeds Jack Plant, carries the torch for the next generation of Advanced Seeds and is sure to win as many awards – if not more than her daddy.

A Sativa dominant hybrid with massive potent colas that reach a mind blowing 20% THC, she has a touch of Indica, just enough to speed her up to only 7-9 weeks while keeping that creative, soaring high and enough punch to remind you she’s a hybrid.

Boasting typical yields of 500 g/m2, she can reach 150cm indoors or pop her outdoors and get lost in your own jungle. She’s a real beauty with legs up to her armpits, that sweet smell and flavour you’d expect in a daughter of Jack.

Grab This Leggy Lady Now And You Can Be The Daddy With Advanced Seeds Jack Plant

Advanced Seeds Low Girl – Flying Fast And Under The Radar

Fly under the radar with this little gem from Advanced SeedsLow girl is short, compact and stealthy, perfect for those secret gardens or concealed patios you want to stay hidden. Even her scent is that of fresh forest pine – another bonus for the autoflower enthusiast.

Low girl auto

A mainly Indica Lowryder cross, she has a satisfying dose of THC. Treat her right and she’ll return the favour with a healthy yield.  She’s fast too – in only 60 days her little sticky buds will be ready for the perfect day time pick me up or help to you relax – without getting too baked.

Only £19.99 for 3 seeds and £29.99 for a 5 pack, these 100% female seeds won’t be a secret for long.

Grab yourself Advanced Seeds Low Girl Now And We’ll Rush Them Hush- Hush!

Nirvana Seeds Kaya Gold – Good As Gold

A shining example of a Sativa hybrid with yields worth more than her weight in gold, Kaya Gold Cannabis Seeds can take whatever you throw at them – this is one 100% feminized seed that’s perfect for beginners.

She’s bigger than the average Sativa and quick in only 7 – 9 weeks so you won’t have to wait too long for the jackpot. Bred for rougher climates, Kaya Gold is pest resistant making her the perfect guerrilla seed for this Gorilla.

• Sativa Dominant
Beginner Friendly – Pest Resistant
• Perfect Guerrilla Weed Seeds

With up to 450 g/m2 of sticky, golden nuggets with a spicy, herbal flavour, a refreshing piney scent and an amazing uplifting, heady high, Nirvana Seeds Kaya Gold really is as good as gold.
Available in both regular and 100% feminised seeds, prices start at a crazy £14.99 for 10 regular seeds and £21.99 for a 5 pack of 100% feminised Cannabis seeds.

Avoid The Gold Rush And Buy Nirvana Seeds Kaya Gold Now – At This price They’re Like Gold Dust!