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Gorilla Facebook – Magic Flight Launch Box And Seeds Competition

The Gorilla promised you another great Facebook competition and here it is! For our 1st competition, we gave away a quality rolling box, solid brass Bud Bomb and one of the best grinders available.

Then, for our Halloween competition, we gave away 3 packs of our bestselling cannabis seeds from Feminised Seeds and 3 Gorilla Love Kits!

Now we’ve stepped it up a gear and have 3 fantastic prizes on offer:

1st prize from Rhino Gifts is the fantastic Magic Flight Launch Box!

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an amazing piece of kit, check the Weed Geek review:  “The Magic Flight Launch Box is beautiful, well crafted, does the job. It’s stealthy and has a no-fuss life time warranty you just don’t get anywhere else”

blog magic

2nd prize is x2 5 packs of 100% feminised seeds from one of our top breeders, Feminised Seeds

Feminised Seeds are our best-selling brand; they have a great selection of 100% feminised seeds like the high powered Big Bang 2, the intensely fruity Double Berry and the savagely pungent Super Cheese. These marijuana seeds also come with our Gorilla Love Kit – we ship this with every single order of premium cannabis seeds.


3rd prize is a 10 pack of regular Grand Daddy Purp Medical Seeds, either original GDP or the amazing Phantom Cookies!

Grand Daddy Purp have been serving Californian MMJ patients since 2003 and have over 25 years of breeding experience  GDP’s signature strain is said to be  “more than the most electrifying piece of eye candy on the market today.”

gdp blog

All you have to do to win the 1st prize: pick a strain you would like to own from our website, any strain and post the link to that strain in our comments box adding “I would love this strain because……” that’s it!


2nd and 3rd prizes will be chosen from everyone who clicks like and shares any post on, or our facebook page!  Enter as many times as you l like for a better chance of winning!

Remember, we will include the great Gorilla Love Kit with every prize!

Here’s what some of our last winners had to say:

Lee Meeley, U.S.A, “Wow, are you serious? I’ve never won anything ever!”

Adrian Sprowson, U.S.A, “Great comp, awesome people, thanks loads Gorilla Seeds!”

Stuart Duggy Dugdale, U.K, “Gorilla Seeds r an awsome team and have great comps. I won and they sent me some sick strains and have great customer service. Thanks guys at Gorilla Seeds for being a top crew. Keep it up guys – ur awesome.”

Win These Amazing Seeds For The price Of A Click – Get Clicking And Win Win Win!


The Gorilla

Joint Doctor’s Purple Ryder – Mossy’s Perfect, Purple Jems

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a purple autoflowering strain bred by the brilliant Mossy, Taking Joint Doctors Lowryder and crossing it with F7 Mazar, Mossy has created the beautiful Purple Ryder A.K.A Lowryder Purple Jems.

Purple Ryder produces a mass of sticky resin – covered buds in just 7 weeks; it’s not just a delight to behold but has a really satisfying, relaxing buzz this Gorilla enjoys after a long – hard day. A nice, sweet, floral taste really makes this a perfect evening treat.

The Joint Doctor’s Purple Ryder is low in height and odour, perfect for the secret gardener,  those of you with limited space or nosey neighbours.

Available in 3, 6 and 10 packs of 100% feminised auto seeds, these perfect purples won’t be around for long!

You Haven’t Tried A Purple Strain? Get These Beauties Now – Give Yourself The Perfect treat!

Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder – The Wait Is Finally Over

The arrival of Joint Doctor’s Diesel Ryder feminised seeds has been only a rumour for some time, but now the wait is over. Crossed with Soma’s New York City Diesel and the infamous Lowryder #2, Joint Doctor has crafted the new best autoflowering strain on the planet.

Taking the amazing taste, powerful effect of NYC Diesel and the genetics of probably the best known auto strain ever, Joint Doctor has created the next big thing in the seed world – Joint Doctor’s Diesel Ryder.

  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Flowering  in 8-9 Weeks
  • Top Quality Genetics From The Masters Of Autos

These outstanding cannabis seeds typically flower automatically at the 3 to 4 week point. By about 8 to 9 weeks, this powerhouse will finish with a perfect, resin-encrusted main cola. Unlike its ancestor, Joint Doctor’s Lowryder #2, or most other Lowryder hybrids, Diesel Ryder has very little branching.

This is the third installment in the Joint Doctor series and sure to be the best, perfect for small spaces. Be warned, she may be small but packs a big smell!

Expert quality cannabis seeds at beginner friendly prices, at only £15.99 for a pack of 3 – 100% feminised seeds, what you waiting for?

Get Your Own Third Instalment From The Auto Masters Now – Why Wait Any Longer?

Halloween Competition Over – And The Winners Are:

Congratulations  to our winners – it was really fun and no one actually found the hidden pumpkin description, so… we gave all the winners the 1st prize of the Gorilla Love Kit and a 5 pack of Feminised Seeds! We will make the next competition a bit easier, lol.


The hidden pumpkin description was here Critical Soma from Advanced cannabis seeds. We changed the description to:

This little legend will blow you out the water and not just with her mind-numbing 18% THC. Blessed with super speed, flexibility and stability, this feminized cannabis seed is a game changer.

Seasonal addition – during the fall holiday season, many adorn the front of their homes with a special type of squash that’s also known as Cucurbita pepo or Cucurbita maxima. These fruits or vegetables (depending on who you ask) are usually round or oblong with a smooth, slightly ribbed surface & colored a deep yellow to bright orange – although some can be nearly white. The inside of the thick shell contains seeds that can be roasted for a healthy snack as well as pulp that’s often used as pie filling.

Hollowed, carved and lit by candle (and often named Jack like so many popular cannabis seeds), this special squash is a spooky favourite with kids of all ages.

So a big thank you to all our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr fans. We also had a load of email entries and the winners were:

EPSON DSC picture

  • Tyrell won – Feminised Seeds Super Cheese Cheese 5 Pack
  • Stuart Won – Feminised Seeds Super Cheese 5 Pack
  • Lee Won –  Feminised Seeds – Bing Bang 2 5 Pack
  • Adrian Won – Feminised Seeds – Super Cheese 5 Pack

Don’t forget the Gorilla Love kit comes free with every order and free seeds are included with all orders over  £34.99

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Our Next Competition!

Big Gorilla Hugs and Kisses xxxx