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Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana – A Rare Treat

What a treat the Gorilla has for all you cannabis connoisseurs out there – from DNA’s Reserva Privada Collection, the holy grail of weed seeds – Strawberry Banana.


This top quality cross from Serious Seeds most resinous Bubblegum pheno and Crocket’s famous banana Kush is a definite must-try! The resulting hybrid is a high quality cannabis seed with massive, fruity nuggets that is one of the heaviest producers of resin we have ever seen.

•             100% Feminised

•             Fast 8 to 9 Week Flowering Time

•             High THC – High Yielding

•             Indica Dominant

Not only does this cannabis seed have multiple worldwide cannabis awards under its belt, but it’s a real high yielding, high THC content, fast flowering, 100% feminised and as rare as hen’s teeth.

The Gorilla has managed to get his hands on these rare weed seeds, but you better be quick – they won’t be about for long.

Available from Gorilla in packs of 6 100% feminized seeds for £69.99 – they may be pricey but, this is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Don’t Wait A Second Longer – Get The Connoisseur’s Choice Right Now

Joint Doctor Blue Ryder – The Fruity Blueberry Auto

Mdanzig’s Blue Ryder is the new lip-smackingly fruity Autoflowering strain from Joint Doctor. Another quality cross from the masters, this little beauty finishes 8 weeks from seed – lightning fast!

The Joint Doctor has painstakingly crossed the famous Blueberry female with a Master Low male, backcrossing the resulting females with the Master Low again to create a powerful, fast, low and really tasty little auto Blueberry strain – The Blue Ryder.

•             Regular Automatic Seeds

•             Amazing Blueberry Taste

•             High THC

The Blue Ryder from Joint Doctor are arguably the best Blueberry Autoflowering seeds available and they’re from the hand of the auto masters – perfect for those hidden places or tight spaces away from prying eyes.

Size isn’t everything. These high THC Joint Doctor seeds pack a punch of 15%, and that Fruity Blueberry taste the Gorilla just can’t get enough of more than makes up for the medium yield.

Powerful taste and hit for a fruity price, only £39.99 for 10 pack of Blue Ryder regular seeds – Wow!

Massive Blueberry Taste, Lightning Fast And A powerful Hit – Don’t Wait Any Longer, Buy Now.

Joint Doctor Easy Ryder – One Fast, Fruity And Easy Lady

Easy now! Easy as in she won’t give you a hard time and will offer up her goodies without any hassles and quickly. Wait … that still sounds wrong!

Easy Ryder from Joint Doctor is a fast autoflowering strain with massive bud production and a knockout 19% THC content. She’s an absolute masterpiece, and courtesy of her AK47 x Lowryder #2 parents, you get Ak47’s speed and size with large main colas and that extra sticky resin and fruity aroma from her carefully selected Lowryder #2 parent.

  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • High THC Content
  • Fully Automatic

At only 9 weeks from seed, Easy Ryder’s unique branch structure quickly fills up with masses of quality bud, giving off that fruity scent this Gorilla would die for, the high THC hit we all long for and all in no time at all.

This space-saving fully – automatic cannabis seed from Joint Doctor isn’t just easy – she’s an absolute must for every auto enthusiast.

Straight from the top shelf, these weed seeds are from the masters of autos, and easy on the pocket at only £16.28 for a 3 pack of 100% feminised seeds – Easy!

Fresh, Fast, Fruity And Easy – Why Wouldn’t You Buy Them Now?


Gorilla Facebook Competition Over

The Gorilla promised you another great Facebook competition and as always The Gorilla keeps his promises!

All you had to do to win the 1st prize, was pick a strain you would like to own from our website, any strain and post the link to that strain in our comments box adding “I would love this strain because……”  and we had tons of entries!

1st prize from Rhino Gifts was the fantastic Magic Flight Launch Box!

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an amazing piece of kit, check the Weed Geek review:  “The Magic Flight Launch Box is beautiful, well crafted, does the job. It’s stealthy and has a no-fuss life time warranty you just don’t get anywhere else”

And the Winners are:



2nd prize was x2 5 packs of 100% feminised seeds from our top breeders, Feminised Seeds.




3rd prize was a 10 pack of regular GDP Medical Seeds,  original GDP or the Phantom Cookies!





As an extra bonus and a thank you for entering, we will include our Gorilla love kit with the seed prizes but all you have to do is buy any seeds from our site and you get the kit free!

A Big Thanks To All Who Entered Our Competition – Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Our Next One!

Joint Doctor The Ogre – The Monster Auto

Autos just got big! Joint Doctor has teamed up with Secret Garden Seeds and created the mother of all autoflowering strains – The Ogre. They crossed Secret Citrus with Durban Poison, carefully selecting the “Bush” and “Skunk#1” phenotypes to maintain stability. The result is one of the biggest, fastest and highest yielding automatics on the planet.

 the ogre

Averaging 1m tall and wide, this massive producer is over in only 77 days from seed. With a knockout head and body buzz, yields of up to 120 gr/m2 and the scent of rotten oranges, Joint Doctor’s The Orgre is a must, for everyone. Period!

The Gorilla loves The Ogre’s accelerated growth pattern, something we’ve never seen in an auto before. Its slightly longer lifecycle gives her more time to produce a massive branch system to hold all the heavy nuggets until harvest.

Ideal conditions will produce the best results, but no matter where you place this beast, a monster will be created.

Create your own monster with Joint Doctor’s The Ogre. Available from Gorilla starting at a tiny £19.99 for a 3 pack of 100% feminised seeds.

Another Monster Created By The Masters- Don’t Wait, Buy Them Now!