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Sensi Seeds Early Girl Fast, Outdoorsy and Effortless

Sensi Seeds have created a really effortless, high yielding Indica with Early Girl. As her name suggests, she’s pretty quick to finish flowering at only 50 – 60 days. She doesn’t need a lot of room either. Her compact Indica structure will do well in any space, indoors or out.


Test Image – Specs and alternative image

Early Girl is dependable, hardy and won’t ask for much looking after but will reward you with a heavy yield, chunky, sparkly buds and a smooth, long lasting buzz with a deep hashy taste and the powerful kick you’d expect from a 75% Indica.

  • Regular 10 Packs
  • Extremely Resilient
  • 75% Indica
  • Fast 50 -60 Day Finish

Sensi Seeds Early Girl is the fastest outdoor Indica in their collection (excluding autos) and her Afghani, North Indian and Mexican genetics give these seeds the ability to thrive in harshest of conditions and still produce top quality, hash flavoured, high end bud. Sensi Seeds is a breeder you can trust.

Sensi Seeds Early Girl is available in 10 packs of regular seeds for a fantastic £49.99. Don’t wait any longer- get yours now!


Buy Your Indica Seeds Today And Get Effortless Chunky Buds Indoors Or Out

The New Gorilla Seeds Website Just Went Live!

The Gorilla has been really busy and just clicked the launch button to his brand new website. It’s got all the same cool stuff but with even better offers, a great new look and feel,

better security and faster navigation to make it even easier to move around and pick from hundreds of the world’s finest cannabis seeds. Armed with all your feedback & recommendations, we made it happen!

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As a thank you for your continued loyalty and input, we will be making a very special free seed offer to all our customers. Within every shipment of weed seeds ordered from our new site, you’ll receive a postcard that entitles you to a bonus free seed. All you have to do is follow the instructions, return the card and we’ll do the rest. Your free seed will be on its way!

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And The Gorilla will still be offering the usual great deals and free seeds!

We haven’t changed that much – we still offer the best seeds from the best breeders at the best prices on the Internet. Our high quality free seeds will also stay the same, so don’t worry about getting your fix of tried and true freebies like our Big Bang 2, Critical Auto, The Widow and Super Iced Grapefruit.


All you have to do to qualify for these amazing, totally free seed offers is:

SPEND £34.99 OR MORE TO RECEIVE: Big Bang 2 Feminized 1 seed

SPEND £59.99 OR MORE TO RECEIVE: Free Feminised Seeds Critical Autoflowering Feminized

SPEND £89.99 OR MORE TO RECEIVE: The Widow Feminized Single Seed

SPEND £119.99 OR MORE TO RECEIVE: Super Iced Grapefruit – Feminized Single Seed

The more you spend, the more you get!


If all that isn’t enough, we’re hitting Facebook and Twitter even harder than before, offering our famous competitions, giving away loads of seeds and special handpicked quality gifts for our followers – and all you have to do is click!

So Get Clicking Now For Your Chance To Win! Win! Win!


Sensi Seeds Durban – Get Your Head In The Clouds

Sensi Seeds have brought us the amazing Durban. Named after the original Durban Poison, it’s reassuringly identical in every way, except it’s been tweaked to thrive in our less than tropical northern climate.


Durban has the exact same qualities of the original – massive yields and a fast 50-70 day flowering period which is great in a 90% Sativa. It also kept the unique aniseed, lemony taste and narcotic effect this Gorilla goes ape sh** for.

  • Regular 10 Packs
  • Extremely resilient
  • 90% African Sativa
  • Fast 50 -70 day Finish
  • Narcotic Effect

Tweaking the Durban Poison was a stroke of genius. Now we can all enjoy the fast, head in the clouds high this subtropical beauty offers us while our body stays on earth. No more messing about with sensitive Sativas that form lower yielding, airy buds and take an age to mature.

Senis Seeds Durban are available in 10 packs of regular seeds for an amazing £48.99. Avoid disappointment – get yours now!

Buy Your 90% Sativa Seeds Today And Get Your Head In The Clouds Tomorrow!


Sensi Seeds California Indica – Mouth-Watering Citrusy Orange

The Gorilla wishes they all could be Californian girls, especially when they are like these sun kissed beauties from Sensi Seeds. California Indica has high class Afghanica genetics, gigantic yields of citrusy sweet nuggets, tons of mouth-watering resin and a unique flavor that tastes like chocolate orange.

cali indica


This irresistible California Indica hybrid was created by crossing a Sativa dominant Orange Bud mother with the Super Afghani male, making for a really heavy Indica body buzz. The uplifting high of the mother doesn’t stop the guaranteed cough-lock but definitely makes it more tolerable for the Indica lightweights.

  • Regular 10 packs
  • Orange Bud x Super Afghani
  • Indica Dominant
  • Mouth-watering Resin

Deliberately preserving the fruity citrus aroma to compliment the deep hashy taste was a wise move, but the speed & compact size is what made California Indica a true legend & a Gorilla top pick. To this day, it is one of the most highly sought-after strains at Sensi Seeds.

These California Indica seeds are only available in 10 packs of regular seeds for an incredible £38.99. They won’t be about for long – so you better be quick!

Citrusy Orange Chocolate, I Know You Can Taste Them Now – Get Them Today From Gorilla