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Sensi Seeds First Lady – Centuries Old Purity For Today

The Gorilla knows that old doesn’t always mean a bad thing! And here is a perfect example. Sensi Seeds First Lady has pure genetics dating back centuries to the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

First Lady is an extremely high quality Indica, with the best quality resin we have yet to see in a cannabis seed. Used for centuries in traditional hash making, this ancient Afghanica is highly sought after by the Indica connoisseur for not only its massive yields and resin production but for the timeless taste and genetic purity that has developed over hundreds of years.

  • Regular Seeds
  • High Quality Afghanica
  • Centuries Old Pure Genetics
  • Massive Resin Production

First lady from Sensi Seeds has a sweet, spicy, earthy taste of times gone by and the powerful medical qualities usually found in modern hybrids. First Lady’s effects has the typical buzz found in most of the purer Indicas and a long lasting body stone, but at 95%, she somehow manages to let you function? Well, the more experienced tokers anyway!

These First Lady seeds are only available in 10 packs of regular seeds. And for an incredible £43.99, we won’t have them for ever – Get yours now!

Pure, Ancient Genetics, Centuries Old, Ready For You Today – Buy Them Now!

Sensi Seeds Early Pearl – Bred With Short, Northern Summers In Mind

Sensi Seeds created Early pearl in the 1980s and they have been proving themselves ever since! For over 20 years, they have been the No.1 outdoor Sativa, and with genetics that were deliberately bred for short summers. These seeds perform every single time.

sensi pearl stats

These fast ladies are not to be confused with autoflowering seeds. They are regular photoperiod cannabis seeds that finish flowering in only 50 – 70 days outdoors, unheard of for such a high quality Sativa! And with gigantic yields of top shelf nuggets, you’d be crazy not give these 1st rate genetics your full attention.

  • Regular 10 packs
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Fast Flowering period
  • Bred For Short Summers

Sensi Seeds Early Pearl’s crystal covered nuggets have a long lasting, sweet taste and a high quality Sativa buzz that you just won’t find anywhere else in a fast, outdoor cannabis seed. With massive yields and a 50-70 day finish, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were autos – if they weren’t the usual Sativa height & structure.

Available from Gorilla seed bank in 10 packs of regular seeds for a minuscule £49.99. Summer’s on its way guys – better be quick!

Sweet, Fast, Outdoor Sativa – What More Is there To Say? – Get Your Seeds From The Gorilla Today!

Get 20% Off All Orders From 7th March To The 9th Of March!

Is the Gorilla off his head? Just days after he gave you 15% off all orders with discount code 15PER, he announced the upcoming 3,000 Facebook likes, random seed giveaway and the new “spot the splat” competition. Then, he goes and takes another 5% off all orders giving you a massive saving of 20% – He must have went bonkers!

1day full

Is the Gorilla off his head? Just days after he gave you 15% off all orders with discount code 15PER, he announced the upcoming 3,000 Facebook likes, random seed giveaway and the new “spot the splat” competition. Then, he goes and takes another 5% off all orders giving you a massive saving of 20% – He must have went bonkers!

It’s Only For 3 Days So You Better Be Quick


If your reading this after the 9th of March – don’t worry, you can still use the 15% discount code 15PER. Just type that in a checkout and your totals will be discounted automatically. We don’t know how long his madness will last, so I wouldn’t wait about too long!

Click Like And Duck!

The 3,000 Facebook Likes Competition is just another example of the Gorilla’s lunacy. We told him Facebook was about to reach 3,000 likes and his usual frown turned upside down! Ok, he doesn’t (or ever likely will) beam from ear to ear (except that one rare time I’ve only told my therapist about) but seeing a smile creep over The Gorilla’s face was pretty scary!

facebook 3000 likes jpg

Of course, under that tough-nut exterior he’s just a big, soft-hearted monkey that loves to bring you the best deals on the Internet, from the highest quality, most sought-after breeders on the planet! He did ask our legal department to include a disclaimer with the random Facebook give away and actually looked a bit excited when we read it back to him – he must be planning on throwing a shed load of stuff at our Facebook friends!

Here’s the disclaimer:


Spot The Splatter Competition

This will be an old-style Easter egg hunt type of competition. We will hide a “blood splatter” in one of our seed description images. You find it and you’ve entered the competition. The prize is still under wraps as The Gorilla’s up his tree (or off it) and there’s a familiar smell wafting from it …


So there you have it – The Gorilla has officially lost the plot! If you want the best cannabis seeds on the planet at a massive 20% discount then you know what to do!

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