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Gorilla’s Dutch Passion Givaway

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Dutch Passion loved our last giveaway so much they decided to do it again. Forget Double Dutch, they’re going for the Double – Double Dutch Giveaway (Ok Quadruple) – in our all new Gorilla Seedbank Facebook contest.


Dutch Passion’s Kit Contents:


  • 1 set of BRAND NEW DP Rolling papers
  • 1 set of DP’s Stickers
  • 1 set of DP Pot Markers

And, of course

  • 1 pack of feminised Dutch Passion Surprise Mix Seeds.

These seeds are the brave little troopers that tried to escape the clutches of the evil packaging machine, but all they managed to do was mix up the stoned DP guy in charge of packing.

Surprise Mix are a collection of feminised and auto fem seeds from any of DP’s high quality range of strains including :



You don’t know what you’ll get, but you will know they’re going to be fantastic strains from the masters.


We have 12 Dutch Passion Kits up for grabs. Here’s how to win them!


  • Click Like, Share & Comment on Facebook with a link to any DP strain from our website to win 1 of 4 Kits.
  • Join any or all of our 4 sponsored forums and you get another entry on that forum.
  • Send me your valid Gorilla order number in a Facebook message and we’ll enter you into our Double Dutch Passion Draw of 2 DP Kits x 2 winners! – 2 sets each.

So that’s 4 chances to win through Facebook plus 2 double sets, and 4 chances though our sponsored forums. The forums don’t know you’re coming, but I’ll be waiting there to welcome you. Please read the rules of each forum before you sign up to – they all differ slightly. The Gorilla is not responsible for anything that goes on at the forums; he’s just giving you another 4 chances to win!


The forums we sponsor are:

Competition seeds are posted via recorded delivery and come straight from the hands of the breeder. We cannot re send any seeds that greedy posties or evil customs officials steal or stop in their tracks. Cannabis seeds are gifted here on the understanding that you won’t get them wet. They’re purely for souvenir or collection purposes – its illegal you know!

You can enter on Facebook multiple times, each forum gives you 1 extra entry & you can order 1 more time with an order number. Try not to look too spammy, and one order number per person, please!

This competition will close on Saturday the 30th August – winnings will be shipped shortly thereafter.



Want Cheap Cannabis Seeds? 15% Off For Cash Orders!


Gorilla Seeds now offers a 15% discount for cash orders – no strings attached!

No matter how many or how few cannabis seeds you buy, no matter what brand you choose, no matter where you live, all you have to do is select cash payment at checkout & The Gorilla will automatically deduct 15% off the total cost of your beans minus any other discounts before he tacks on the shipping charges.

That’s right – all other discounts still apply, you’ll still get any free seeds you qualify for & we’ll still pack up everything in a super stealthy, extra sneaky kind of way.

Who Loves You, Baby? The Gorilla – That’s Who!


NB: Are you the cheapest wanker on Earth? Then head over to the Gorilla Seed Bank Facebook page & get entered in our latest free cannabis seed giveaway!

NBB: If you’re not the cheapest wanker on Earth, but you like a bargain, here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this incredibly good deal:

  • Put some cannabis seeds in your cart
  • Choose your country’s currency from the upper right pull-down
  • Go to checkout
  • Put in your details & select the cash payment option
  • Wrap that cash in some paper to disguise it & put it in an envelope
  • Include the Order Number from your order confirmation email
  • Mail it to the address provided using trackable mail so you know when it arrives
  • If available, insure your mailer for at least the amount of cash inside


Please see our Payment Page for more details.

Delta-9 Labs Dawg Brains Winners

Grrrr Woof!


Delta-9 Labs worked like a Dawg to bring you the chance to win their new Dawg Brains hybrid – a killer mix of Chemdawg #4 crossed with their very own Brainstorm Haze.

  • 70% Sativa – 30% Indica
  • 55-65 Days Flowering
  • Sweet Chocolate/Cheese Scent
  • Regular Seeds

When Delta-9 Labs saw that this comp reached thousands of people worldwide, they were so happy that they’ve promised to come back with more freebies in the very near future. So keep your eyes peeled – The Gorilla will be announcing more giveaways soon.

You rocked the Gorilla Seeds Facebook page with a ton of Likes, Shares & Comments about Delta-9’s Dawg Brains, but our sponsored forums were busy too. As a thanks, we’ve decided to pick a winner from each forum as well as 2 lucky Facebook fans to each get a prize.

The Lucky Dawgs are:

All winners should message me through Facebook or forum pm system – we’ll get your details and your very own Dawg Brains will be in your hands in no time!

The Gorilla can’t re-send competition seeds. All seeds are sent recorded delivery unless you ask for regular postage. If they go missing, you must deal with your own Post Company or customs.

All winners are chosen at random and fairly allocated to our customer base. Winners names will be published on our various sites and you are expected to post a picture of your prize on your Facebook or forum page.

Please support our sponsors Delta- 9 Labs and buy there seeds


6 Ways to Save Big at Gorilla Seeds

Fancy saving your hard earned cash and spending it on something more important? Ok. There’s very few things more important than high quality cannabis seeds, but if you want to make your money go a little further, then here’s a few tips from The Gorilla:

1.Totally Free Seeds: Freebie, gratis, nada, nowt, Scot free – you get the idea, not a single bean for weed seeds! Follow us on Facebook and our sponsored forums to take part in our famous seed competitions. We’ve hooked up with the best breeders on the planet and always have free beans knocking about with your name on them. You can even comment on out blogs if you’re not a social hound – that’s where we offer our bonus deals.

2. Free Seeds With Qualifying Purchases: Our gift to you! Other seedbanks have followed by example and offer Free Seeds, but who else offers this-

  • Spend £34.99 and the fun begins – 1 Big Bang 2 Feminised Seed FREE
  • Go over £59.98 and 1 Critical Auto Seed is yours GRATIS
  • Push past £89.98 and 1 The Widow Feminised Seed is in the bag
  • Reach £119.98 in your basket & Super Iced Grapefruit is coming home with the rest!
  • BONUS: Buy any Paradise seed and receive 1 Paradise Seeds’ Auto Seed FREE
  • BONUS: Buy any TH Seed and you get 2 feminised Sage N Sour – Wise choice!

It’s Simple, Spend More – You Get More. No One Is As Generous With Seeds As The Gorilla

3. Periodic Promotions: Quite often, when the Gorilla’s in a good mood, we bump up the deals. Most of the time, you’ll get 10 FREE SEEDS when you spend over £30. You can’t even buy 10 Seeds for £30, and it’s the best of gear – The Gorilla only ever stocks the best of the best.

4. Discount Codes: If you don’t live under a rock, you know we always have a discount code on the go. 5, 10, 15 and whopping 25% discounts can be had at any moment, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for these. They normally only last a few days or a week at a time and are usually limited to the first 1000 customers.

5. Save 15% By Paying Cash: Money talks and cash is the universal spokesman. Let’s face it – credit cards, bank transfers, & bitcoins are all good, but the tried and tested method is “cash in the hand.” Greenbacks, Loot, Moola, Lucre, dosh – what ever you call it, it’s all the same. Just remember to select your currency on the checkout page and we’ll do the rest!  (Please send tracked mail with insurance if available for your own safety & protection. )

6. Cheap Seeds: Depending on The Gorilla’s mood, you could get up to 50% off his favourite weed seeds – these aren’t widely advertised so you need to be tight with G or lucky enough to spot them (or smart enough to check our cheap seeds page). There are always limited to 1 pack per customer at the discounted price. Buying the same seeds at the regular price is also a saving anyway – it’s a definite win-win.

So, there you go – 6 little tips on how to make your money go lot further. Just remember: The more you spend the more you save.


Free Dawg Brains from Delta-9 Labs!

blog-pic dawg


The masterminds behind Delta-9 Labs worked for years in Holland’s weed seeds & coffee shop industry before striking out on their own to create a new line of Earth-friendly, medical-grade cannabis seeds.


Today, Delta-9 Labs only works with the best seed producers from around the globe using 100% organic stock and one of the most rigorous seed production regimes we’ve ever seen. In addition to some trade secrets that we can’t share, Delta-9 Labs conducts weekly viability tests to ensure all their beans are fresh, viable and alive when they ship out.


All of this serves one purpose & one purpose only – to assure you, the customer, that you will only receive the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market today when you purchase genuine Delta-9 Labs genetics. This is one operation with a commitment to passion over profit that always shines through in their amazing strains & awesome customer relationships.


Thanks to Delta-9 Lab’s incredible generosity, The Gorilla is giving away Dawg Brains, a killer combination of super high-yielding Brainstorm Haze crossed with their killer Chemdawg 4 cut.


All you have to do to enter is like, comment, & share our Facebook page. As usual, we reserve 1 pack of competition seeds for our non-Facebook fans. Comment on the blog below or visit one of our sponsored forums to join in!


If you can’t wait for the competition to end to get your seeds, visit the Delta-9 Labs on our site or contact us directly for your very own Dawg Brains.


Competition ends Friday the 15th August


I Can’t Believe You’re Still Here – Get Clicking Dawg Brain!