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Even More Gorilla Weed Seed Giveaways – Every Month


We thought about giving all our seeds away all the time, but the big hairy one said NO! So we decided to offer our most loyal customers yet another chance to win some high quality free cannabis seeds instead.

For this monthly competition, you can enter one time for every purchase you’ve made at Gorilla Seeds in the previous month, no matter how big or small. That’s right – order just one seed & you’re in!

Facebook & Sponsored Forum Competitions

Haven’t ordered recently? No worries. Anyone and his dog can still enter our constant Facebook and sponsored forum promotions, absolutely free. In fact – we insist! So get on over to Facebook now. And if you haven’t already, get the Gorilla Seedbank page liked & shared.

The Sponsored Forums Are

Make sure you follow any rules each forum has for entry.


  • Place an order – Facebook message us the number, that’s it! (FACEBOOK ONLY)


  • We hate them but we need them.
  • The draw will take place on the last day of each month and everything starts over on the 1st day of each month. 1st Comp starts April the 1st – No Joke!
  • You need to be a customer and Facebook fan. Make sure you like our page.
  • Your Facebook name will be published – everything else will remain top secret.
  • All prizes will be chosen at random and will always include cannabis seeds, but may also include other promotional items from time to time – T Shirts, Stickers and Grinders etc.
  • All winnings will be posted to the address that matches the order number – no re-routing of addresses.
  • Multiple entries need multiple order numbers – no maximum.
  • Order numbers must be valid and complete purchases – no exceptions.
  • NOTE:

    Weed seeds are, in most places, illegal to germinate. We don’t want to see any customers get in trouble for cracking our souvenirs. We only sell them as collectable or novelty items anyway, so don’t get them wet and you’re golden!

    All prizes are sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery. Any monkey business and we will know about it, but unfortunately competition prizes cannot be re shipped. They very rarely go missing in the post, but if they do – you must take this up with your local post or customs department. Every winner will receive a tracking number.

Save Cats Home Cannabis Seed Raffle #2 – Feminised Seeds The Widow


Ok guys – here’s a brand new and really cheap way to win yourself some amazing cannabis genetics, and you get to support a worthy cause in our own weed community too!

We have a 5 pack of Feminised Seeds The Widow, 3 Part Grinder & some real nice Rolling papers that was donated by one of The Gorilla. This raffle will run for 2 weeks(ish). Winner will be chosen at random and mailed out shortly thereafter.

The Widow


The Widow is a younger version of an old favourite that vastly improved a near-perfect strain. With a faster finish, higher yields and even more power, all other strains eat The Widow’s dust! If you to get your fingers sticky & don’t mind cleaning your scissors about a bajillion times, this is the weed seed for you. Get yours today!

  • • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • • Wicked 20% THC
  • • Just 7 to 8 Weeks
  • • Coated in Diamond-Like Crystals
  • • Win The Widow From Feminized Now!

How do I enter?

You can donate as much as you like, but all you need to do is send a Paypal gift of $2 USD to [email protected]. Make sure it’s sent as a gift or Paypal will take a share & *include your Forum or Facebook username in the title. This raffle is worldwide, so you don’t have to live in the USA to enter and Paypal will accept any currency. (SEE BELOW)

On the 4th April 2015, Ozzy will choose a winner at random and send the seed. It’s that simple and you’ll be helping a great cause (cats gofund me page). You can still donate here or share if you haven’t already.

Why an old style raffle?

We only manage to raise a Tiny amount of the total needed to save Cat’s home through the gofundme event and we pushed it really hard. Thank you to all the forum and Facebookers that donated and shared the event – it’s really appreciated.



The Gorilla is not the actual sponsor of this competition. Steve Bean, Ozzy & The Gorilla have agreed to help promote this kind action and Cat is a personal friend of the organiser. Cannabis seeds are still largely illegal and we ask you not to germinate them.


  • • ENTER EMAIL [email protected]
  • • SELECT USD $
  • • SEND!

Thank You

Ozzy & Steve Bean

St Patricks Days Paddy Pack Up For Grabs On Gorilla

blog paddy

For 1 day, everyone is Irish, and like you, The Gorilla loves everything green. So to help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2015, he’s put together a nice Facebook Paddy Pack and some special, lucky weed seeds for our sponsored forums.

What’s in the Facebook Paddy pack?

Round 1 Facebook

That’s a pretty cool list of prizes and all for 1 lucky winner!

Round 2 Facebook


We’re also choosing some lucky forum members at random, just for wishing everyone a Happy Paddy’s day! To get a piece of that action, simply log in and comment on your favourite weed forum’s St Patricks Day thread.

1 winner form each forum will receive a random prize from the following list. GC has 2 wins.

The Forums Are:

How To Win The Special St Patricks Day – Facebook Paddy Parcel

The Gorilla has edited one image to include a Lucky 4 Leaf Clover. All you have to do is:

Round 1:

  • 1. Like, Share & Comment on our Facebook page
  • 2. Find the image on our website
  • 3. Message the strain name to The Gorilla through Facebook

And you’re in the lucky Facebook Paddy Pack draw.

Round 2:

1 more lucky Facebook fan will be chosen at random from the list of comments, so if you can’t find the image, you can still be a winner for just commenting.

The competition starts on St Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March and ends one week later on the 24th of March. Winners will be announced and prizes in the post by the weekend.

Germinating cannabis seeds is still illegal for the majority of the earth’s residents. We can only wish that St Patrick chased all the prohibitionist snakes form our countries, but he didn’t – so don’t get these wet.

If you’re not as lucky as the Irish and your lucky weed seeds get snagged at customs or stolen by a nasty postie, we can’t re ship competition seeds – they are all sent by recorded delivery, so this rarely happens, but it’s pot luck!


The Gorilla’s Mix seeds giveaway – multiple chances to win


The Gorilla is aware that every man and his dog is giving free shit away these days. Ok, not as much as The Gorilla ever did, but they’re all getting pretty samey. So we’ve decided to shake it up a bit. To start off, we’re sponsoring this competition ourselves, from our own high quality seeds in stock.

Multiple High Quality Brands & Strains

The above strains have been selected for this promo. That’s a good mix of weed seeds to suit everyone’s collection and taste. As usual, it’s free to enter, but each section will be different and suit the style of the entrants.

Facebook: We tried shaking These guys up with a battle ship style comp – They all got smashed and broke every rule over and over, so not much changes for the Facebookers. Like, share and leave a link to any strain you would like to own from Gorilla, and you’re in.

Blog: All you have to do is leave a wish list of our seeds below (with links) and you’re in – remember to use a working email address or we can’t get back to you.

Forums: check your favourite weed forum below and find its own unique giveaway competition. Please respect any rules each forum may have in place.

Winners & Seeds will be selected at random on Monday The 16th March & Posted Shortly After

Cannabis seeds, even the free ones are unfortunately illegal to get wet and turn into stinky bud (in most places) so don’t even think about germinating these amazing weed seeds.

All Ganja Seeds are shipped by Royal Mail recorded delivery & generate a tracking number. This info will be sent to you and you can track the postage yourself. Any greedy postie or evil customs official that wants to deny you these seeds – you have to take them on yourself!

Competition seeds will not be reshipped!