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Gorilla Seed Bank’s – Facebook Only Competition


1 Winner – Multiple Strains – Facebook Only!

Our Facebook guy is taking a short break, but that won’t stop us from showering The Gorilla’s Facebook fans with free seeds! To keep you busy while he’s away, we want you to trawl our website for the most delicious seed description you can find. Then post a link, image or comment about it & Share what you find.

Here’s a list of the mouth-watering prizes on offer & remember – they all go to 1 winner!

It really is as simple as that. Choose a strain and either post a link, image, comment or all 3 – Share on it on FACEBOOK and you’re in the draw. No bitching, name calling or eye gouging will be tolerated. Any nonsense and you’re added to the shit list – no if’s, but’s or maybe’s!

Competition Ends on Friday the 8th May

Don’t even think about getting these seeds wet. We only sell or give them away for genetic conservation or collectability. We always ship our weed seeds by recorded delivery, but can’t resend if lost. Competition seeds that go missing must be reported to your local friendly customs of postal service.

Celebrate 420 at Gorilla Seeds with Free Seeds & More Sh*t! No Purchase Required to Enter

420 blog

2015 already, eh? I thought we’d have flying cars, houses on the moon and world peace by now! I also expected the powers that be to have legalised cannabis worldwide. How wrong was I?

Still, we can keep wishing. And, as for cannabis seeds, they are perfectly legal for The Gorilla to give away, so that’s what we will do.
Since 420 is such a special occasion, four lucky winners will win a pack of high quality weed seeds plus a little something extra. All you have to do is choose 4 strains from our website and you’re in for a chance to win one!


Post your wish list on our Facebook page and/or sponsored forums thread, and if you’re one of the lucky 4, you will win your choice of strain. You can post all four at once, 1 at a time, or even change your mind and start over if you like. Once it’s all over, we’ll contact winners asking what strain they would like.

We would love to see you keep 420 alive by wishing all in the canna world a happy 420 and posting links or images to 420 events worldwide. So don’t just enter the comp & run – stop and have a chat with the canna community.

The draw will take place next Friday the 24th. That’s plenty of time to get your entries in and any pics you may have of 420 events etc.


    1 pack of seeds from your wish list

    Boxed Glass Waterpipe

    Legalize It Flag

    3 Stink Bags (bacon design)

    1 pack of seeds from your wish list

    Boxed5 spiral Glass Pipe

    Legalize It Flag

    3 Stink Bags (bacon design)
  • 3RD & 4TH PRIZE

    1 pack of seeds from your wish list

    Legalize It Flag

    3 Stink Bags (bacon design)


All weed seeds are supplied for collection or souvenir purposes. Germinating cannabis seeds may have unpleasant side effects including loss of finance or freedom. Don’t get them wet. Winners will be chosen at random and winnings shipped by tracked delivery. All prizes are excluded from our guaranteed shipping and missing post must be reported to local customs or postal services. – If choice unavailable, you may choose another.

Pay with Bitcoins & Get 20% Off!

bitcoin 1

Right now, the best way to save big at Gorilla Seeds is to pay with bitcoins. You’ll get 20% off the cost of any pack of cannabis seeds on our site and you won’t have any expensive bank fees. The bitcoin network only charges a nominal (very small) fee to buy and use this popular digital currency. And, your payment will be transferred within minutes instead of days.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

For those of you who’re new to bitcoins, lets step you through the process.

What Are Bitcoins Anyway?

We found a thorough, easy-to-understand explanation at This site will tell you everything you need to know, but the most important thing to remember is that bitcoin prices can go up & down rapidly & that you shouldn’t put more money in bitcoins than you can afford to lose.

For most people, the best thing to do is get the exact amount you need to make a purchase right before you plan to buy then use them up.

How Do I Get My Own Bitcoins?

If you’re ready to pull the trigger & give bitcoins a try, it’s pretty easy to get started. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Get a bitcoin wallet – choose a wallet from and load it to your phone, your mobile device or your computer. Some are cloud based and some are hardware based, so get the one you’re most comfortable with. I chose Green Address for Windows because it was quick & simple to install – and it had Green in the name. Make sure you save any keys or phrases you’ll need later to get back into your account.

    2. Set your wallets handler to recognize web-based transactions – look under settings, preferences or configuration to turn on the internet transaction handler. You’ll have to do this for each browser that you use on every device that you use. Look for a pop-up message at the top or bottom of your screen that asks you to confirm your choice.

    3. Find a place to buy bitcoins – Bitcoins aren’t hard to find. If you have friends that use them, you can trade with them. London, New York & a growing number of major cities have bitcoin ATMs, and there are plenty of brokers and peer-to-peer exchanges. View to find a variety of bitcoin sources by country.

    4. Buy bitcoins & put them in your wallet – Create an account with a bitcoin exchange, fund your account through a credit/debit card, bank transfer or wire transfer (depending on what your exchange accepts), and then purchase your bitcoins. If your wallet doesn’t pick up the transaction automatically, the exchange should give you a bitcoin URI that you can manually add – just like slipping cash in a real wallet.

How Do I Pay The Gorilla with Bitcoins?

This is the easiest part – simply choose bitcoins when you checkout. We’ll create a unique link & display it on both the confirmation screen and your “Thank You” email. Don’t click the link until you’re ready to pay because it will expire 15 minutes after it’s first opened. (If it does, no worries – just place a new order & try again.)

When the link opens, click on the Pay button. If you set the handler in your wallet to recognize online transactions, it should automatically open (you may have to sign-on or enter your PIN) and ask you to confirm the transaction. Once confirmed, exactly the right number of bitcoins will be sent to The Gorilla & you’re done!

Oh – there is one more thing. You’ll need to click on our contact screen to let us know you paid. Please provide your order number, your payment amount & the fact that it was a bitcoin payment. Unless we’re very backed up, we should get to your message within a business day making this a fast way to pay as well.

Still have questions? Just ask & we’ll help if we can. We’re definitely not bitcoin experts, but more & more people are using this payment method every day, so it can’t be that hard.

Gorilla Seed bank’s Easter Bean Giveaway – Eggstravagansa – FREE WEED SEEDS

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The Gorilla’s decided to go all old school and run a traditional Easter egg hunt. No, we’re not giving away eggs, chocolate or anything wrapped in a pretty bow. Yes you guessed it, we’re giving away some high quality beans – Easter Beans, if that makes you feel better about it.

The below list of breeders and strains have been selected for this Eggstravagansa and some lucky bunnies will have a nice set of random weed seeds stuffed in their letterbox well before spring has gone.


Find the hidden Easter Egg & Facebook message The Gorilla the strain name. Make sure you Like, Share and leave a comment on the Easter thread – and you’re in.


Same as above, just find the image, let The Gorilla know where it is through the PM system and leave a comment on your forum’s Easter thread! The sponsored forums are:

Remember! Don’t let anyone know where the eggs are hidden.

The competition starts on Good Friday and ends next Friday the 10th of April


Easter Beans are gifted from The Gorilla as souvenirs & collectable items only. Wetting these beans would produce magical flowers, but the powers that be, in there infinite wisdom will only crucify you for doing so – so don’t!

We’ve only ever had 1 competition win go missing in the post. We send every package by recorded delivery, but we can’t guarantee competition seeds will reach you. If the man jacks your prize – you need to take it up with him!