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You Asked for Them, You Got ’em – TGA Subcool Has Arrived!

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If I had a bean for every time someone asked when we’d finally add TGA Subcool Seeds to the Gorilla site, I’d have … a helluva lot of beans!

TGA Genetics finally came to the top of our wish list & we’re adding them one by one. In total, we should have nearly 40 different cannabis seed breeds in both 5 & 10 packs by the time we’re done. If you’ve got a favourite, don’t be shy about letting us know.

So far, we’ve added

  • Jillybean – a Creamsicle Powerhouse Named for MzJill with 21.9% THC
  • Chernobyl – Tastes Like a Lime Slurpee , Explodes Like Mt Vesuvius
  • 9 Pound Hammer – Grape/Lime Flavours, Stacked Buds & Instant Couchlock

The rest look so good it’ll be hard to choose, but I’ve promised Marion Berry Kush to one of our special forum friends for some time now. That one will definitely be number 4!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the TGA Subcool brand, you’re in for a real treat! Subcool really knows his stuff and he’s all over the net with helpful advice about all kinds of cannabis related stuff. His recipe for organic soil mix is world famous & on my personal list of things to try when I have the time to plan it all out.

Already a familiar name in the cannabis community, Subcool, MzJill & the Green Avengers opened TGA Subcool Seeds in 2001 with the goal of creating a new type of seed company, one that lets the quality of their work do the talking rather than trying to wow the public with a bunch of marketing BS & hype. They only sell good, old-fashioned, organically produced regular seeds – they don’t bother with feminization or autoflowering genetics.

TGA Subcool Seeds certainly achieved what they set out to do with a wide line of precisely designed medical seeds, each one intended for a specific medicinal purpose. Nothing about this line could be described as stealthy – fragrances are incredibly strong, the resin is extra heavy & every flavour is as incredible as it is unique. You won’t have any trouble telling one TGA strain from the next if you forget to label!

At Gorilla Seeds, we really like TGA Subcool’s open source breeding philosophy. This means that TGA openly shares all the information they have about each one of their strains with the public including both lab testing & independent grows. You can trust that these cannabis seeds will be exactly as described because they’ve been tested by thousands!

Order Your TGA SubCool Seeds Today – Or Whenever We Have Your Favourite Up & Ready to Go!

NB: We promise – it won’t be long until they’re fully populated, but in the meantime, take a gander at the Gorilla Seeds TOS. We sell all cannabis seeds, including those bred by the outstanding TGA Subcool brand, as collectible souvenirs, never to be germinated or cultivated, under penalty of UK law, and with the threat of big, wet, sloppy, somewhat gooey Gorilla smooches all over your noggin’. Trust us – jail would be more pleasant than that

Cannabis Slams the Gate on Harder Drugs!

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Since the days of Reefer Madness, propaganda has claimed that cannabis is a gateway drug, making it sound like a single puff could set you on the road to becoming a full-blown junkie. Today, some lawmakers drag their feet by saying that widespread, legal cannabis use could worsen other substance abuse problems including nicotine, alcohol, opiate and even caffeine addiction.

In other words, whether you crave coffee, cigarettes, a stiff drink or pills and needles, they fear that smoking a little pot could amp up those cravings even more. What? No mention of late night runs to Taco Bell?

Although tobacco is probably the biggest killer on that list, opiates are not too far behind, especially when combined with other respiratory depressants like alcohol and other prescription drugs.

Now, research shows that cannabis could reduce opiate use for both recreational users and patients trying to manage their pain.

Researchers looked at 653 people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area who had used opiates recreationally in the previous 30 days. About half had also used cannabis during that time. On average (median), non-cannabis users took opiates twice as often (60 times) as cannabis users (30 times). That’s a statistically significant difference!

More research is needed, but this study suggests that cannabis helps in two ways. First, medical marijuana acts as a pain reliever on its own and combines well with opiates to boost their analgesic properties so that less medication is needed to achieve the same effect. Second, cannabis could help ease withdrawel symptoms of withdrawal and provide a safer, non-toxic substitute to harder drugs for recreational users.

Do you have a personal story of how cannabis has helped you overcome a serious problem with opiates? We’d love to hear all about it!

It’s All in the Terpenes!


If you’re a cannabis seed hoarder like The Gorilla, chances are you like nothing more than brushing your hand across a near-ripe bud and inhaling deeply as the room fills with the pungent fragrance of fresh bud. And if you’re truly OCD about it, you’ll continue sniffing your fingertips as long as the smell lingers. It might be a fragrance that only a stoner could love, but man, do we love it!

Oooh, Oooh, That Smell!

The smell comes from the terpenes, an oily substance produced by the same shiny trichomes that ooze with THC, CBD, CBN and a host of other cannabinoids. So far, more than 100 individual terpenes have been identified, and each strain and hybrid has their own unique combination of these beneficial oils, a terpene profile if you will, resulting in rich aromas like ripe berry, sour grapefruit, sweet orange, fresh pine and even dark chocolate.

It’s Not All in the Genes!

Genetics plays a big part in terpene profile, but that’s not the only factor. The environment, including media, nutrients, temperature and even light intensity can affect these aromatic oils. That’s one reason (there are lots more) why so many people have completely different results even when they start off with the exact same beans.

Medicating with Terpenes

Now for the really important part: It’s thought that terpenes have a major influence on the individual high or stone that comes with each strain. This influence is why you can pick two different weed seeds, each with about the same amount of Indica and Sativa genetics & about the same amount of THC & CBD, but they feel very different after you medicate. You know, the whole “it’s a Sativa, but not trippy” thing.

So far, we only know a tiny bit about the medicinal value of terpenes including:

  • They bind to the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors just like THC
  • They can help control how much THC can cross over the blood-brain barrier
  • The have some influence of Serotonin & Dopamine production and activity

This is another argument against isolating individual cannabinoids like CBD for medical use. Every compound included in this magical herb, even ones that haven’t been identified yet, comes together to create a natural synergy that simply can’t be duplicated in pharmaceutical lab.

What Does That Mean to Me?

It means a lot! Some breeders, like TGA Subcool Seeds, test their strains for terpenes in addition to THC & CBD and freely publish that information. If you live in a legal area, your dispensary might do the same, or you can send your own herb to a lab to see exactly what it contains. The information is a lot to take in, it may even be overwhelming at first, but it will also give you the knowledge required to make smart, informed choices.

If testing isn’t an option and you have a sensitive nose, you may be able to pick out the best herb for your individual needs based on smell alone with a little practice. (Volunteers, anyone?) For example, OG Kush and other citrusy strains have a high limonene content. Limonene is credited for lifting moods and relieving stress. Medical marijuana proponents also recommend high-limonene strains for heartburn, depression, gallstones and as a potent cancer fighter.

Other common terpenes include Alpha & Beta Pinene (pine), Myrcene (earthy or herbal), Linalool (floral) and Carophyllene (spicy or peppery).

Stay tuned to the Gorilla Seeds blog for more about terpenes – we’re planning an entire series. Let us know if there’s one you’d like to know more about!

The Gorilla Says: Let My People Go!


Almost immediately after The Gorilla came out as a confirmed Cannabiterian, and nearly a month before the first service for The First Church of Cannabis is scheduled to be held in Indianapolis (on 1 July 2015), Brother Wesley Alan Johnson of Sandy Springs, Georgia claims that his recent marijuana trafficking and manufacturing charges violate his right to religious freedom as a Church of Cannabis member.

As Mr Johnson did not get arrested at the First Annual Church of Cannabis Smoke-Out to be held on 1 July, he’s not technically eligible for our free cannabis seed offer, but we’ll make an exception if he gives us a shout.

The Details:

After receiving a tip from the Missouri Highway Patrol, Sandy Springs police went to Mr Johnson’s home on Wednesday the 3rd of June where they reported a strong smell of marijuana coming from the house (filters people!) even before the door was opened. Wesley stated that he’d just enjoyed a bowl, and no, they could not search his house.

After obtaining and serving a search warrant, police seized over 70 cannabis plants of various sizes and ages as well as packaged smoke, cash, weapons and Wesley’s entire set-up. He was charged with manufacturing marijuana, trafficking marijuana and possession of a gun during the commission of a felony. He made bond ($20K) and was released on Friday.

It sounds serious, but check out the video – that could be just about anyone reading this blog.

Mr Johnson claims he’s a family man who is an active supporter of the legalization effort and is being persecuted and criminalized for his religious beliefs as member of the First Church of Cannabis as well as for his political views.

The Law:

In Indiana, the Religions Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) goes into effect on 1 July 2015 and states that the government can not interfere with anyone’s legitimate religious practices, the reasoning behind The First Church of Cannabis’s plans to include smoking herb as one of their sacraments. This law does not apply to Georgia.

In Georgia, it is now legal for patients with certain disorders to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil as long as it contains no more than 5% THC, although there’s not yet a good way to get it within the state. For non-medical marijuana, Georgia is pretty tough – up to a year in jail plus a $1000 fine for possession of less than an ounce. It goes up 1 to 10 years for possessing more than an ounce or cultivating even a single plant.

The Gorilla’s Opinion:

We believe that Brother Johnson is just really, really, really serious about his religion & getting closer to his God, and we hope to see him among the congregation in Indianapolis on 1 July. How can you fault a true believer? There was Moses, there was Jesus, and now there’s Wesley.


It’s Official – The Gorilla is now a Cannabiterian!

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And, according to the IRS, you can convert, too.

That’s right, as of May 21st 2015, The First Church of Cannabis, founded by Bill Levin of Indianapolis, Indiana has been given tax-exempt status as on official public charity just like any other religious institution.

The First Church of Cannabis plans to hold their first service on July 1st, the same day Indiana’s new Religions Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) goes into effect, the same law that many fear gives businesses the right to refuse service to individuals for reasons that would otherwise be considered discriminatory, like their sexual orientation.

While Indiana’s state legislature scrambled to make sure the GLBT community is not impacted unjustly by the RFRA, Levin slipped right in, created what could be considered the first modern church based on smoking herb, and will use the RFRA’s clause that bars the government from infringing on religious practices as his justification.

The wild-haired Levin says they will conclude the first service by having a congregation-wide smoke out to test the RFRA by seeing if the police step in to arrest anyone.

Indiana marijuana laws currently state that possession of quantities less than an ounce is a misdemeanor charge with penalties that include up to 180 days in jail and a $1000 fine, with time and dollar amounts increasing with larger amounts of smoke.

I might not be able to make The First Church of Cannabis’ July 1 service, but I’ll be lighting up a fattie this weekend and saying a little prayer to the weed gods in Levin’s honour while I watch the news to see what happens.

If you live near Indianapolis, let us know if you’re planning to attend. We’ll give anyone who gets arrested during worship a free pack of cannabis seeds of their choosing in exchange for a copy of their ticket.

The Gorilla – The Newest, and Hairiest,Cannabiterian

The Bulldog Haze – Gorilla Giveaway 50

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WOW! The Bulldog Seeds have sent us 50 Bulldog Haze in there shiny new jackets, and we’re giving them all away during our You’ve Been Gorilla’d Sicker Comp. These amazing prizes just keep coming!

The Gorilla is holding back 10 Bulldog Haze Seeds for a sticker win, but you can also win 10 of these fantastic Bulldog Haze seeds by simply commenting on your favourite Facebook or sponsored forum thread.

The Bulldog Haze Seeds

To create this knock-out, Super Silver Haze, long known for its strength and rich, Haze flavor, was crossed with the award-winning Lemon Skunk for a mixed hybrid that’s both pungent and flavorful.

• 60/40 SATIVA






Pick any Bulldog strain from our website, and share the link, image or description on our Facebook or sponsored forum thread – that’s it! We will even include some breeder’s stickers with your seeds.

The Bulldog Competition will end on FRIDAY 19TH JUNE

WTF – Are You Still Here? Get Clicking!

Sadly, Cannabis seeds, even the free ones, are illegal to germinate in the majority of countries. But that’s OK. As long as you promise NOT TO get them wet, we will send them for your weed seed collection.

We can’t re send any seeds that thieving posties or evil customs agents get their hands on, but we will send them by tracked mail. If they don’t arrive, you will need to take this issue up with local authorities.

Peter Lilley Calls for the UK to Legalise Cannabis – Will It Make A Difference?


In a very welcomed, common-sense, but somewhat unexpected move, the former deputy leader of the UK’s Conservative Party Peter Lilley called on the government to legalise cannabis.

Not only does he believe that the current laws are unfair and outdated, but that this move would also improve the public’s perception that Tory traditionalists are more interested in punishment and incarceration than helping the British people.

Mr Lilley also argues that the UK can no longer defend or effectively enforce laws against cannabis use when, at the same time, it allows its citizenry to freely use potentially harmful substances like nicotine and alcohol, and that providing legal access to cannabis would eliminate the need for otherwise law-abiding people to engage in criminal activity or interact with drug dealers.

In Peter Lillye’s own words, “The prohibition of cannabis use in the UK is a failure. The current law is not only unenforceable – it is also indefensible. The arguments for criminalisation of cannabis that we hear so often crumble on analysis. The issue is no longer whether the law should be changed but how.

There is a strong Conservative case for the legalisation of cannabis. Laws that can neither be enforced nor defended undermine respect for the law. Conservatism should be about setting people free not locking them up. Wherever possible people should be allowed to make their own choices.”
So, what’s Mr Lilley’s vision of legalization for the UK?

  • Licensed outlets for cannabis sales to adults 18 and over
  • Limits on the amount of cannabis that can be purchased at one time
  • No lighting up in public including cannabis outlets
  • Cannabis would be taxed and include health warnings
  • Cultivation would be allowed for personal use only

If you’d like to read more, Peter Lilley’s call to action has been published in a pamphlet printed by the Social Market Foundation think tank.

Of course, the current UK government is not yet in agreement with Mr Lilley’s ideas. A spokesman from the Home Office reiterated that “The Government’s policy has not changed. We have a clear and consistent view. There are no plans to legalise or decriminalise cannabis or any other controlled substances.”

So, what do you think? Is Mr Lilley a serious advocate for the legalization effort? Or is he pandering to younger, more liberal Brits to gain more support for the Conservative Party? The Gorilla wants to know!