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The Gorilla Slapped Lemar Bradford So Fucking Hard … It’s Permanent!

permanent FINAL

Wow – What a way to show the haters, Lemar. Just in case someone wants to say Lemar photoshopped this bad boy, he’s given us extra pics showing the tat’s progress and that it’s 100% legit.

If that’s still not enough, let ’em turn weed green with envy over what Limar just won — A MASSIVE KIT plus Gorilla Seeds FOR LIFE!

When Lemar sent us a Facebook PM saying, “What you think Big G?”, The Gorilla’s chin about hit the floor! But, don’t be thinking we goaded anyone into tagging themselves for life – this ink is a true thing of beauty and he even wanted to add our web Addy too, but we had to draw the line. The Gorilla in all his gory was more than enough for us and we salute you, Lemar!

Lemar’s lovely partner Tillz is a tattoo artist and runs her own show at TK Designs. If you’re in the area, stop on by and get some fresh ink. Gorillas are appreciated, but not required – and copying Lemar won’t get you a win.

Need a slap of your own? PM us your contact info, read the rules & play the game like a boss!

Orange. Lemon or Grapefruit Smell? Thank Limonene!


Limonene is a fragrant terpene found in a variety of fruits, herbs and flowers including citrus, peppermint, rosemary and … cannabis! In fact, this is the second most common terpene in marijuana, right behind the earthy-herbal scented Beta-Myrcene. In addition to its lovely smell, limonene has many other beneficial properties including:

Natural Insect Repellant

Limonene is perfectly safe for most humans and pets as well as wild birds, fish and mammals, but most insects hate it. It can get rid of everything from ants to cockroaches and is even used commercially as an anti-flea and tick agent. If you buy products like Ortho Home Defense Indoor Insect Killer or Safer Fire Ant Killer, you’re using limonene. Hopefully, this terpene can also repel a few other more troublesome pests like spider mites, thrips & fungus gnats.

Makes It Easier to Absorb Other Terpenes

Limonene quickly penetrates proteins including cellular membranes, making it easier for the human body to use both this terpene and others. Limonene helps the good stuff get through everything from your skin, to your nails, to the blood-brain barrier.

Natural Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Grease Cutter

Bacteria & fungi don’t stand a chance when limonene is on the prowl – and neither does grease, oils or other nasties. That’s why this terpene is commercially extracted from citrus peels and put in many types of all-natural cleaners. It’s also great for toe-nail fungus because it’s one of the few things that will go through the nail as mentioned in the last section.

It’ll Make You Feel Happy & Chill

Move over lavender – researchers say that orange oil rules the Aromatherapy world when it comes to stress relief. Grapefruit is thought to reduce the appetite, boost memory & take the edge off depression. Lemon improves your brain function & puts you in a good mood. And, mandarin or tangerine scents can curb stress and relieve nausea. Limonene in cannabis can do the same; testing has shown it increases mental focus, gives you a general sense of well-being and can even fix up a bad case of heartburn or stomach trouble. Some even say it’ll put you & your S-O feel in the mood for some quality time because it acts as an aphrodisiac.

Limonene Fights the Big C!

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Limonene can help prevent and/or treat cancer in a number of ways. First, it protects the body from the carcinogens and other contaminants in smoke, if you’re still medicating old-school style. Second, it boosts the body’s natural immune system so we can fight off all kinds of things, maybe even cleaning up the random, one-off cellular mutations that could otherwise develop into a malignancy. Third, limonene helps protect the RAS gene from deterioration to reduce tumor production.

Finally, limonene has killed cancer sells in a lab setting. Yes, there really is some hard science behind those claims that cannabis is the best thing ever for cancer patients.

Sold on Limonene? Here’s What You Need in Your Collection!

In the cannabis gene pool, limonene isn’t too hard to find – almost every strain has some in it. But, here’s a few with the highest amounts:

All 3 are Gorilla recommended and we’ll even give you 5% off if you enter 5PER at checkout – get yours today!

The Gorilla’s Handing Out Free Dr Krippling Seeds!

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The Gorilla wants to celebrate adding the UK’s hottest new cannabis seed breeder to our ever-expanding family with an amazing competition – just for you!

To win some of Dr Krippling’s best cannabis seeds, all you have to do is choose what strain you fancy the most then Like, Share & Comment on our Facebook page or tell us all about it on your favourite weed forum.

Dr Krippling scoured Europe for the fattest, stinkiest genetics with the most disabling effects and fine-tuned them even more until they are, in a word, krippling!

Let us know which one you fancy & you could win a 10 pack of the hottest weed seeds to ever hit the UK!

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  • Don’t forget our You’ve Been Gorilla’d sticker competition. Were giving away more Dr Krippling Seeds there too!

    The Gorilla doesn’t F*** about when it comes to his collectable weed seeds, and you shouldn’t either. It’s illegal in most places to germinate cannabis seeds – so just don’t!

    From time to time a nasty postie or jumped up customs agent decides you’re not getting your seeds. We will send them by recorded delivery, but unfortunately, competition seeds are not covered by our guaranteed delivery service and cannot be re-sent.