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The Modern Cannabis Industry – It’s a Woman’s World!

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You won’t have any problem finding scantily-clad beauties hawking a wide variety of cannabis-related products whether you’re looking online, in trade rags like High Times or attending one of the ever growing number of cannabis festivals, but women are quickly stepping up to take the reins of this fledgling industry as it enters the mainstream. Here are 5 women you should keep an eye on:

1. Salwa Ibrahim – Dispensary Owner & Cannabis Innovator

Not only does California-born Salwa Ibrahim co-own an Oakland dispensary named Blum, she’s also the executive director of Medifarm and heavily involved in a hydroponic company called Terra Tech as the senior vice president. And, she’s active in the medical marijuana communities in both her home state & Nevada.

2. Greta Carter – Owner/Operator of the Biggest Legal Recreational Pot Farm in the World!

A mom of five and previous bank executive, Greta was the 71st person in Washington state approved to be a recreational marijuana grower in 2012. Once licensed, Greta went on a 15-day pheno hunt to gather 1600 individual plants composed of over 70 unique strains to open her “Life Gardens Farm”. She’s now proud to say that she’s the “mom with the most mothers”. Greta was also instrumental in writing Washington’s Initiative 502 and organizing Washington’s Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics.

3. Shaleen Title – Drug Reform Activist & Cannabis Recruiting Agency

In addition to working for legalization, Shaleen can help you get your foot in the door with a legitimate cannabis -related business through her THC Staffing recruitment agency. Everyone who works for THC Staffing is female, but Shaleen can help either gender find their dream job. However, over half of the placements do go to women & they are seeing a growing number of women with mainstream corporate backgrounds show an interest in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

4. Allison Kopf – Co-Founder of Tech Start-Up & TechCrunch Battlefield Winner Agrilyst

Agrilyst doesn’t sell themselves as a cannabis company, but they do specialize in providing software solutions to indoor farming operations, and we all know what that means. According to Agrilyst, they want to be the “Google for Greenhouses” by pulling in and analyzing a wide variety of data through sophisticated sensors then running it through a complex set of algorithms to help growers boost yields, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

5. Robin Hackett – Co-Owner of Colorado’s BotanaCare MMJ Facility

After an on-the-job injury when Robin worked as a steelworker, she turned to MMJ to help manage her chronic pain. From there, she partnered up with her sister in 2010 to open Botanacare. She has gained an insane level of knowledge by observing the effects of MMJ on the more than 800 patients who frequent her operation. If you include recreational enthusiasts, that gives Robin 2000 more brains to pick for information and new ideas. Botanicare’s research data is so extensive that scientists are now coming to Robin to get answers about everything from dosing to side effects.



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To create this magnificent new high-CBD seed, Seedsman partnered up with the legendary CBD Crew to cross the frost-covered, extract-friendly Sugar Gom with the Crew’s best fully automatic breeding stock. If you prefer to vape instead of lighting up, you’re in for a real treat!

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Of course, Auto CBD Sugar Gom is not a euphoric strain. Rather, it’s peaceful, dreamy & relaxing (not couchlocking) with therapeutic benefits that the experts say can help a full range of maladies including muscle spasms, nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, sleep issues, anxiety and stomach issues among other ailments. This one’s a game changer & maybe even a life changer – don’t miss out!

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The Gorilla Presents …. Hell’s Canyon!

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Our friends from Hell’s Canyon Genetics in the US have sent us some really nice Narcotic Mustache Auto seeds so that they can see what you think about them. So far, this breeder hasn’t hit the European market at all, so this might be the only way you can get up close & personal with these beans.

At this time, they’re not for sale at any price, but there are two ways you might luck out & get a few of these beans for free. First, our mate Steve from Facebook will be picking out a few lucky geezers to test these babies out. Second, maybe you’ll be an even luckier bastard & win a few of these fine-ass collectibles with no conditions attached – also on Facebook.


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  • Narcotic Mustache F2 Autoflower
  • Mostly Indica
  • Regular Auto Seeds
  • 60 Days from Seed
  • 450 gr/m2 – Real Monsters if You’re Dialed In!
  • Smells & Tastes like Pine with Notes of Kush
  • Pest & Mould Resistant
  • Odour Control is Strictly Required

Narcotic Mustache Auto is a cross between Narcotic Kush and Magnum with a classic Xmas tree shape but a small size with lots of branches.

Expect a very narcotic, psychoactive buzz from these large frosty colas. Heavy Indica – Afghan genetic make these seeds real stable so you’re pretty much guaranteed the same show every time.

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The cats pyjamas, the dogs bollocks, the bees knees or however you describe them – Cream Of The Crop Seeds have some of the highest quality, World-Class Genetics! And we have one of their best strains waiting for you.

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All our cannabis seeds are posted by tracked UK Royal Mail, but our competition seeds are excluded from our guaranteed delivery service. If your seeds get nabbed by customs or your local postie – you must chase these guys with the tracking info provided.