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Into Edibles? Check Out Nugs.Com!

cheeba wings

The Gorilla thinks edibles are the mutt’s. If you agree, check out where you can “Find the Kind”. This fairly new site was designed to help medical marijuana patients find a great local dispensary, but it’s also got lots of good information, like awesome cannabis recipes, for the rest of us.

Check this sh*t out if you want to know what The Gorilla’ll be cooking up one weekend soon:

Start Your Day Off Right with Chocolate-Canna Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we’d be remiss if we left it out. Plus, who doesn’t like a little wake-and-bake? recommends cooking these babies up by adding canna milk to the wet ingredients then topping them off with a healthy dollop of canna butter – and they even give you separate instructions on how to make each in addition to the pancake recipe. What a way to start the day!

Pig-Out at Lunchtime with Cheeba Wings – Way Better than Buffalo

If you’re not still comatose after those pancakes, the munchies might set in by lunchtime, but no worries. The Gorilla’s serving up some spicy Cheeba Wings. Once fried to a golden brown, these babies are spun in a mixture of hot sauce, spices & double strength canna butter. This one’s not rocket science, but who doesn’t like hot wings?

Comfort Food for Dinner – The Stoner’s Version of Grandma’s Meatloaf

This one would work with anyone’s meatloaf recipe because it’s got a cheat in it. All you need to do is sauté your vegetables in cannabis oil to infuse them with THC before making up your meatloaf mixture. You could use the same technique with lots of other protein-based meal ideas from spaghetti & meatballs to Salisbury steak to pizza toppings. It’s still a great idea that we hadn’t thought of. Make this one your own & let us know how it worked out.

Satisfy the Midnight Munchies with Coco-Canna-Banana Cream Pie

Who doesn’t like pie? And this one’s right up The Gorilla’s alley. The mastermind behind this pot-friendly recipe decided to spice up the flaked coconut by browning it in more canna butter, but we’d personally try cannabis-infused coconut oil for an extra burst of flavour. But hey – this one’s got bananas in it, so it’s got to be good! Either way, it’ll definitely hit the spot when you need a little something, something right before you pass out for the night.

Like to toke or vape more than eat? No problem! Just check out their strain reviews to get as up close & personal as you can through a screen with something new. Don’t blame us if you can’t pull yourself away for hours!

Peace, love & good eats, The Gorilla!

Curious about Prices? Check out the US Weed Exchange!

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When legalization is mentioned, most people imagine being able to walk freely into a dispensary at their leisure and choose from a seemingly endless selection of strains. Then, they start to wonder about the prices.

Wonder no more! Instead, check out the Cannabis Price Index at In New York Stock Exchange fashion, this site gives you a daily run-down of the average prices for flowers, edibles and concentrates in about 20 places where either medical or recreational marijuana is legal. And, they even give a list of the best-selling strains, just in case you’re shopping for some hot, new cannabis seeds.

Let’s take a look at what people are buying and what they’re paying for an ounce as of November 6th, 2015:

  • Ann Arbor, MI – Ounces cost $382 on average. Diesel is going at $340 today with a monthly high of $381 and low of $325. Black Widow is the most popular strain selling at $370, but the most expensive options shown are Blue Dream and Haze selling at $400.
  • Denver, CO – Near the Mile-High stadium, prices are way better averaging $223. Diesel is at a high at $218, but it was going for around $175 last month. 303 Kush is the most popular cured bud at $225 with 99 Goats following closely behind at $223. Several strains including 303 Kush are tied for most expensive at a very affordable $225.
  • San Diego, CA – Prices in sunny San Diego are very close to Colorado with an average of $281 per ounce, but if you look at the history, you can instantly tell the fall harvest has probably made the prices drop. Diesel is now priced at $247, but a month ago it topped out at $303. The best sellers here are Blue Dream ($290) followed by Girl Scout Cookies ($350). It’s not a surprise that the very popular GSC is also the most expensive.
  • How does MJ Charts get the low-down all that fine legal herb? Every day, they roll through all the publically advertised prices as published by legal dispensaries. No black market sales are included.

    If you live in one of the places that MJ Charts monitors, this is a great way to know if it’s a good time to buy or sell – the rest of us will just have to watch & wish. Enjoy the info!

    Cannabis Lifestyle TV – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know … on YouTube!


    If you’re on the hunt for the latest & greatest cannabis seed that will literally blow your mind in every single way when you’re done, don’t leave anything to chance. Write-ups are great, stats are fantastic, forum posts will tell you a lot, but nothing like a video review from someone who’s just as passionate about hi-grade herb as you are to give you the entire picture.

    Love it or hate it, you’ll find more weed-related videos on YouTube than anywhere else, but that’s a problem in itself – you could spend all day long sifting through the crap to find that hidden jewel that tells you exactly what you want to know.

    That’s what inspired Rob Corbett, the mastermind behind Youtube’s new Cannabis Lifestyle TV Channel, to launch a better site with videos that get right to the point, showing you exactly what you want to see, without endless rants, rambles or, worst of all, information that’s simply wrong.

    If you want a reliable report on a specific marijuana seed, like Ken’s Estes’ Original Grand Daddy Purple or Reserva’s Kandy Kush, they’ve got it, complete with close-up bud shots and an in-depth smoke report. (Watch one & you’ll have no doubt that the CLtv team knows all there is to know about fine herb.) The audio/video quality is top-notch without any of the typical glitches, stutters, noise or blurry close-ups that can drive you crazy.

    The fact that you can actually understand what the guys at Cannabis Lifestyle TV are saying is a real plus, but I really like that they give good information in the summary too. That way, if you’re just browsing through their channel, you can quickly pick and choose what appeals to you if you’re not looking for something specific. We’d like to thank the entire CLtv team (Trey, Sid, Dub-C, Jordan & Rob) for that very thoughtful touch.

    Beside the awesome strain reviews, Cannabis Lifestyle TV also has a growing number of how-to videos that you can trust without a second thought. How many times have you tried to follow instructions about how to make cannabutter or hash only to fail miserably?

    Whether they just didn’t know what they were doing or they left out a critical step doesn’t really matter when you’ve just wasted some top-shelf bud. Believe you me, you can count on this crew to teach you how to do everything from rolling the perfect blunt to making truly potent medibles that taste amazing too.

    Do yourself a favour – head on over to the Cannabis Lifestyle TV Channel & subscribe today or visit their new website at The Gorilla will see you there!

    DinaFem Cheese – The UK’s Favourite Flavour!

    Dinafem Cheese

    Cheese strains have been a UK favourite for generations & this is still a fall-back for many of the country’s most experienced cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re looking for foolproof results and balanced effects paired with intense aromas & flavour, you simply can’t go wrong with Cheese, and DinaFem makes one of the best varieties.

    Located in Spain, DinaFem has created their own version of UK Cheese that stays very true to the original strain. They took an old-school Skunk #1 and crossed it with a very sticky Afghani #1 to create truly outstanding feminized seeds with near-perfect success rates. Let’s just say, you will not be disappointed with this choice!

    In Spain, these DinaFem Cheese Seeds can be kept outdoors, but they prefer to be inside in the UK, or in a greenhouse. Finish time averages between 50 & 50 days with very generous 525 gr/m2 yields. Buds are fat & sticky with a heavy aroma that blends intense Skunk with aged Cheese and exotic spices, but be warned – this one’s a filter buster. Maximum odour control is a must if you need to keep things under wraps!

    Cheese is 60% Indica & 40%  for very balanced effects that start off as mostly mental before melting into a full-body stone that’s perfectly chill but not quite baked. It’s a great way to unwind & relax after a tough day or simply enjoy an evening at home.

    Order a pack of these proven Dinafem Cheese genetics today!

    NORML Ireland Women’s Alliance – 4 Birds With The One Stone


    The Hairy one loves NORML, IRELAND & in particular – IRISH WOMEN!

    Ok that sounds kind of sexist, but let’s get to the point here: The Ladies at NORML Ireland are on a mission to stop prohibition and theirs FECK ALL girly about these peaceful activists.

    A Voice for Responsible Cannabis Users in the Republic of Ireland

    “Founded in 1970 in the USA, NORML is an international organisation representing cannabis consumers worldwide. NORML Ireland is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation working for more research into the benefits of the uses of the cannabis plant for all purposes. We aim to provide a support network to those seeking the normalisation of cannabis consumption and to influence a positive transformation to laws enabling responsible medical, spiritual, recreational and industrial uses in Ireland.”

    Working tirelessly for your rights, and in a man’s world, isn’t easy at the best of times. Normalising the use of this special plant is an uphill struggle worldwide, but Ireland is way behind the rest of the world with a high amount of stigma associated to illegal cannabis use, Draconian drug laws and a massive lack of education even as the legalization movement is gaining a popular momentum in the rest of the world – this needs to change!

    Let’s get the word out about NORML Ireland Women’s Alliance, and in return, we will pick 4 random winners for the following prizes:

    • 2 Dutch Passion Shopping Bags (for the girls)
    • 2 Skip Caps
    • 2 Baseball Caps
    • 4 Pack of Surprise Mix Seeds
    • Product Catalogues & Strain Cards
    • Stickers & Multiple 1.Oz Baggies
    • 2 Dutch Passion King-size Rolling Papers Each


    All you have to do is head over to their Facebook page, Like – Share & leave a supportive comment. It won’t hurt to leave the Gorilla a message on his page too!

    Four winners Will Be Chosen On Monday 16th November By NORML Ireland Women’s Alliance – 2 Ladies & 2 Guys Will share the prizes.


    Power Kush – Proven, Balanced & So Easy!


    New, hyped-up strains are rolling into Gorilla Seeds on a daily basis. Some live up to the buzz. Others, not so much. That’s why we’re mixing it up this week & showcasing Power Kush, a proven strain by Dinafem that often gets overlooked in the shuffle.

    Like all Dinafem strains, Power Kush Seeds are 100% feminized & extremely stable. This particular blend is a fairly balanced mix of Indica & Sativa genetics from Afghani #1 & Skunk #1 that’ll take you back to basics with proven genetics that have stood the test of time, offering superior results to collectors of all experience levels.

    If you’re not familiar with those two amazing breeds, both Skunk #1 & Afghani #1 are founding members of the modern cannabis seed industry spawning countless hybrids. In fact, it’s a challenge to find anything that doesn’t include one, or both, of these legendary strains in their family tree if you look back far enough.

    • Power Kush Finishes in 50 Days
    • Afghan #1 X Skunk #1
    • Up to 1100 gr/seed Outside
    • Powerful, Balanced Effects

    Power Kush, in particular, is a smart choice whether it’s your first time or you’ve been doing this for most of your life. She’s a hardy, forgiving weed seed with incredible yields, plenty of punch & a crowd-pleasing high that hits the mind & the body with equal force.

    Unless you live in a warmer region, Power Kush Seeds should be inside or in a greenhouse. Finishes are rapid at just 50 days indoors with yields that can go up to 440 gr/m2. Outside, these resinous beauties can exceed 3 meters in height with an October finish that can go all the way to 1100 gr/seed. Talk about a windfall!

    You can’t beat Power Kush for quality or richness. Buds are nice and big with a liberal coating of resin, and the scent & flavour is multi-layered, mixing class notes of Kush & Skunk with citrus, sandalwood & exotic spices. The THC is high enough at 12 to 16% – definitely not the highest on today’s marke, but THC numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to top-shelf weed, my friend.

    If you’re looking for a rock-solid strain with proven genetics that have stood the test of time, you can’t go wrong with Dinafem’s Power Kush.

    Get Your Power Kush Seeds Today – They’re Rock Solid!