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News Alert: The Gorilla is Giving Away Free Barney’s Farm Seeds Starting March 2016!

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The Gorilla has just taken our free seed menu to the next level! Starting in March 2016 & lasting as long as we have them, all qualifying orders will now receive free Barney’s Farm seeds. How great is that?

To qualify, you must place an order of at least £36.99. That gets you 1 truly scrumptious, drought-busting, ass-kicking Critical Kush feminized seed with more added on as you reach each level. Spend £99 in a single order after discounts & before shipping and you’ll get all 4 of these fabulous freebies plus free shipping thrown in as an added bonus.

Remember – at Gorilla Seeds, the more you buy, the more you get!

Need more details? Click each link to read the full description on our main site:

  • £36.99 – Critical Kush – 25% THC & 750 gr/m2, Yes Please!
  • £47.99 – Liberty Haze – Rock-Hard HTCC Champ with 25% THC
  • £58.99 – Pineapple Chunk – 2009 HTCC Winner with Insane Flavours
  • £68.99 – Blue Cheese – Blueberry/Cheese Brain-Melter with 20% THC

And, the fine print:

  • All free seeds are awarded after discounts. If you have a coupon code, it’ll save you some money, but if it drops you below the minimum purchase requirement, the free seed may disappear from your virtual bag.
  • Our free shipping offer does not include our stealth guarantee. Please add stealth to your virtual bag to get some great perks like extra-discreet packaging & one free reship should things go wrong in transit.
  • Be the first to know! Reading our blog is great – and we really, really want you to come back, but the absolute fastest, most reliable way to know about new offers at Gorilla Seeds is to sign up for our newsletter. We promise the contents will always be something you want to know and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • All free seed offers are subject to availability and we reserve the right to make changes at any time, for any reason, and without notice. That means when we run out, we’ll have something else equally amazing to give away. Please check back often for changes & review your order carefully before completing the checkout process.
  • What you waiting for? Buy some premium cannabis seeds & earn those Barney’s Farm freebies!

    Here Now: Big Buddha King Kong, an Original Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid

    King Kong

    The First Ever Readily Available Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid in Feminized Seed Form!

    Big Buddha wasn’t leaking a word about his much anticipated King Kong strain & now we know why! He wanted to be the first to bring you a new 100% feminized seed that not only contained Original Gorilla Glue #4 genetics, but stayed true to the amazing flavour & happy high that made this once cut-only fan favourite famous. From what we’ve heard, he not only achieved his goal – he exceeded it by a country mile!

    • 8 to 11 Week Finish Inside, Late October Outside
    • Bigger Yields – Better Structure – GG#4 Flavour
    • That Famous Happy, Psychedelic High
    • Available Now, No Telling How Long They’ll Last!

    Big Buddha King Kong gets half her genetics from an Original Gorilla Glue #4 cut & the other half from Big Buddha’s own Cheese/Widow reversal that’s known for unbelievable yields & a near-perfect bud structure, but you won’t detect a bit of Cheese flavour or smell in these bad-ass beans. Instead, they’re all GG#4 except for improved output & an even better flower formation.

    In other words, if you’re after GG#4 to see what all the hype is about, you won’t be disappointed in any single way!

    Want to read more? Check out Big Buddha King Kong on our main Gorilla Seeds site!

    Here Now: Barney’s Farm Liberty Haze

    Liberty Haze

    G13 X Chemdawg ’91 – 2011 HTCC Winner Extraordinaire!

    Liberty Haze is a real champion in every single way from the astronomical THC level to the top-rate yields to the unforgettable lime flavour & smell. These 100% feminized seeds are perfect inside or out, forgiving almost any mistake & still delivering like a boss. You will absolutely love these beans, my friend – you … will … love … them!

    • 1st Place at 2011 Cannabis Cup
    • Super Potent at 25% THC – Fully Tested!
    • 600 gr/m2 of Red & Purple Buds
    • Satisfying in Every Single Way!

    In addition to the incredible power & yield, Liberty Haze Feminized Seeds are true beauties! During the 8-9 week finish, the buds will swell & fatten until you’ll think they’re going to literally explode. The bright red & glistening purple highlights are like icing on the space cake. Meet your new masterpiece!

    Wanna See More? Check Out Liberty Haze at Gorilla Seeds!

    Here Now: Barney’s Farm Tangerine Dream!

    Tangerine Dream

    First Place Winner at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup!

    Most buy Tangerine Dream due to her stellar reputation as a true champion, but this orange-scented lady will win you over mind, heart & soul once she’s in your hands with a delicate citrus flavour and instantaneous relaxation that’ll leave you perfectly chill & totally satisfied in every single way. This is one weed seed you must try to fully appreciate!

    • G13 X Afghan X Neville’s A5 Haze
    • Tastes & Smells like a Tangerine Dream!
    • 23% THC, 1.8% CBD, 600 gr/m2
    • Large, Fat Colas – Dense & Heavy!

    Once the switch is made, Tangerine Dream Seeds starts her final 65-day countdown to a spectacular finish! She’ll definitely need some support near the end due to their tremendous heft, but that’s a price well paid for up to 600 gr/m2 of dense, sticky buds layered with a thick coating of resin & orange/red hairs. Dreams really do come true!

    Need to Know More? Check Out Tangerine Dream at Gorilla Seeds!

    Coming Soon: Barney’s Farm Ayahuasca Purple!

    Ayahuasca Purple

    Glistening Purple & Ruby Red Perfection – Don’t Miss Out on this Pure Indica Eye Candy!

    Barney’s Farm started 2016 strong with a truly unique new strain. Purple & red always make for popular bud, but Ayahuasca Purple is way more than eye candy. Power measures in at a righteous 21% THC & the pure Indica genetics deliver a bone-deep physical stone that won’t be denied.

    • Red River Delta X Master Kush
    • Smells Like Hazelnut & Papaya
    • 21% THC, 1.4% CBD, 650 gr/m2
    • Satisfying in Every Single Way!

    In the yield category, Ayahuasca Purple Seeds might be the standout of 2016! This Indica is capable of packing on 650 gr/m2 of glittering goodness in as little as 55 days from the flip. She’ll look plenty sturdy to start, but take Barney’s advice & give her plenty of support near the fade to prevent breakage from the sheer weight of her rocky, resin-encrusted buds. They’re like crystal-coated bricks – we kid you not!

    Wanna See More? Check Out Ayahuasca Purple at Gorilla Seeds!

    Coming Soon: Barney’s Farm Bad Azz Kush!

    Bad Azz Kush

    Barney says you can be as Bad Azz you wanna be with their new Bad Azz Kush.

    This incredible 100% feminized seed won at the Amsterdam Unity Cup right out the gate, but that’s not this killer’s only claim to fame. She’s filled with shockingly good pre-98 genetics, she’s rocking a stellar 24% THC rating & she’s named for the one & only Bad Azz, American rapper & esteemed member of DPGC. What better endorsement do you need?

    • Original OG X Urkel X Afghan Kush
    • 100% Indica – Pure Dank!
    • 700 gr/m2 of Rocky Goodness
    • 55-60 Day Finishes Inside

    Note that this cannabis seed has not yet been released for sale to the general public, but rumour has it that The Gorilla may get some of these bad mama-jammas to hand out so his own crew can get crunked Barney’s style. Sign up for our newsletter & be the first to know!

    For more details, check out Bad Azz Kush on the main Gorilla Seeds site!

    Sneak Preview: Limited-Edition Gorilla T-Shirts!

    gorilla t shirts

    T’s have been requested more than any other freebie and Big G has finally got off his big hairy bum & done something about it. We’re expecting record-breaking demand for these bad boys!

    Check ’em out! The white is nice, but how cool is that neon green on black?

    Our first run of Gorilla T’s will be available in all sizes from S to XXL, but the total we have to hand out will be limited to only 1000.

    More details & exact dates will be coming soon, but the rumor is you’ll need to spend at least 60 gbp & enter a special promo code to get your mitts on these awesome threads.

    If you’ve been a loyal customer, keep an eye on your inbox – our best mates get first dibs!