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Free Seed Alert: More Barney’s Farm Freebies for April!


Why mess with a good thing? The Barney’s Farm freebies for March were so popular, The Gorilla decided to roll with it right through April, with a few changes to keep our frequent customers from getting bored.

Order any cannabis seeds in April, 2016 & you could get these bad-ass strains (minimum purchase required) tossed in as our thank you:

  • 1 X Barney’s Farm Critical Kush Feminized
  • 1 X Barney’s Farm Liberty Haze Feminized
  • 1 X Barney’s Farm Pineapple Chunk Feminized
  • 1 X Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese Feminized

If one each isn’t enough to satisfy your need for seeds, don’t forget you can order full packs of these incredibly popular Barney’s Farm beans right on our site. Most of these babies have won big time at the Cups, but trophy or no trophy, they’re all packing some serious heat with THC ratings that shoot straight past 20% & yields out the wazoo!

Get Your Free Seeds Today – They Won’t Last Forever!