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This Cannabis Seed Giveaway Is Completely Insane

Question: What could be better than filling your collection with over $1000 worth of absolutely killer seeds?

Answer: Getting those seeds for free.

Usually, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. But not in this case.

That’s because we’re launching our biggest seed giveaway of all time!

Our Jungle Rumble seed contest is completely insane. We’re giving away a total of 1,000 of the dopest, highest quality cannabis seeds anywhere on the globe.

Here’s how the whole thing works:

Anytime you buy $99 worth of seeds, you get 5 entries into the contest. Then, on May 30, we’ll randomly select ten winners.

Each winner will get 100 cannabis seeds.

10 winners x 100 seeds each = 1,000 free seeds.

But these aren’t just any random cannabis seeds. We’re giving away some seriously top-shelf shit.

In fact, the 1,000 seeds we’re giving away are so high quality that they’re worth right around $10,000 altogether.

Each prize package will include:

  • 40X FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto
  • 25X Dinafem Critical+
  • 25X FastBuds Pineapple Express Auto
  • 5X Barney’s Farm LSD
  • 5 Barney’s Farm Amnesia Lemon

With that lineup, you’ll be ready to become an all out cannabis mogul. It’s the perfect combination of variety, quantity, and above everything else, quality.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Pineapple Express Auto have both been engineered by FastBuds to be extremely easy, unbelievably fast & surprisingly generous.

Dinafem’s Critical+ seeds do well indoors and outdoors. When taken care of properly, this cannabis seed will yield a ton of beautiful buds for well-balanced highs that hit both the head and the body.

And the LSD and Amnesia Lemon strains coming from Barney’s Farm will both completely blow your mind.

Staying true to its name, the LSD buds deliver a quick and powerful high with an almost psychedelic effect.

And the Amnesia Lemon carries a crisp citrusy flavor topped off with a powerful Sativa-style high. With consistently high levels of THC, this will be some of the best Sativa buds you’ll ever find.

If you’re a veteran collector, this seed giveaway is your ticket to expanding your horizons in a huge way. And if you’re a newbie, this is probably the best possible way to dive in and start developing a truly “green” green thumb.

Canna Products for Your Junk!


Cannabis has a long history of relieving pain, lifting the spirit, opening the mind and putting people in the mood. Now, in addition to smoking a little herb before you get your freak on, try one of these hot little numbers that get right to the point:

Cannadoms – Neon-Green Jimmies for Stoner Willies

Since everything else on this list is for the ladies, we’ll start off with this one, even though there’s no actual cannabis in these condoms. They’re definitely the right colour, and they have the right smell and the right taste, but that’s where things end. Cannadoms were originally sold in Amsterdam where the weed and the sex flow freely, but for a few yo-yos, you can order your own from their website. Pick up an entire box & start a new tradition next 4/20!

Foria Pleasure – Better Orgasms in a Spray Bottle

This magic elixir comes in a convenient spray bottle filled with coconut oil and pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. With a few spritzes, Foria Pleasure will get your motor running on contact for some lucky ladies, within 15 minutes for most and after about an hour for a few, but it won’t get you high. This is a very targeted product that’s good for one thing only.

Each spray contains about 2.5 mg of THC combined with other cannabinoids, and the typical dosage is about 5 sprays directly on, or inside, your lady bits. Reactions will vary, just like they do for all marijuana products, but most report feelings of warmth, relaxation and … wait for it … longer, more intense orgasms.

Foria Pleasure is not meant to be used as lube, it’s not safe for use with latex condoms and it’s only available in Colorado and California dispensaries. And in Cali, you must have a MMJ card to get it – a sign that this is the real deal! If you’re not in an area where you can pick up a bottle of Fiora Pleasure, you can always make your own homemade canna lube.

SexxPot – Bred by a Lady, for the Ladies

The breeding world is dominated by men. Men who, like men, try to push the THC as high as it will go, first to 20%, then to 24%, and now nearly all the way to 30%. But for women, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to sex products.

Karyn Wagner made this discovery by accident when she smoked a low-THC Indica by Mr Nice with a very moderate 14% THC level. It relaxes the body and has a touch of euphoria, but not so much that it becomes the experience instead of enhancing the experience. With a few tweaks, she perfected her new strain and named it Sexxpot.

She now sells her SexxPot strain, the first one ever marketed specifically to women, through her Paradigm Medical Marijuana dispensary and several female-owned delivery services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not local to you? Try Pineapple Express Auto by Barney’s Farm. The taste is sinful & this Indica only has 15% THC!

It’s no secret that 420-friendly girls are super hot, and maybe products like these are why! What do you have in your bedside stash?

Pot Smokers Pay College Tuition for 25 Students!

2015: Colorado sells $996 million in legal cannabis & rakes in $135 million in taxes.

2016: On target for $1.1 billion in annual sales with approximately $275 million in taxes.

Where is all that money going? Hopefully not into the pockets of crooked officials like it did in Seattle when an IRS official tried to bilk the owner of the Have a Heart dispensary out of $20,000!

Here are 3 of the best ways anyone could use drug money:

Smoking Pot Pays for Education!

Colorado law mandates that a large percentage of cannabis-related tax revenue goes straight to the school system, and if more money is made than anticipated, the schools get an even bigger chunk. In fact, the first cannabis scholarships worth $1000 will be handed out soon to 25 students – and those kids didn’t even have to take one toke to qualify.

The state also spent:

  • School Construction – $40 Million
  • Campaign to Prevent Bullying – $2 Million
  • Drop-Out Prevention – $2 Million
  • Future Farmers of America – $300K

Think about that next time you light up in your dorm room!

Next Up: Stoners Help End Homelessness!

At the same time that the legal cannabis industry is getting a bad rap for attracting homeless people, Colorado is also using tax revenue to help their most destitute residents. Many people have came to enjoy recreational marijuana without any means to support themselves, while other would-be canna workers have arrived sure they could find a good job only to be disappointed.

In Aurora, they’re spending $4.5 million to set up an after-school care program to serve the area’s homeless children, giving them a safe place to spend the afternoon and get help with their homework, time with friends and a nutritious snack before they return to their families for the night. Most live in cheap hotels, shelters, or the family car if they’re not on the street itself.

Pueblo has taken a different approach. This community hands out hotel vouchers and bus tickets to help the area homeless. With this option, would-be workers who haven’t had any luck finding employment and have ran out of money have a safety net that can return them to their families instead of leaving them to fend for themselves on the city streets.

Finally: Direct Help from the Dispensaries!

By this time, you’re probably wondering why the local governments get all the glory while the good people at the corner dispensary foot the bill. The answer is simple: It’s nearly impossible for dispensaries to give money to charity. If a non-profit accepts money from this source, they risk losing their status and their ability to help those less fortunate because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. Boooo!

So instead, dispensaries volunteer their time by either providing labor as needed or organizing events that raise cash that isn’t related to cannabis at all. Here are some examples:

  • The Walking Raven helps grow fresh food for local food banks and sponsors a number events like an annual AIDS walk.
  • The Clinic is a big supporter of the yearly Colorado Pride Fest and hosts an annual golf tournament to raise money for the National MS Society.
  • Denver Relief organizes canna-businesses to help with things like wheelchair repairs, canned food drives, environmental cleanup & more.

Just think how much more they could do if they weren’t limited by outdated federal laws!

The legal cannabis trade has helped both the cannabis community and the community at large by giving back whether required by law or compelled by conscience. They’ve created thousands of jobs and made a true difference for many. Let’s hope the good vibes and compassion spread around the globe side by side with common-sense legalization. What kind of difference would it make for you?

Busting 420!


In recent years it seems as though the holiday has exploded in size, but is 420 anymore than just a number?

420 is now a term that most know. Whether you celebrate it or contest it, where did it come from?

Over the years the terms meaning has widely been questioned. Multiple theories have been put forward and the rise of social media has helped to push this into the mainstream media.
Celebrated on April 20th, 420 has been coined as an ‘unmarked national holiday’ by cannabis advocates – but how many of those really know what it means?

One of the most widely spread myths suggested that 420 was derived from a US Penal code relating to cannabis use. A little bit of research proves this to be nothing more than a myth, with the actual 420 code relating to obstructing entry on public land. No mention of cannabis there.

This isn’t the only theory thats been proved wrong. Here’s a few others:

    ‘4:20 is teatime in Holland’
    ‘Cannabis has 420 chemicals’
    ‘’Lyrics to a song’
    ‘To commemorate the death of Bob Marley’
    ‘April 20th is the best time to grow weed’

Just incase you weren’t sure… These are all false.

The true meaning of 420 allegedly comes from a group of 5 teens, nicknamed the “Waldos”, who spent their afternoons in 1971 searching for a treasured cannabis plot, meeting at precisely 4:20. Although unsuccessful in their search, the group began to use “four-twenty” not as a meeting time, but a secret code to speak about their love of cannabis.
As sayings do, “420” spread through the cannabis loving world and many others began using the phrase. One of these being popular band the Grateful Dead and subsequently their fans.

So we now know the true meaning behind the term, but 420 has become a symbol of something a lot greater than that. It is now by extension a way to identify with cannabis culture and hence its popularity today!

Legal weed in Canada?!


“While this plan challenges the status quo in many countries, we are convinced it is the best way to protect our youth while enhancing public safety.”

On April 20th 2016, Canadian Health Minister, Jane Philpott, brought the news which every Canadian expected – LEGALIZING MARIJUANA. It’s becoming more commonly accepted that weed is now necessary rather than irresponsible or radical, with 68% of the Canadian population supporting the legalization.

Canada’s plan is to introduce the legalization of marijuana for spring 2017, whilst also regulating it at the same time. The plans will empower the government to responsibly control the cannabis market, switching the power from organised criminals, to whomever the government wish. Importantly, the legalisation minimises the risks that cannabis possesses – with the highest risks typically belonging to the sale and production. “To really be tough on drugs, the government must take control of them.”

Philpott really touched the hearts of the people by talking about her personal experiences with patients battling drugs as a doctor. She spoke about witnessing people ‘suffer the devastating consequences of drugs, drug-related crime, and ill-conceived drug policy.’ Philpott argues the law will ‘ensure marijuana is kept away from children and will keep criminals from profiting from its sale’.

On the same day of this announcement, the Angus Reid Institute ran the poll which showed 68% of Canadians would like to see marijuana legalized.
The Canadian government acknowledge that ‘it’s impossible to arrest our way out’ of drug abuse which suggests what people have assumed – it costs too much financially to be arresting people possessing marijuana.
The Liberal Governments website comments on the trades underlying issues.

“Arresting and prosecuting these offenses is expensive for our criminal justice system. It traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent offenses. At the same time, the proceeds from the illegal drug trade support organized crime and greater threats to public safety, like human trafficking and hard drugs.”

This is an exciting development in the ongoing argument over cannabis. Who knows what will be next? Let us know what you think…