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Get 2 UNRELEASED Dr Krippling Seeds with Order!


An elephant never forgets, but no one’s as loyal as The Gorilla! When Dr Krippling sent him a big box of TWO UNRELEASED STRAINS, he could have kept them all for himself, but instead, he’s giving them to you.

Place a small order (at least £19.99 in seeds), enter NEW in the coupon code section of your basket and we’ll give you one each of Red Leicester Tease & Mind Can’Trol for free.

Red Leicester Tease – G13 Skunk X Cheese

Named for one of England’s most iconic cheeses, Red Leicester Tease tempts, then delivers total & utter satisfaction with stoned-to-the-bone Indica power & 500 gr/m2 yields inside after just 8 weeks of finish. Outdoors? Who knows – those tests aren’t in just yet, but we’re betting they’re gonna be whoppers!

Mind Can’Trol – G13 Skunk X Ganj of New York

By crossing his own double Diesel knockout with the legendary G13 Skunk, Dr K pimped out Ganj of New York until the results were seriously ridiculous, and “pimped out” is a direct quote from Dr Krippling himself. If you loved Gang of NY, you’re going to go crazy for Mind Can’Trol. Brush off your straight jacket & oil up that wheelchair – you’ll need both once this krippler takes hold!

More About Dr Krippling

Our weed connoisseurs at Gorilla Seeds have been enthusiastic fans of Dr. Krippling from our first taste. He’s the mad genius who brought us superstar strains like Blue Kripple, Bubba Yum Auto, Incredible Bulk Auto and Grand Heft Auto. He’s been hard at work in his mad genius labs, and now he’s ready to blow your minds out of the park with two NEW strains that won’t be formally introduced until October of this year.

If you love these two strains (and we’re sure you will) you’ll be able to order them in quantity from Gorilla Seeds starting in October. Or, if you can’t wait, you can also get more of these seeds by placing more orders, so don’t hold back!

Gorilla Seeds offers a wide range of regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds that fit every kind of need, whether your environment is indoors or out, or your hobby is large or small. Beginners can find an awesome variety of seeds that are low-profile, mold-resistant and fast flowering, while intermediates and advanced hobbyists can shop for more exotic species. Be sure to order today for the best selection – and the free preview seeds, one each, of Red Leicester Tease and Mind Can’trol from the Doctor himself.

Making Marijuana Milk: 101


Bored of the same methods of ingesting marijuana? Try making marijuana milk. Marijuana milk is not meant to be consumed alone; you can add a few tablespoons of marijuana milk to your favorite tea, coffee or pretty much anything. Or how about marijuana chocolate milk, which is becoming popular. Marijuana milk is meant to be a versatile ingredient like cannabutter or marijuana cooking oil.

Not everyone can smoke. If your lungs need a break, try marijuana milk. It’s difficult to find ways to consume marijuana that will hit you the same way that smoking does. Marijuana milk will do the trick.

Caution: It will be extremely potent. You only need 0.5 grams to feel a strong kick, so if you’re drinking it alone, add milk to dilute. In order to feel the effects of marijuana, any kind of edible must include fats or alcohols, or any kind of emulsifier, which will break down or decarboxylate the cannabinoids. This activates the THC.

Any hot drink that calls for marijuana milk, such as hot cocoa, is an ideal bedtime snack. Marijuana Milk is a perfect cure for insomnia. Milk naturally contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps induce sleep. The combination of THC and tryptophan is guaranteed to knock you out, especially if you use a pure Indica strain like Barney’s Farm Critical Kush.

What You Will Need:


  • Coffee grinder
  • Cheese cloth or coffee filter
  • Non-stick pot or a saucepan


  • 7 grams(1/4 oz) of fine cannabis
  • 2 cups or 500 ml whole milk or cream- NOT skim or low fat milk.


  1. Use your coffee grinder to grind up your cannabis to a fine consistency. The finer the cannabis, the more potent your milk will be.
  2. Bring the milk to a boil and then lower the heat to a LOW simmer. Milk will bubble over easily, so heat it up at a medium temperature. Heating milk at a medium-high temperature will cause it to burn at the bottom and/or curdle.
  3. Pour in your cannabis carefully, stirring often with a spoon or a whisk. Don’t let your precious cannabis burn at the bottom!
  4. Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour, then let cool for about five or ten minutes.
  5. Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. Some save the spent marijuana trim as a compost.
  6. Store in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Tip: Try adding whipped cream. Whipped cream contains over 50 grams of fat per serving. In this case, the more fat the better. By adding the whipped cream it will cause the THC to bond better.

Serving Suggestion

You can drink marijuana milk straight – like a shot – but be careful. Marijuana milk is very potent. Some have even gone as far as using an ice tray in the freezer to create even doses. Like any edible, wait two hours before consuming more, so you’re sure that it’s hit you. Any recipe that calls for milk can be replaced with marijuana milk. Drink it and enjoy!

What Cannabis Collectors Need to Know about Pokemon Go


The Zombie Apocalypse is old news – the world is now being overrun by marauding hordes of Pokemon Go players. Everywhere you look, you see groups of gamers, both young and old, stumbling around, eyes glued to their smartphone screen, frantically trying to capture all 151 characters, from the iconic Pikachu to the highly sought-after Charizard. Once captured, they can trained and battled at a Poke Gym for the ultimate in virtual world domination!

If you’re a small business owner, this could mean a major financial gain. The guy at my local smoke shop said his sales are up a full 40% since the game was released. Lots of new people are coming into the store in hot pursuit of a pretend monster and often buy some papers, a piece of glass or even a cold drink before they leave. Apparently, catching mythic creatures is thirsty work.

Getting kids outside & walking around is great, people are making new friends as they run into each other at Poke Stops and Poke Gyms, and small, spontaneous parties are breaking out on street corners all over North America, Australia and Europe. But, there is a downside to Pokemon Go for the canna community, especially considering this smartphone app has put more boots on the ground than LEO could ever hope for.

Poke Stops & Gyms are Only in Public Places … or Are They?

When the game was first released, you could only find Pokeman characters in public places, but even that caused problems. No one was asked whether they wanted their location to be part of the virtual playground. Some people were arrested for trespassing when they jumped fences while businesses were closed, a few people got locked in a zoo when they didn’t leave on time, and some caused major traffic accidents by trying to capture their quarry while driving down the road – still a public place.

Niantic Labs has created a new system for businesses and other public spots to opt out of the Pokemon Go game, but this same system will allow anyone to opt-in their local neighborhood, even if there aren’t any public areas around. That probably means a little more trespassing as players dash across yards and jump fences to snatch up one more imaginary beast & lock it in a Pokeball.

That’s all fine & dandy until someone peaks in the wrong window or stumbles across a flourishing backyard garden – not to mention all those remote guerrilla locations scattered about. If the players are 420-friendly, and many are, that could be cool, but if they’re not, it could be very un-cool. Take care out there!

Don’t Carry While You’re Playing Pokemon Go!

If you’re playing the game somewhere that doesn’t take kindly to lighting up, it’s probably best to leave your stash at home. Smoking out your new homies down at the local Poke Stop might make you popular, but things could go very wrong if you’re not careful, especially if you’re fond of late night/early morning searching.

At 3 AM one night not too long ago, a 40-year-old white player couldn’t sleep, so he decided to go out look for Pokemon in a local park. He was chatting with a couple younger black players who were out doing the same thing, and that looked suspicious to an officer out on patrol. He started off questioning them about a suspected drug deal, but ended up downloading Pokemon Go before he left so that he could play, too. I’m sure you could imagine how differently that could have ended if there was a certain distinctive aroma in the air.

Robbery is a distinct possibility for Pokemon Go’ers, too. Players can set virtual lures to attract more desirable characters, but other players can see those lures as well, and often come a’runnin even faster than a jacked-up Mewtwo. More than once, bad guys have set those same lures, waited for a lone player to approach, then liberated them from their cash, their stash and anything else they had on hand.

Is Pokemon Go Really Just a Way to Spy on Everyone?

Conspiracy theorists are already saying that Pokemon Go is the latest way the government could be spying on us all – or at least everyone who downloads the app (that’s over 7.5 million people so far). This time, they might be right.

To play, you have to give the app permissions to do almost anything it wants including:

  • Read your contacts & accounts
  • Access your camera
  • Full access to your Google account including your emails, documents and photos

You also have to agree to this:

” We may disclose any information about you (or your authorized child) that is in our possession or control to government or law enforcement officials or private parties.”

Finally, Niantic Labs was spun off of Google, who’s in bed with the NSA. And, Niantic was started by John Hanke who’s in bed with the CIA. That’s one orgy we’d stay far, far away from.

If you value online anonymouty more than anything else, buy your marijuana seeds with bitcoins whether you order here or somewhere else. But, if you do buy from Gorilla Seeds, we’ll give you 20% off plus 5 extra free seeds when you use cryptocurrency. That’s even sweeter than taking control of the White House Poke Gym, the most coveted location in all of Pokeland!

Why Not Play Ganjaman Go?

If you like Pokemon Go, Ganjaman Go will blow your mind! This app has been leaked & it’s lurking around the Internet, so we’re going to assume it’s a real thing. In this game, you can be Ganjaman, complete with dreds, and go out in search of weed-inspired characters like VaperPuff and GigglyHigh, but lookout for The Snitch. He’s a real bummer!

Keurig for Your Cannabis? Why Didn’t We Think of That!


Unless you went straight for the iconic Volcano, you’ve probably been disappointed in a vape, or two, or perhaps three. Why can’t anyone come up with a simple vape that actually works and doesn’t cost a bloody fortune?

Enter the CannaCloud. This pod-based device promises to make vaping as easy as getting a cup of brew out of your Keurig machine. In fact, CannaKorp recruited several former Keurig insiders to make sure they did it right, and that’s not just marketing hype.

The Keurig Connection – It’s Legit!

Instead of using these seasoned developers as mere figureheads, each one played a major role in bringing the CannaCloud to market. Dave Manly, once Keurig’s Head of Innovation, is now CannaKorp’s chairman, and he’s also brought over two former colleages: one designed all of Keurig’s coffee makers and the other was in charge of packing all those cool K-Cups.

Their strategy was simple. Take the same idea that allows all those Keurig users to get a great cup of coffee without making a mess or spending a lot of time cleaning up. Change coffee to cannabis. Repeat. That simplicity, and a well-designed product that actually works as promised, is what made Keurig worth $5 billion dollars, and now Manly plans to do the same with CannaCloud.

How Does the CannaCloud Work?

So, how does it work? Instead of grinding your weed (you have to clean the grinder eventually) and packing your bong, bowl or vape (more cleaning), you can buy your favourite strain of weed at a local dispensary in a pre-grounded, pre-packed pod (if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with legal dispensaries), pop it in your CannaCloud, turn on the device, and vape away. Sound familiar?

Just like the Keurig uses exactly the right temperature to brew a perfect cup of coffee with no scorching, the CannaCloud is pre-programmed to vape your weed to perfection, getting out all the cannabinoids without any burn. All you’ll get is vapor, with no smoke. CannaPods are made by carefully selected and monitored cannabis providers and sealed to preserve freshness and potency. They’re even promising all the variety that comes with their line of coffee – that means multiple strains including Indicas, Sativas, mixed hybrids and pure CBD for the MMJ crowd.

What About Your Own Supply?

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near a dispensary where you can pick up pre-packed weed pods, we’re betting a reusable pod, similar to the reusable K-Cups, will soon be in the works. And, if not, someone else will probably invent one & make a mint. After all, all you DIY’ers who’re buying up cannabis seeds from Big G should still be able to use the fruit of your labours in the CannaCloud too. Am I right, or am I right?

Don’t forget – if you’re in the market for some new gear, we’ll give you 20% off just for paying for your marijuana seeds with bitcoins. Plus, we’ll toss in 5 extra free seeds to seal the deal. That’s almost as good a K-Cup weed!

Would you buy a CannaCloud? Or do you prefer to inhale your cannabis the traditional way?

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoins at Gorilla Seeds!


Big G loves to indulge his inner geek and this time it’s bitcoins. He’s been playing around with cryptocurrency for the past year, but now he’s ready to get serious by convincing the entire world to buy cannabis seeds with bitcoins. Here’s why:

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoins is Fast, Cheap & Secure!

Paying with cash takes time and those posties aren’t always careful with the mail, international bank transfers are crazy expensive, and the credit card companies don’t always play nice when your payment needs to cross borders.

Bitcoins, on the other hand, crush all those problems to a pulp!

  • Bitcoin payments show up almost immediately and we apply payments every day.
  • Transaction fees for bitcoin payments are so tiny, they’re barely noticeable.
  • No one will tell you how you can spend your bitcoins & you won’t need any type of approval for an international order.
  • You can even buy bitcoins with your Paypal Debit Mastercard!

Bitcoins are So Easy to Get Monkeys Could Do It!

Trust us – if The Gorilla can figure it out, so can you. If you’ve never used bitcoins before, this is the absolute easiest way to do it:

  • Register at and buy bitcoins instantly with your debit or credit card. This will even create a wallet for you so you don’t have to do it in a separate step.
  • Pick out cannabis seeds from the Gorilla Seeds site & choose Pay by Bitcoins at checkout.
  • Copy the bitcoin address and amount from the next screen.
  • Go back to, choose send, paste in the bitcoin address and amount & hit the Send button.
  • You’re done!

You can always find our latest tips and pointers on our how to buy cannabis seeds with bitcoins page – see you there!

You Get More at Gorilla Seeds with Bitcoins!

To seal the deal, we will give you 20% off every seed in your basket PLUS give you 5 additional free brand-name seeds from breeders like Barney’s Farm, Dr Krippling, Fast Buds or Cream of the Crop. And, if you hit the equivalent of 99, shipping is free too! How great is that?

Convinced but run into an issue? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Big G is training the staff so we’ll all be bitcoin experts before he’s through – he’s not taking no for an answer.