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Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients Can Grow Their Own Legally as of 24 Aug 2016!


Thanks to Canada’s Federal Court, medical marijuana patients will be able to grow their own medicine legally starting in just a few days, but they have to register with Health Canada first.

Canada Has 3 Ways Patients Can Now Get Their MMJ!

If you’re approved to use medical marijuana in Canada, you’ll soon have three ways to legally get your meds:

  • Grow Your Own Limited Supply
  • Get Someone Else to Grow Your Meds
  • Buy from a Government-Approved Producer

The rules are simple. Register with Health Canada and they’ll give you a license to grow enough for your own purposes based on your medical needs. For example, if your doctor says you should use a gram of cannabis a day, you’ll be approved to grow two outdoor plants or five indoor plants.

If you’re not able to grow your own, you can have a designated grower. This person must not have had a drug charge in the last 10 years and can only grow for two people max.

And, if you buy your seeds or young plants from one of Canada’s authorized producers, they will also be able to sell you enough cured flowers to see you through until your own personal harvest comes in.

What Happened to Change Things?

In 2013, Canada passed a law that said MMJ patients could only get their meds from a single, government-approved producer. Growing their own meds was not an option. Four people challenged that law in court saying that it was unconstitutional because it prevented them from having affordable access to medical marijuana. On February 24th, Judge Michael Phelan agreed with their argument and struck down that law based on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Although Judge Phelan gave Canada’s federal government half a year to get their act together and form new regulations for home growing, he also said that the 28,000 MMJ patients who were already producing their own medicine under a 2014 injunction would not have to stop their activities in the meantime.

To take that thought a step further, Health Canada says they will not remove the injunction until their entire process is in place and they are confident they can handle the expected flood of applications from people who want to grow their own medical marijuana at home, so if you’re one of the luck 28K, carry on, my friend – carry on!

What Strain Will You Try?

Canada is known for a wide range of award-winning cannabis strains, but the world is your oyster if you’re starting from seed. At Gorilla Seeds, you’ll find them all including classics like White Widow, Jack Herer and Critical Mass. But, there is something to be said for the latest generation of medical-grade AutoFems that have the capability of producing an astounding amount of cannabinoids, including high THC levels, in mere weeks instead of months.

If time is of the essence, we suggest you check out Fast Buds’ incredible line of fully autoflowering seeds, and if you’re not in a hurry, let Dr Krippling write your prescription for dank with The Incredible Bulk. Plant limits won’t be a worry with that strain!

Big G Says Slash All Feminised Seeds & Advanced Female Seeds by 30%!

Gorilla Seeds 30% Off Sale Banner

We can’t give discounts like that everyday, but today – we can!

Starting at 1:00PM BST Wednesday 10th August, and lasting for exactly 24 hours, you can save 30% OFF ALL SEEDS from two of The Gorilla’s favourite breeders when you toss one of their hardcore strains in your basket, as long as you complete your order before the clock ticks down to 0.

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Here’s what you have to choose from:

Feminised Seeds

As one of the best breeders specializing in 100% feminized seeds, their company name was a no-brainer! This group of canna-geniuses works out of Spain where almost everyone is 420-friendly, even the government, and they’ve spared no effort in creating an outstanding line of both photoperiod and autoflowering genetics. Plus, they’ve even got one high-CBD medical strains if you’re in the market for some MMJ.

Here’s a few Feminised Seeds you should try:

    Chronic – Gifted with a name that’s synonymous for top-shelf weed, the dankest of the dank, the hottest of fire, this is one Skunk that never disappoints.
    Hula Haze – Inspired by Blue Dream, this is one of Feminised Seeds first Sativa-dominant strains. The Blueberry Haze flavour runs strong in this fem, and so do the hellacious head highs!
    Blue Treacle Auto – A consistent top seller at Gorilla Seeds, Blue Treacle’s candy-like flavours, fast finishes & high THC ratings are always a smart choice.

Advanced Female Seeds

Another elite Spanish breeder, Advanced Female Seeds has universal appeal even though they have a relatively small selection of beans. They use an artisan approach that focuses on constant quality improvement rather than rapid expansion, so their 100% feminized seeds only get better with each new batch. In other words, you simply can’t go wrong with this brand – especially when they’re 30% off!

Check out these Advanced Female Seeds:

    Pineapple Chunk – This one’s for all you chubby chasers out there! This feminized seed is known for both her tantalizing flavour & obesely fat, resin-drenched buds. That’s a win-win in our book!
    Automatic AK Female – Hands down, the best selling seed from the Advanced collection, this AK-47 hybrid will cure the worst of moods with strong, uplifting effects that last. Plus the citrus aroma is killer!
    CBD Mass – A mix of AFS’s best high-CBD breeding stock & Critical Mass, this medical seed delivers high therapeutic value PLUS high yields.

You won’t be able to get enough of this one!

Truth be told, there is no bad pick from these two bad-ass brands. But, this is the absolute best time to give them a try – you’ll never see savings like these again!

Get in there & get you some!

Big G & the Entire Gorilla Team

Disclaimer: The 30% discount is off the price of seeds only and does not reduce the price of shipping or stealth. If you earn free shipping by placing a large order, stealth is still a separate charge. Our stealth guarantee entitles you to one free reship if your package is lost in the mail. Like all UK seedbanks, we sell all cannabis seeds on the condition that they are legally collected. That means we prohibit any illegal use including germination & cultivation. You know the deal!

Going to the Olympics? This Is What Cannabis in Rio de Janeiro Looks Like!



Trust Twitter to show us the dirt behind any event, even the Olympic Games in Rio. To us, that looks like brick weed in shrink wrap topped off with a sticker showing the distinctive logo designed for the 2016 summer games currently going on in Brazil. “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is particularly fitting, don’t you think?

Digging a little deeper, you can purchase these small, vacuum-sealed packs if you’re brave enough to venture into some of the shadier sections of Rio, but it’s probably only a matter of time before these non-performance enhancing meds reach the Olympic Village. No sense in Michael Phelps missing out, right?

Weed is Illegal in Rio – But Cops Haven’t Been Paid in Months

Cannabis is definitely illegal in Brazil, but there’s still a pretty healthy trade going on, and no one should expect the local police to pay much attention. The government is broke after footing the bill for the Olympics and hasn’t paid the police or firemen for months, and they’re pretty mad about it. Wouldn’t you be?

Since the police say they won’t bother to protect tourists from any violence in crime-ridden Rio, it’s probably safe to say most will also overlook 420-friendly activities as long as it’s fairly discreet.

How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Rio?

As of today, a Brazilian Real is equal to .32 US dollars, so the green in those Twitter pics cost between $10 & $50. Not too bad depending on the quality. Checking the Marijuana Travels website for Brazil, the average price is $343.96 per ounce for high-quality, $124.40 for mids, and $100.27 for low. But be prepared for some price gouging – someone reported paying $900/ounce for hi-grade in Rio as recently as this past March. That’s a lot, but desperate people do desperate things.

If you do get caught, Marijuana Travels also suggests offering the cop in question some cash. Even in more prosperous times, this would usually get you off with a written warning, but now that the police have gone a few months without pay, he’d probably offer to light that joint for you.

Where to Get Marijuana in Rio?

If you don’t care about quality, just hang out on one of the beaches and keep your ears & your nose open. According to multiple reports, it’s easy enough to get. Some websites will tell you to visit a favela (basically the hood), but people who are in Rio right now say that’s the fastest way for a gringo to get shot, so we can’t recommend it.

For better quality weed and a safer hookup, take a detour to Ipanema, just south of Rio de Janeiro. The chances of finding any fire are still going to be slim, but it should be a step up from brown brick weed. The best area appears to be between Post 9 & 10 – follow your nose or look for the Yerba Mate vendors. Practically all of them deal a little weed on the side.

Not Going to Rio – No Problem!

A little DIY is always better than taking your chances with a hook-up, so plan now with some premium cannabis seeds from Big G himself. Go for the gold with the UK’s own Dr Krippling, or if you’re ready to break some records for speed, check out Fast Buds. Both are true champions!

Fancy Yourself a Canna-Foodie? Check Out this 420-Friendly Gourmet!


California voters are poised to weigh in on legalizing recreational cannabis this coming November, and 420-friendly entrepreneurs of all types are thinking up new ways to cash in as they satisfy what’s expected to be an explosive demand.

Christopher Sayegh got an early start – he opened The Herbal Chef two years ago in Los Angeles with the idea of educating diners about the many medical benefits of cannabis by guiding them through a full meal of cannabis-infused gourmet cuisine including classic Middle Eastern fare, Wagyu Japanese beef and even medicated oysters.

Until recreational cannabis is legalized in California, Sayegh’s affairs are strictly private and limited to diners with valid medical marijuana cards. The full experience costs between $300 and $500 per head and includes about 10 mg of THC and CBD divided across 5 to 15 different dishes. This immersive experience is designed to be subtle and pleasant – not to get you stoned out your mind.

Sayegh takes his guests on a smooth ride, gradually building the high over the course of the evening. Most people start to feel a little something by the third course, with practically everyone getting into the swing of things by the fifth.

Today, Sayegh personally hosts every meal after injecting each dish with concentrated oils from small syringes, similar to the ones used for RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), but he’s also creating a frozen food line in anticipation of November’s big vote. Each meal will be rich in both macro and micro nutrients plus have a dose of cannabinoids targeted towards cancer patients, diabetics or the elderly.

When will you see frozen food from The Herbal Chef in a Whole Foods or Tesco near you? Not any time soon for most of us, so you might have to start this journey on your own. Our recommendation? Start with the best ingredients from Cream of the Crop!

Cannabis Doesn’t Kill … Unless You Do This!


The UK is finding out what the US has known for years. BHO (Butane Honey Oil) is the bomb – both in sheer strength & in danger to make.

Comparatively speaking, BHO (AKA wax, dabs, shatter, …) is way more potent than dried herb, and that’s driving demand through the roof, even though it’s illegal to make or use practically everywhere – including US States that have legalized cannabis for recreational use. To put “way more potent” into numbers, dabs made from weed with 15% THC can concentrate to around 70% THC during the extract process. Who wouldn’t want to give that a try at least once?

Butane-Related Explosions are on the Rise

Apparently, there are a lot of people looking for that faster, more intense experience. So many that would-be dabbers and would-be dab dealers are overlooking the dangers of making BHO, not taking the necessary precautions, blowing up their houses, and injuring/killing people and pets in the process.

The demand for dabs in the UK is skyrocketing, increasing 10X each year, and the accident figures back that up. From 2010 through 2013, there were only 4 injuries blamed on making shatter. In 2014, 2 people died and 27 were injured.

The Glasgow Incident – 8 Injured, 2 Dead, £1 Million in Damages


On 21 March 2016, a catastrophic BHO explosion caused UK police & firefighters to issue a formal warning to people either making or considering making BHO: the danger just isn’t worth it.

Scott Peden set up what officials are calling a drug lab in his Tollcross flat in Glasgow. To be honest, that’s a gross overstatement because you only need a few simple items to make dabs, part of the reason explosions are on the rise. At some point, the BHO ignited and turned his flat into a war zone.

Both the doors and the windows were blown off as the butane exploded, 8 people were injured, a cat and a dog were killed, and it took 50 firemen more than 2 hours to extinguish the fire. In the end, over a £1 million of damage was done and Peden will be spending more than six years in prison. Worth it? That’s a good question to ask Peden, but we’re guessing, probably not.

Why Is Making BHO so Dangerous?


Butane is easy to get and it’s legal to own. If you go into a store & they sell regular lighter fluid for Zippos, they probably sell butane canisters, too. However, no one should think this heavy, highly explosive gas is safe just because it’s not hard to obtain.

When you make BHO, large amounts of this solvent pass through the cannabis under pressure, forcing the dried flowers to release their oils. These oils include almost 100% of the cannabinoids present in the herb, including the THC. And, unlike other extract methods, almost none of the solvent is left behind, so there’s little need to purge to get a pure, high-quality product.

Sounds good in theory, but there’s one little problem. Where did all that butane go?

Butane is much heavier than air, so it drops down and pools in low areas near the floor, and it can even stick to your clothes – and you’d never know it. It’s slow to move because it is so heavy, so it sticks around for a long time.

It doesn’t take a genius to know you should never smoke where you’re making BHO, but the slightest spark can ignite this gas – something as simple as flicking on a light switch, or your refrigerator turning on, can cause an entire building to go up in flames. If you can’t resist making BHO, do it outside, away from buildings, and with lots of air movement.

Do not, we repeat, do not do anything that could cause any kind of spark – something as slight as striking the right kind of rock with metal could be enough to make things go BOOM!

Instead of taking your life in your hands, not to mention the lives of others, why not go the safe route & stick with a high-THC strain like Pyramid’s Tutankhamon? Experience & conditions matter, of course, but this incredible AK-47 pheno has the potential to exceed 30% THC as proven by independent testing at Spannabis. Why would you need more?