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Breeder Profile: G13 Labs


That gas mask isn’t some weird sex fetish thing, even though the G13 Labs Agent who’s wearing it is smokin’ hot! That, my friend, is a testimony to the extreme strength & pungency that comes with each & every strain that is bred by the notorious G13 Labs!

Never heard of the G13 Labs Seed Company? That means they’re doing their job! This crew got its start back in the late 1980s in the UK as an underground movement. The original “Agent” kept things totally hush-hush; you had to be in-the-know & have a trusted hook-up to get your hands on any of these high-quality beans.

  • Fast & Productive – High Yielding
  • Unique Flavours & Aromas – Intense!
  • Home of the One & Only Pineapple Express
  • All 100% Feminized, Many Fully Autoflowering
  • Get 20% Off for Paying with Bitcoins!

Eventually, more agents joined up to form a collective & G13 Labs moved to Amsterdam where great breeding isn’t just tolerated – it’s encouraged! There, the G13 Labs team were able to network with other breeders, expand their gene pool, and finally create an entire line of premium cannabis seeds that they could share with the world.

Today, G13 Labs is one of the brands we recommend most at Gorilla Seeds! The quality is consistently there, results are reliable and exactly as described, and these marijuana seeds always satisfy even our most difficult and demanding clientele – you know who you are!

Check out these Underground Strains by G13 Labs!

Pineapple Express – The Most Highly Sought-After Strain at G13 Labs!

So good it inspired one of the most beloved stoner flics of all times, Pineapple Express deserves a place of honour in every cannabis seed fan’s collection. She might sound like an Auto, and there are some Pineapple Express Autos out there, but this one is all photoperiod, so you’re in absolute control of this high-performance monster at all times. Pineapple Express is a true knockout that finishes so fast she’ll make your head spin with intense highs, the biggest yields at G13 Labs, and strong, distinctive flavours & aromas. This one is a Skunk for the ages!

  • Fast Finishes – High Yields
  • Strong Lemon & Mixed Fruit Flavour

Revv It Up with Diesel Auto!

It’s hard to improve on original NYC Diesel, but G13 Labs pulled it off! Their Diesel Auto Seeds pulls from the infamous Chem Dawg line for unbelievably fast finishes from seed paired with a strong but functional high that’s mild enough for the workday. The flavour is outstanding – layers of lime, mandarin and lemon topped off with as full shot of heavy Diesel fuel. Best of all, these ladies give it up big time inside or out!

  • Very Easy – Great for First Timers
  • High Resistance to Mould & Fungus

Once You Go Double Black, You’ll Never Go Back!

If you’re looking for a true medicinal Indica, you can’t go wrong with G13 Labs’ Double Black! This is a super-potent Black Domina 98 back-cross with cash-cropping potential. The aroma is incredibly sweet, and a bit intoxicating on its own, but just wait until you get a load of the big, sparkling crystals. Clearly visible to the naked eye, you won’t need a scope to see these beauties. We’ll just say that extracts will not be a problem!

  • Original Black Domina 98 Genetics
  • Highly Resinous, Indica Dominant, Medical Grade

Buy Your Genuine G13 Labs Seeds Today – You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Sign 6-Year Old Ava Barry’s Petition & Help Her Get CBD Oil for Her Seizures!


A few years ago, Charlotte Figi became an international news sensation & one of the biggest reasons ever found to legalize medical marijuana. She’s the American child with intractable seizures who found little to no relief until she was treated with oils made from a unique, high-CBD strain that was eventually named Charlotte’s Web in her honour.

After hearing the evidence & watching the videos, you’d think it would be a no-brainer to at least let kids with severe forms of epilepsy have this safe, life-changing medicine. It happened some places, but sadly, not every parent can legally help their child with this treatment option – yet.

Ava Barry of Cork, Ireland – The Latest Child Denied CBD Oil for Seizures

The latest family to take on this battle lives in County Cork, Ireland. Vera Twomey and Paul Barry have a six-year-old daughter named Ava. Ava is a real cutie with blond locks, sparkling eyes and an infectious smile. Ava also has Dravet syndrome, one of the rarest forms of epilepsy, and it’s resistant to current pharmaceutical drugs. Ava has 100 or more seizures a day, many are violent, she misses a few days of school almost every week, and she ends up in the hospital – a lot.

Do Your Part – Sign the Barry’s Petition!

Naturally, the Barry family would like to try the same oils that Charlotte Figi was able to use to see if their child would have the same miraculous results. Wouldn’t you if it was your child? They’ve created on online petition to push Ireland to legalize & plan to send it to Health Minister Simon Harris. Please sign it if you have a spare moment.

Ava’s mother Vera did get a chance to meet with Simon Harris this past June. She felt that he was truly interested in helping Ava, but when asked, Harris told a reporter that he “has no role in the process of authorizing medical products.” It would seem his hands are tied. In Europe and Ireland, all drugs, including cannabis, must go through a rigorous testing and approval process before they can be approved for use. This would have to happen even if legalization moves forward.

Ireland will be considering a bill to legalize medical marijuana for certain patients with illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis and severe seizure disorders this July. Presenting a petition with a long list of signatures in the meantime could be the very thing that pushes the vote past the tipping point for real, meaningful change for children like Ava.

Meanwhile In Florida, CBD Oil Will Be Available Late September

Full use of medical marijuana is on the ballot in Florida for November 2016, but some Florida residents will be able to get high-CBD/low-THC oils made from a strain called Haleigh’s Hope legally in late September – they’re scheduled to be available 24 September to be exact.

Only a select few will be able to get the oil. It’s only available at Modern Health Concepts located in Miami-Dade County and patients must be on the Florida State Compassionate Use Registry.

SuperCBDx – High CBD/Low THC Cannabis Seeds are now Available at Gorilla Seeds!

With so many people in dire need of strains with extremely high CBD and practically no THC, we’re proud to offer cannabis seeds from the SuperCBDx Seed Company. This is the first line of seeds we’ve been able to get our hands on that offers stable, consistent results with very little phenotype variation.

The SuperCBDx strain is a true breakthrough with average CBD levels around 17% and THC levels that stay below 1% for practically no psychoactivity. According to the company, that’s 200% more CBD than hemp contains and 50% more than any other commercially available weed seed.

At this time, SuperCBDX is selling a wide range of crosses that include their signature strain, but so far, they’re holding their breeding stock as a closely guarded trade secret to prevent piracy and theft. Until Big G can talk them out of it, we are adding their hybrids to our site as fast as we can. Our fave so far? Blueberry Headband X SCBDX! We also have a wide range of other high-CBD strains from the likes of CBD Crew, Dutch Passion and DinaFem Seeds. Check ’em out!

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Strain Review: Swiss Skunk, Coming Soon!


Big G’s at it again, and this time he’s working overtime to be the first to bring you Swiss Skunk by the Feminised Seed Company. Like most old-school stoners, he likes super potent filter-busters better than any other type of cannabis seeds, and this one promises to be a real stink-bomb. Check it out!

Swiss Skunk Seeds are 100% feminized with stable genetics that go all the way back to the day when Skunk set the standard for grade-A smoke. You know what we’re talking about – that peculiar, instantly recognizable, sweet stench that makes you want to bury your nose in the bag for hours. That, my friend, cannot be faked!

  • Classic Aroma – Instantly Recognizable!
  • Old-School with Upgraded Potency – High THC
  • Full-Flavoured with Extra-Thick Resin
  • High Yields – A True Super Producer

Pungency aside, Swiss Skunk Feminized Seeds are a great choice regardless of your experience level. These ladies yield big time even if you make a few mistakes, and the THC levels are off the chain. This is strong medicine that’s not intended for the weak or the squeamish! And, as always with The Gorilla & Feminised Seeds, you’ll get top quality for your hard-earned change.

Feminised Seeds’ Swiss Skunk Strain may seem a little familiar to those of you who’ve tried this brand’s incredibly popular Super Cheese Seeds in the past. Swiss Skunk is a new remix that includes those genetics plus something extra special that the breeder’s holding tight to the vest for the moment. When we know more, you’ll be the first to know!

Keep an Eye Out – Swiss Skunk Will be Here Soon!

NB: Here’s a few tips from the Big Hairy One himself. Buy your cannabis seeds with bitcoins & get 20% off plus a free 5-pack as our thank you for using cryptocurrency. And, make sure that you keep those beans dry & safely in their packs. Germination is illegal in the UK & that’s the rules we have to play by. All marijuana seeds are sold strictly for collection or souvenir purposes.

Breeder Profile: Humboldt Seeds


Last time, we talked about how much we like Blue Dream. Now, let’s talk about the breeder responsible for that incredibly popular strain, Humboldt Seeds.

Humboldt Seeds is based in Northern California in the Emerald Triangle, just about the most perfect place on Earth to breed high-quality cannabis seeds. Unlike most American breeders, Humboldt specializes in 100% feminized seeds, and through meticulous R&D, they’ve perfected their technique, delivering even better stability than many of their European competitors.

We can’t knock Humboldt’s quality, and their genetics are second to none, but one of our favourite things about this breeder is their packaging. While many seed companies simply put their brand on card stock and insert it in a ziplock bag with the seeds, Humboldt takes it to the next level with packaging that’s practically destruction proof.

To make sure no customer ever receives crushed seeds, Humboldt Seeds puts their gear in clear tubes, then puts each tube inside a solid piece of wood with the branding and strain name burnt into the front, and the seed description on the back. If they can put that much effort into the packaging, can you imagine how much work goes into the actual seeds?

As mentioned above, Blue Dream is our favourite Humboldt Seed, but they have an extensive collection of other cannabis seed varieties if this one doesn’t float your boat. Here’s some of what we have now, but keep an eye out – we’re adding new Humboldt strains every single week!

Green Crack – Humboldt’s Second Most Highly Demanded Strain

Practically addicting, Green Crack is a high-yielding mixed hybrid that’s a popular cash-cropper on the West Coast. She’s a favourite with none other than Snoop Dogg who coined the name, and that should come as no surprise thanks to a powerful, uplifting high that lasts for hours. The taste is full-bodied with layer upon layer of fruit flavours – mango, pineapple and citrus with just a touch of cedar.

  • Golf-ball Sized Buds – Hard as Rocks!
  • Fast & Resistant to Mould

Blueberry Headband – 8 Elbows Per, No Joke!

It’s nearly impossible to find pure Headband these days, but Blueberry Headband does not disappoint! Outdoors, this monster can get huge, well over 13 feet tall, with yields to match. Up to 141 oz/seed is totally possible with this 707 Headband X Blueberry cross. If you’ve got an unrelenting appetite for top-shelf herb, this is the 100% feminized seed for you!

  • Super Potent – Up to 23% THC
  • 68 Days or Less Finish – Indoors

Mango Sapphire – The Name Alone Won Us Over!

This is another high-yielder with up to 23% THC from Humboldt Seeds, but Mango Sapphire has one thing the other strains by this NoCal breeder doesn’t have – an insanely fast 48-day finish. If your math skills are lacking, that’s 1 day short of 7 weeks. The smell is sweet & fruity, but the flavour is extra special – filled with notes of coconut, mango & sour citrus. Delish!

  • 85% Indica, 15% Sativa
  • Up to 15 oz/yd2

Don’t forget that cryptocurrency is Big G’s preferred payment method. That means if you pay for your marijuana seeds with bitcoins, whether they’re from Humboldt Seeds or any of our other fine breeders, you’ll save 20% and get 5 bonus freebies for a limited time. Don’t miss out on that deal!

Strain Review: Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream


If you’re looking for top-rated genetics with big yields and perfect bud formation, you have to check out Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream!

This Blueberry X Haze cross is a Sativa-dominant blend that’s been a favourite with commercial producers on the West Coast for years, but the consistent results, easy trims and delightful berry/citrus aroma have been winning over DIYers ever since Humboldt released their own version of this American classic. And, it’s always a best seller here at Gorilla Seeds.

  • Blueberry X Haze
  • 18% THC – Sativa Dominant
  • Tangy Fruit Flavour & Aroma

Indoors, these 100% feminized seeds stay will within a medium height range with a strong, sturdy structure that looks strong enough to hold any amount of weight, but don’t let that fool you. Soon after going to 12/12, fat, rounded buds will start to form at every available node, and they will be deceptively heavy for their size. Stake these resin-drenched beauties early or watch closely for the first sign of leaning.

Fans are crisp, thick and dark green from the start to the finish, so there’s not much of a visible fade as the 9-week finish winds down. Trust your instincts or your scope, but don’t wait for yellowing, because it may not happen. Because the leaf to bud ratio is really low and the flowers are huge from top to bottom, Humboldt’s Blue Dream Strain is incredibly fast to trim – and that alone makes it a winner with us!

Even after the cure, Blue Dream keeps her shimmery blue/green tint with a truly startling amount of visible crystals topped off by a concentrated berry aroma that gives these buds maximum bag appeal. The high? Top rate! The unmistakable head buzz is virtually instant and lasts for hours, then eases into a cozy body-hugging stone that makes this weed seed a real crowd pleaser.

Gorilla Seeds is proud to offer Blue Dream Feminized Seeds in 3, 5 & 10 pack sizes with prices to fit every budget, but you can get them even cheaper if you pay for your new cannabis seeds with bitcoins. For a limited time, we’ll give you 20% off the price of your beans plus 5 bonus freebies for paying with cryptocurrency. How can you beat that?

The Research Is In – Cannabis Gives Men More Pain Relief than Women!


It’s not fair, but researchers have confirmed that men get more pain relief from medical marijuana than women – even if women get just as high.

To find out if there was a gender-based difference in pain relief from MMJ, a research team at the Columbia University Medical Center conducted two separate double-blind studies involving 42 recreational cannabis users. Each person was given the same amount of either cannabis or a placebo, then told to place their hand in ice-cold water until they could no longer handle the pain.

Men Had Significant Decreases in Pain Sensitivity After Smoking Cannabis

Men who smoked cannabis showed significant decreases in pain sensitivity and increases in pain tolerance compared to all other participants. Women who smoked cannabis had no detectible changes in pain sensitivity, but they did have a slight increase in pain tolerance.

Curiously, the women who smoked cannabis in the study said they had roughly the same amount of enjoyment and intoxication as the men.

An Important Step Towards Targeted Medical Marijuana Treatment Options

As we all know, different people react differently to cannabis, even when smoking the exact same strain, from the exact same bag, just like when you take traditional prescription medicine. Researchers were quick to point out that additional studies are needed to learn more about how men and women react differently to cannabis, but this is an important step to learning how to help patients who are searching for a targeted medical marijuana solution to treat their pain or other health problems find the right strain and dosage.

In CUMC’s Ziva Cooper, Ph.D.’s own words, “This study underscores the importance of including both men and women in clinical trials aimed at understanding the potential therapeutic and negative effects of cannabis, particularly as more people use cannabinoid products for recreational or medical purposes.”

The Best Strains for Pain Relief Include ….

While we’re waiting for more studies, patients where marijuana use is legal can look to strains that have helped others relieve their pain when choosing their medicine. Afghan Kush, White Widow and Jack Herer have been top picks for years due to their strong analgesic properties, but new hybrids like Narcotherapy Auto are gaining ground because they make it fast and easy for home growers to produce their own flowers.

If the current research holds, maybe the next step in breeding will be to create new types of cannabis that are genetically geared towards a specific sex. Do you think gender-based strains could be the future of medical marijuana?