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Big G’s Halloween Blow Out




This ain’t no trick – Big G is treating to you some SWEET seeds this Halloween if you’re up for it.

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Feminised Seeds – 3 X Easy Kush


Why work hard when you can have it Easy? This 100% feminized seed is the simplest, most trouble-free gear we sell at Gorilla Seeds, bar none, but there’s nothing junior league about their power. These crystal-coated beauties are bursting with THC!

Extra Hardy & Pest Resistant
High Yielding with Early Finishes


Sweet Seeds – 3 X Cream 47


Sweet Seeds went all out with this Cream Caramel X AK-47 cross. Not only will the power knock you for a loop, the sweet, candy-like flavour and aroma will tempt, tantalize and tease until you think you can’t take it anymore. But trust us – you’ll be back for more!

Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside
Balanced – 50% Indica, 50% Sativa


It’s always 4:20 somewhere,

Gorilla Seeds and Associates

Premium Seeds Marked Down by 40% Starting Tomorrow


Tick, Tick, Tick …. That’s the sound of Big G’s watch counting down the seconds to his next Flash Sale! In mere hours, you’ll be able to pick up some of the best brand-name cannabis seeds in our shop for pence on the pounds, or pennies on the dollar!

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The World’s Most Expensive Weed – Would You Buy It?


It’s no secret that top-rated genetics don’t come cheap, especially if they bear a name that’s tied to a highly sought-after strain like Girl Scout Cookies or Gorilla Glue, but what exactly is the most expensive weed? Some will surprise you, and some won’t, so let’s take a look:

Isla OG – Rap-Star Weed!

OG Kush was once rumored to be the only choice for rappers and the Hollywood elite, but rap-star 2 Chainz made a new pheno called Isla OG even more popular when he mentioned it on his signature TV show, Most Expensivest Shit, then proceeded to smoke a blunt he rolled with 24K gold paper. This weed is sold an eighth at a time, in a can, and costs $28.57/gram – or a whopping $800 an ounce. Is it really better than OG Kush? You’d have to pay a high price to find out!

The Oracle – An AC/DC Remix!

We don’t understand this one at all. The Oracle is supposed to be an AC/DC pheno, but it’s reported to contain 45% THC. However, AC/DC is a Cannatonic phenotype, and both those strains usually have an even 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Either way, someone out there is paying $200/seed or $1000/clone. For those prices, it better be good!

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Weed is in Legal States!

According to, the cheapest smoke can be found on the West Coast, in or arround states that have had 420-friendly laws for a long time. Florida and Canada have some bargain prices, too. The Midwest and most of the East Coast have midrange prices, but the most expensive weed in the US can be found in Washington, DC, a 10-square-mile independent district where it is legal to buy, sell, smoke and grow marijuana. Dank weed in the nation’s capital averages a little over $550/ounce with a high of $1000/ounce – more than Isla OG! In Europe, it’s most expensive in Ireland ($421/ounce) and Turkey ($439/ounce). France had the best prices at just under $192/ounce.


How About These Medibles? Expensive, But Worth a Try!

If you’re a Nutella or Jif lover, you’ll instantly recognize the labels on Chrontella and Pif. These spreadible medibles are extremely popular right now & make morning medication as easy as buttering your choice of baked goods. The cost? A modest $23 per 300 mg jar, about 3 servings, making this much more affordable than some of the flowers on this list. These products are only available in Canada, but if you’re in the area and also buy the Cannavis Company’s Smoker’s Jam, you’re in for one super-potent PB&J!

Cannabis Caviar AKA Fruity Pebbles AKA Moonrocks – What’s This All About?

First there were flowers. Then there was hash. Next came dabs. Now, it’s cannabis caviar, or moon rocks. This hybrid product involves taking a bud, soaking it in hash oil, then rolling it in pure kief. This super-potent combo is not for the newbie, it’s surprisingly attractive either whole or broken in half, and it will, without a doubt, light you up like a nuclear Christmas tree. In fact, it’s reputed to be the most powerful way to enjoy your weed with combined THC ratings of 56% & up. The cost? If you’re not handy enough to make your own, this specialty item will cost you about $30/gram in West Coast dispensaries.

Why Spend More When You Can Spend Less?

As long as Big G has your back, you’ve got options! Skip those crazy-expensive products & go DIY with OG Kush seeds by the Feminized Seed Company, Gorilla Glue Auto by Fast Buds or Cookies Kush by Barney’s Farm. These premium genetics might sound a little pricey at first, but they’re a real bargain once you do the math. Plus, for a limited time, Gorilla Seeds is handing out big discounts with bitcoin payments. There’s just no end to the savings when you shop here!

What’s the most embarrassing amount you’ve ever paid for weed?

Breeder Profile: Big Buddha Seeds, The Undisputed Master of Cheese!


This is another breeder that some people love to hate, but you have to give the fat man credit where credit is due. He knows his seeds! Big Buddha Seeds has used UK/Exodus Cheese as the cornerstone of their awesome line of genetics, and they’ve even trademarked a few Cheese-related names, but his beans are pretty hard to beat. They consistently deliver on every promise this breeder makes, and their freshness, quality and stability are second to none.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

The man behind the Big Buddha legend is none other than Milo. He grew up in the Midlands area of the UK, started toking at 14, then started growing weed as a lark when he was 15 with a single outdoor plant. He didn’t do much more for the next few years, but then Milo discovered the joys of indoor cultivation and Cheese! To avoid what appeared to be inevitable trouble with the law of the land in the UK, he moved to Spain to further hone his skills and the rest is weed history!

Now, many years and pounds later, Big Buddha Seeds is practically a UK institution with a catalog that’s mostly filled with high-performance Cheese blends. However, this crew does have a few marijuana seeds that are safe for all you lactose-intolerant stoners out there like The Kali, Buddha Kush OG and Buddha Haze.

So, what’s hot at Big Buddha Seeds? Let’s take a look!

Blue Cheese – Blueberry & Cheese in Just the Right Combination!

This Blueberry X Cheese hybrid is an oldie but a goodie! Year after year, Blue Cheese Seeds top our sales charts for this brand thanks to reliably high yields, a mouthwatering flavour and aroma, and a high without compare. She’s not quite Blueberry and she’s not quite Cheese. Instead, this 100% feminized seed married the best traits from both legendary parents to create something totally new, surprisingly unique and practically addicting. This one’s a must-have!

  • 25% Blueberry, 75% Cheese, Massive Yields
  • Functional Highs – Up & Happy

King Kong – Gorilla Glue Flavour & Goo, Cheese Bulk & Power!

Dubbed the 8th Wonder of the Weed World, King Kong is Big Buddha’s take on the infamous and elusive Gorilla Glue strain. Until now, you had to have the right connections to get a cut of this impressive American blend, but Big Buddha changed all that. He got his own greedy mitts on an original clone, then crossed it with White Widow and Big Buddha Cheese reversed to take a nearly perfect hybrid and make it even better.

  • Powerful Highs, Electrifying Sour Fruit Tang
  • Incredible Yields, Impressive Quality

Cheese X Cheese Reversed – Because You Can Never Have Enough Cheese!

Meet the winner for Best Indica at the 19th Cannabis Cup! Big Buddha really outdid himself this time with the purest Cheese strain he’s ever created. The mother, and original Exodus Cheese clone, paired perfectly with the father, an Original Big Buddha Cheese clone reversed, for old-school pungency, new-school power and a clear, ceiling-free high that defies any type of matriculation. This one is the big mama of Cheese strains!

  • 7 Full Years of Breeding & Testing Went Into Cheese X Cheese Reversed!
  • 100% Feminized, Very Stable, Sooooo Good!

Cheese Dawg – You Gotta Love This One!

With Cheese Dawg, the UK’s favourite Cheese strain got together with America’s much beloved Chemdawg 91 for a delectable pairing that was made in weed heaven. Both have an extremely strong stench that’ll run you out of the room, both wet and dried. It gives this bud plenty of bag appeal, but it does absolutely nothing for stealth. This is prime gear, my friend, so if you have the odour control, we have the seeds. Let’s get it on!

  • Indica Dominant for Super Stones!
  • Chemmy & Dank on Top with Cheese on the Bottom!

Get Your Cheese On with Big Buddha Seeds – Buy Yours at Gorilla Seeds Today!

Strain Review: Automatic AK Female


Based on AK-47, the original one-hit wonder, Automatic AK Female is one AutoFem that always satisfies. She stays very true to her world-famous mother, a proven strain that’s highly sought-after for both her immense power & high quality ratings. The only thing that’s changed with this AutoFem is the speed. At just 9 to 10 weeks from seed, Auto AK Female isn’t literally as fast as a speeding bullet, but she’s pretty d*mn close!

The taste and aroma alone are enough to let you know you’ve got your hands on authentic AK-47 stock! She’s got a rich, citrus fragrance that brightens during the cure until her flowers smell almost exactly like someone just peeled a perfectly ripe orange. The taste is just as tempting – crisp citrus with a burst of sweetness. Even if this wasn’t one of the most potent AutoFems on the market today, we’d recommend Automatic AK Female Seeds on these traits alone!

  • Automatic AK Female Finishes in 9 to 10 Weeks from Seed
  • Tempting Orange Flavour & Aroma – Crisp, Clear & Well Defined
  • Ceiling Free Highs Paired with Subtle Physical Relaxation
  • Top Quality Feminized Seeds Available in 1, 3, 5, & 10 Packs!

Flavour and smell are important, but they’re not nearly as critical as raw power and raging effects. The Auto AK Female strain does not disappoint! She’s brimming with THC and packed to the bursting point with crystals. Within seconds, you’ll be one happy chappy as your spirits lift, your mind expands and your mood soars. Then, just when you think you can’t take it anymore, she settles down into a peaceful buzz with just the right amount of body-hugging, physical relaxation.

Lastly, let’s talk about bag appeal. Automatic AK Female has a nice yield made up of fairly dense, medium-sized buds that feel very heavy for their size due to an abundant amount of resin. When cured properly, these flowers still glisten and shine whenever light hits the visible crystals, and they’ll still be sticky to the touch. Colours vary from lime green to olive with flashes of gold and plenty of long, burnt-orange pistils. Beautiful!

Don’t Delay – Pick Up Your Own Pack of Automatic AK Female Seeds!

NB: Automatic AK Female is smoking hot, but at Gorilla Seeds, you’ll get these beans at prices that won’t burn your wallet, especially if you pay for your new cannabis seeds with bitcoins. Big discounts await!

Strain Review: Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese


Barney’s Farm is one of the most popular breeders at Gorilla Seeds, and if Blue Cheese isn’t our best selling strain, it’s close to the top. With this 80% Indica, Original Cheese melts perfectly into a softly scented Blueberry Skunk to give couchlock fans absolutely everything they could ask for in a high-quality, 100% feminized seed!

The name begs us to talk about the flavour and the aroma, so let’s start there. The taste is predominantly aged Cheese, but the sharp, savory flavour is tempered by the sweet, delicate, but unmistakable fruitiness of Original Blueberry, a DJ Short fan favourite. Tempting!

  • Blue Cheese Finishes in 54-67 Days!
  • Beginner Friendly with Big Yields
  • Super Potent – 23% THC!

The stash-busting yields are the next best thing about Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese. The stats say 650 gr/m2, but that doesn’t even come close to painting the whole picture! If these ladies are allowed all the time they need to fully develop before a forced bloom, they’ll quickly form multiple baby-arm colas and easily pull in a whopping 150+ grams each. We can tell you all about it, but it’s impossible to even imagine until you see this Blue Cheese for yourself!

The high? Totally relaxing, nearly all physical, and truly delightful! Try Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds just once & you’ll be hooked!

Why Wait? Pony Up & Buy Your Own Pack of Blue Cheese Seeds!

NB: Want to save big on Barney’s Blue Cheese? Big G does have the best prices in town, but for right now, he’s also handing out automatic 20% discounts whenever you pay for your new cannabis seeds with bitcoins. That’s a deal you simply can’t pass up!

Breeder Profile: Critical Mass Collective – Genetics of Mass Production!


Whether you’re a Critical Mass fan or you simply want the biggest yields of the dankest buds around, Critical Mass Collective should be your new go-to breeder. CMC hasn’t been around for long. In fact, they just released their second wave of strains, and they look fantastic! But you won’t find better beans anywhere, no matter how hard you try!

All Critical Mass Collective strains are based on Monster Mass, a highly refined hybrid created by crossing an outstanding Critical Mass with an equally impressive Crtical+. CMC uses a team-effort model of breeding by including the most insane Critical Mass fans in every project for inspiration, genetic input and for the most rigorous testing program anyone has ever designed.

When you buy a pack of Critical Mass Collective cannabis seeds, you can rest easy knowing that all Critical Mass Collective marijuana seeds are:

  • Bred organically and hand selected
  • Propagated in small batches for freshness
  • Stored in temperature/humidity controlled vaults
  • Packed in sterile, protective vials

Here’s something pretty cool about Critical Mass Collective – When your pack of cannabis seeds arrives, take a close look. Each one has a unique serial number that will let CMC trace your seeds back to the original batch in the unlikely event you have any problems. That, my friend, is a sign that these guys really care about you and want you to get the absolute best result from every Critical Mass Collective seed you buy!

So, now that you’re sold on Critical Mass Collective, the breeder, let’s see if we can sell you on some CMC seeds. Here’s what’s good at Gorilla right now, and we’ll soon have even more!

Monster Mass – The One, The Only, The Original

Monster Mass is the one that got the ball rolling for Critical Mass Collective, and it’s still the most requested strain from their impressive lineup because of both her bulk and her speed. Think you can pass up a premium feminized seed that can yield up to 800 gr/m2 indoors after as little as 45 days? We think not!

  • Select Critical Mass X Select Critical+
  • Up to 900 gr/seed Outdoors, by Mid Sept!
  • Very Potent – 18 to 20% THC

Purple Skunk Mass – A Triple Threat that’s Hard to Beat!

This one’s got it all! Lavender’s lovely colours and aroma, Afghani Skunk’s unrelenting power and Monster Mass’s copious yields. Purple Skunk Mass is a branchy beauty with tons of nodes to hold big, fat buds that literally ooze with resin and a sweet grape stench. Why settle for less when you can have more, more, more!

  • Up to 700 gr/m2 Inside with a 55 to 60 Day Finish
  • Outdoors, 850 gr/seed by Late September
  • More Power for the Slight Wait – 20 to 22% THC!

Auto Masszar – 65 Days from Seed!

You didn’t think the thoughtful crew at CMC would forget about all you autoflowering fans, did you? With a Critical Mass Collective Autoflowering Strain you get power, bulk & beauty in way less time. Our favourite has to be Auto Masszar, a short, 65-dayer with 550 gr/m2 yields, 19% THC, plenty of resin and a Skunk funk that won’t let you down!

  • Taste: Hash, Vanilla, Orange Zest, Coffee & Pungent Skunk
  • Colour: Emerald Green with Turquoise Flecks
  • Effect: Instantly Euphoric & Happy with Strong Physical Relaxation

No matter what Critical Mass Collective strain you choose, buy your beans at Gorilla Seeds! Big G has your back with great prices to start and major discounts to finish, especially if you buy your cannabis seeds with bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is definitely the way to go!

Go for Maximum Results with Critical Mass Collective – Buy Your Seeds Now!

Has Legal Marijuana Made Any Real Changes in 420-Friendly States?


In 2012, Colorado & Washington State legalized recreational cannabis use for adults, followed closely by Oregon & Alaska in 2014, and the internet & more traditional media went into a feeding frenzy. Everyone speculated on what this would mean for those states, for the US as a whole, and, perhaps, for the rest of the world.

Smokers who lived in decidedly illegal areas of the world watched closely. Would success mean that legal weed without a medical card could soon be coming to a corner shop near them? We could all only hope!

Advocates of legalization claimed that making marijuana legal for all adults and even allowing people to grow their own would solve all kinds of problems. In addition to eliminating a nanny-state view on herb and allowing anyone over 21 to think for themselves, their pros included decreasing crime, increasing tax revenue and economic growth, improving public health and decreasing traffic problems.

Of course, critics said almost the reverse would happen. Naysayers predicted even more crime, an economic downfall as undisciplined smokers chose weed over work, increased health problems including addiction, and more traffic fatalities due to impaired drivers.

Recreational weed has only been legal for four years in Colorado & Washington and two years in Alaska & Oregon, so the stats that we looked at may not be final, but so far, neither side was completely right. It looks like legalization didn’t really have much of an effect at all – other than Colorado’s epic tax revenues.

Eleven more states will be voting to legalize recreational cannabis in November 2011, so this is a great time to take a closer look at exactly what happened.

The History of Legal Weed in the US

Did you know that marijuana was legal in every single state and on a federal level in the US until 1913? Ironically, California was the first to outlaw herb in 1913, followed closely by Utah in 1914. By 1930, 30 states had made this natural plant illegal, but the federal government had not yet had their say.

In 1937, the federal government put an excise tax on pot that basically made it illegal because no one would be able to afford a legal product. Then, in 1956, the feds quit farting around and made it illegal, in all 50 states, without exceptions. To make things even more confusing, individual states started to back off and decriminalize cannabis starting in 1973.

Confused yet?

The Legalization Timeline in Four States

Now, let’s take a look at what happened by year in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Then see if you notice the same thing we did. There were no major changes in anything important at or after legalization for one simple reason: the people who were going to smoke weed had been smoking it all along.


  • 1975 – decriminalized possession of under an ounce
  • 2000 – legalized medical marijuana
  • 2009 – 41,000 licensed patients and 900 dispensaries
  • 2012 – legalized recreational cannabis for 21+
  • 2014 – first recreational dispensaries opened their doors


  • 1971 – decriminalized possession of under 40 grams
  • 1998 – legalized medical marijuana
  • 2009 – 35,500 patients with prescriptions & hundreds of dispensaries
  • 2012 – legalized recreational cannabis for 21+
  • 2014 – first recreational dispensaries opened their doors


  • 1993 – decriminalized possession of under an ounce
  • 1998 – legalized medical marijuana
  • 2014 – legalized recreational cannabis for 21+
  • 2016 – 67,000 registered medical users & 426 dispensaries


  • 1972 – a court ruling said that home use of marijuana was constitutional
  • 1975 – decriminalized up to an ounce in public or any amount in your home
  • 1982 – eliminated the $100 fine for less than an ounce in public
  • 1990 – criminalized all marijuana possession, even in your own home
  • 1998 – legalized medical marijuana
  • 2014 – legalized recreational cannabis for 21+

In almost every case, the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana included sensible provisions that allowed residents to grow small numbers of marijuana plants for personal use. To stay legal but still have enough cured bud, many home growers try to maximize yield per plant so that they don’t exceed these arbitrary limits.

What Changed with Legalization?

As we hinted at before, not much. Let’s take a quick look at each hotly debated category:

Alcohol & Drug Use – No Significant Changes

In all four states, marijuana use was already showing a slight upward trend before 2009 that continued through 2012 with only minor differences between the four states. Cocaine, on the other hand, showed a slight decrease in use. In Colorado and Alaska, there was no measurable change in how many minors smoked pot. Youth usage numbers were not available for Washington or Oregon.

Marijuana Prices – Holding Steady

There was a big worry that legal weed would make the price drop like a rock, but it hasn’t. The fear was that cheap prices would encourage out-of-control pot smoking and diversion into the black market as would-be dealers came to legal areas to buy then travel to bordering states to sell. That has not happened.

Prices declined slightly leading up to legalization but have held steady since. Top quality buds average about $230 an ounce with mids selling at $200. In Oregon, prices actually went up slightly after cannabis became legal.

Health Problems & Suicide Rates – Not Much Change Here

Unfortunately, suicide rates have been slowly climbing in all four states since 1999, but there was no noticeable change in that increase either way since the new laws were passed. On a more positive note, hospitalizations for cannabis and alcohol use have dropped since legalization after a very short increase as everyone celebrated victory. Some, obviously, celebrated a little too much.

Crime Rates – Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Advocates of legalization felt that eliminating illegal drug activity would drastically reduce crime rates. Critics warned that people would get high and do all kinds of things. Neither were correct.

In Denver, both violent crimes and crimes against property have been fairly constant since 2009 with no big upticks or decreases for any reason. In Seattle, crime rates have been dropping little by little since 1996 with only a slight uptick with legalization in 2014. Since then, they have dropped again and nothing got out of hand when cannabis shops opened a year later. It’s just more of the same old, same old in Oregon & Washington.

If you add in traffic accidents and fatalities, there were no big changes in that category either, until you get to Alaska. That state did show a slight but insignificant decrease.

Expulsion Rates in the Schools

Even though legal recreational cannabis is strictly for users above 21 years of age, critics warned that, like alcohol, pot would find its way into the hands of local youth. That could be true in some cases, but expulsion rates in Colorado and test scores in Washington don’t show any type of problem due to legalization.

In Colorado, both total and drug-related expulsion rates did increase slightly in 2014 about the time legalization passed. Then, the numbers dropped back to former rates and stayed there even as dispensaries started making recreational sales. In fact, total expulsions today are lower than they were in 2005. On a similar note, Washington State has shown no change in standardized test scores since 2007, and they’re higher than they were in 2002.

Economic Impacts – Big Increases in Colorado Tax Revenues, Little Change Elsewhere

We’ve all read about the crazy amount of taxes that Colorado has already raked in and how much they think they’ll receive by the end of this year, but other than that, there’s little change. Housing prices in all four legal states are on the climb, but they’re right in line with national averages that include states that are far from 420-friendly.

Unemployment rates are fairly steady with only very slight decreases from 2009 until today. Colorado showed the biggest decline, probably because they received the most media coverage and the most tourism, but even that isn’t anything to write home about.

To conclude, legalizing recreation cannabis was a good thing, simply because it is the right thing to do for both common sense and compassionate reasons. However, it has not resulted in the big changes that were predicted, either for good or for bad. Now that we can all see that the world won’t come to an end just because someone can legally buy a joint or some dabs at the corner shoppe, maybe more states and countries will legalize. We can only hope – and vote!