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Canada’s Countdown to Legal Pot is About to Begin!

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Just when the public was ready to label Justin Trudeau a big, fat liar, dude pulled through with a promise to legalize recreational pot by Canada Day 2018 – that’s July 1st for the all us non-Canucks.


The official announcement will be made sometime around the middle of April, but some details have already been leaked to CBC News by an anonymous insider. That information indicates that the new law will follow the recommendations made by the federally appointed task force headed up by Anne McLellan, a former Liberal Justice Minister. That means the following should be true:


  • Canada’s Federal Government will ensure the country’s legal pot supply is safe, license producers and set the minimum age to buy pot at 18.

  • Each Province will decide how cannabis is distributed and sold within their borders, set prices and set the age to buy at over 18 if they choose to do so.

  • Individuals can grow up to four marijuana plants per household for personal use.

Don’t Get Too Confident Just Yet – Current Laws Still Apply!

The administration warned Canadians not to get ahead of themselves and to remember that the current laws still apply until July 2018. That means they still plan to crackdown on illegal sales of marijuana. In fact, there have been recent raids on dispensaries and charges have been brought against several people for possession and sales including cannabis activists Marc and Jodie Emery.


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(Photo Credit to CTVNews)

Dispensaries, Mail Order or Liquor Store Sales? 

Forty licenses to cultivate have already been granted to Canadian growers and established companies are ramping up in anticipation of explosive new sales. Stock prices for marijuana-related companies are soaring. But, distribution channels are open to speculation.


Of course, current medical dispensaries are hoping to be included in the plan, even though they are currently illegal in Canada according to federal law. Some feel that the government liquor stores would be the natural choice for sales, but others disagree and say that alcohol and pot should never be sold together. Others believe that mail-order medical marijuana went so well that recreational weed should follow suit. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens in 15 short little months!


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While you’re waiting, have a look at the stock at Gorilla Seeds. Since you can grow four monster plants of your own, why worry about where to buy bud? We’ve got some great choices from highly respected breeders from all over the globe like America’s Humboldt Seeds, Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion and the UK’s very own Dr Krippling and Big Buddha. Plus, we also carry all the most popular strains from newcomers like Gorilla Glue to solid classics like Skunk and White Widow, and we even have some killer Purples! Don’t tell anyone, but Big G ships internationally & accepts all currencies!


Strain Review: Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized!


Ken Estes has been selling premium cannabis seeds since 2003 (that’s 14 years) and breeding for much longer than that. He’s made lots of advancements, but until now, he’s stubbornly stuck to regular seeds. And, when you have one of the most popular strains on the planet in your catalog, you can do that.

When we could get our hands on Original Granddaddy Purp, they never lasted long, and it was by far the most requested strain ever – hands down more popular than either Gorilla Glue or Girl Scout Cookies, especially when you consider this Purple Indica has been available for well over a decade. That’s because GDP is no fad – she’s a solid performer.

Feminized GDP Has Been a Long Time Coming!

Now, Ken has finally crossed the line and produced an entire batch of Feminized Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds. We’ll just warn you before you look, the price is pretty high for a 5-pack, but if they stand up to this strain’s stellar reputation, it’ll be well worth it to avoid any gender identity issues.

Other than a sexual tweak, Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized Seeds should give you all the big, glittery, purple flowers you’ve come to expect from this strain. The smells and aromas should be just as tempting, the Indica high should be just as strong & relaxing and the finishes should still come in at around 8 to 9 weeks. You will not be disappointed!

You’ll Find Lots Of Purple at Gorilla Seeds!

If you can’t afford genuine GDP genetics and don’t have a mate you can split the cost & the weed seeds with, you can also find an amazing array of Purple Strains that are a little more budget friendly at Gorilla Seeds. Our current favourite newcomer is Purple Envy by Feminised Seeds, but you can’t go wrong with Purple Skunk Mass by Critical Mass Collective or Purple Haze by the one & only Positronics Seed Company!

Although we expect Ken to come out with more feminized seeds in the future, we’ll still be selling his regular line as long as we can get them – including Original Granddaddy Purp. We know a segment of our customer base loves a regular seed, even if some of the breeders don’t.

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