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Cannabis-Infused Sex Lube

Cannabis-Infused Sex Lube – Would You Try It?

The better question is, why wouldn’t you? This silky lubricant doesn’t even smell like weed, but it does contain THC, CBD & promises stronger, longer, more intense orgasms in 5 pumps or less!

Made by a Professional Dominatrix

Mistress Matisse is a professional dominatrix, sex educator and local celebrity in the Pacific Northwest. She’s popular on Twitter, is featured on her own Wikipedia page and she writes sex articles for The Stranger, a Seattle-based newspaper. Sounds like the lady knows her stuff – especially when it calls for lube!

Living in a region where cannabis is legal and all types of weed-related products are freely shared and sold, Matisse had no problem getting her hands on a variety of homemade lubes to try out, but they didn’t measure up to her high standards. She didn’t care for their weedy smell or oily feel.

So, Matisse went to work with a friend from the local cannabis community & created a non-greasy, water-based lubricant that doesn’t smell like pot. It’s vegan, it’s latex-friendly and it works!

How Does Cannabis Sex Lube Work?

Before you say this stuff can’t possibly work as well as promised, the numbers don’t lie. 80% of users report this spray-on lube does the trick. Cannabis is a well-known vasodilator – that means it dialates the blood vessels to improve blood flow. Improved blood flow to the clitoris and vagina means increased sensitivity and arousal. And that, my friend, almost always results in a better big O.

To use Velvet Swing, spray your lady bits a few times & wait about 20 minutes for the first tingle. In 40 minutes, arousal should be at its peak, and the total experience can last for over 2 hours.

Velvet Swing is obviously geared towards female pleasure, but Matisse says more cannabis-infused sex products are in the works. Maybe she’ll even have one aimed directly at the fellas before long?

Ready for more numbers? Each bottle of Velvet Swing contains 100 mg of THC, 33 mg of CBD and lots of terpenes!

Where Can I Buy Velvet Swing?

Right now, you can buy Velvet Swing in Oregon, Washington State and Canadian dispensaries near where Mistress Matisse lives, works and plays, but as legalization and open mindedness spreads, watch for this product to show up on a shelf near you – or become available for mail order.

Until then, you can always try to duplicate Mistress Matisse’s formulation. For the best results, we recommend a low-odour strain with moderate amounts of THC to match their numbers and eliminate some of the weed scent – like Royal Queen’s Northern Light. Skip the vegetable oils as a base and use a gel (Matisse uses vegetable cellulose, a vegan gelatin-like substance) to match the overall feel of your lube.

What Does Mistress Matisse Have to Say?

No one can explain what Velvet Swing is capable of better than Mistress Matisse. In her own words:

From The Fresh Toast:

“In addition to increased blood flow and sensitivity, it raises the general level arousal and excitement,” Matisse noted. “Women have reported longer and more powerful orgasms with the product.”

“It may not make your head high, but it will make your pussy high,” Mistress Matisse said with a smile. “Women who have children and other responsibilities can use this in the evening and not wake up high like you can from some edibles.”

And, from the Velvet Swing Website:

“VELVET SWING™ won’t get you high in the traditional sense. Everyone responds differently to VELVET SWING™. 2 pumps might be all you need…but for stronger effects, try 5 or more pumps.  Massage VELVET SWING™ into clitoris and surrounding area thoroughly. Now the fun begins! Many women experience localized warmth and tingling, as well as longer, stronger orgasms.  Enjoy!”