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Go to Northern Michigan University & Major in Pot Science – Seriously!

Think you’d have no problem acing a master’s degree in doobage? Then apply to Northern Michegan U! Be warned – you will not be growing a single cannabis plant and this challenging educational program is not for slackers. Real science is required – along with a lot of studying.


Here’s what NMU’s Medicinal Plant Chemistry Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree entails:


Only Brainiacs Could Make It Through This Course List

They weren’t kidding when they said this degree wasn’t for slackers. You can see the degree requirements here, but it involves a lot of chemistry (39 credits), a little biology (16 credits) and some statistics.


There’s even two tracks depending on whether you like to handle the money or get your hands dirty.


The entrepreneurial track for the bean counters includes accounting, finance and marketing. But our preferred career track would be the hands-on bio-analytical track for more chemistry, genetics, biostatistics and molecular biology – plus a few things we’ve never even heard about.


Sign Me Up For CH420 & CH421!

Fourth year students get to finish off their studies with the appropriately numbered CH420 & CH421 Medicinal Plan Chemistry classes. Lectures include heavy duty topics like:


  • Classes of Bioactive Compounds & Their Plant Origins
  • Secondary Metabolite Chemistry
  • Theories of Extraction (Dabs? Count me in!
  • Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Oh yeah – they also get to plant seeds and clones in a grow room and take care of the plants, harvest them, and process them as part of their lab time. Only, there won’t be any cannabis. They’ll just be “similar” plants that have “similar” medicinal value. I guess that’s how they weed out the stoners.


But, there is one saving grace – the internship program! Maybe that’s where these students can get some experience with the real thing!


Why Get a Medicinal Plant Chemistry Degree When Anyone Can Grow Weed?

Just in case you’ve been off the grid for awhile, cannabis is big business, maybe even the fastest growing emerging industry on the planet. If it were legal everywhere, that wouldn’t even come close to being a maybe.


However, new industries need skilled workers with detailed knowledge to get things off the ground, and those applicants have been few and far between. With this degree, graduates will be fully prepared to do anything from go into research to landing a job with big pharma to starting their own dispensary from the ground up.


Besides, how cool would it be to day you had a degree in pot? Way cool, bra!


School Not For You? Big G Has You Covered!

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