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The First 100 Orders Get 7 FREE SEEDS Including Purple Urkle & Green Crack!!!


Big G is doing it again, but he can’t do it for everyone! Starting now (27-29 April 2018), the first 100 orders totaling at least £39.99 in cannabis seeds (after discounts and excluding VAT & Shipping) will get an extra 7 FREE cannabis seeds in addition to all our normal freebies with their order. That’s more than a deal – it’s practically a steal!


And, what does this bonus gift pack include? These freebies are top notch, my friend. Take a gander at this list and you’ll see that you won’t be disappointed in any way, shape or form!

Auto Somango

This speedy little AutoFem was bred from Soma’s original super-fruity Somango strain. Both the smell and the taste are sweet as candy, and the high? It’s Indica heavy but with a surprisingly clear and functional head high that’ll make even the dullest task a pure joy!

Auto Purple Kush

Most AutoFems stay green or pretty close to it, but not this one. These buds have a triple-thick coating of purple stardust for some of the most spectacular looking flowers you’ll ever see. Does it outshine the potency or effect? Not one iota, my friend … not one iota.

Auto Tangerine

Tangie strains have been in high demand in recent years, and this re-mix brings you the very best of this tart citrus variety in a beginner-friendly, fast-finishing, fully autoflowering version. The interesting thing about these weed seeds? They’re both energizing and pain relieving. How cool is that?

Purple Urkle

We absolutely love this strain, but it’s hard to decide which is better – the posh colour or the sweet grapey taste & aroma. The legendary stone is just as luxurious and perfect for nightly relaxation, coma-like sleep and physical pain relief. Killer!

Green Crack

This addictive Sativa is world famous for both her emerald-green colour and her energizing head high. The taste is full of fruity tang, like a slightly sour mango. This is a great daytiime strain or even a wake-and-baker for those with high tolerance levels. Newbies? Enjoy with great care!

Lemon Diesel

This one’s an extremely dank, resin-drenched American strain with a creeping mental high that’s insanely strong once it sets in. Don’t let it fool you! Yields are extra high and made up of rock-hard buds that smell like lemon Pine-Sol with notes of fresh pepper and fuel – extreme odour control is a must!

Blue Dream

Blue Dream mixes the sweet, physical intoxication of classic Blueberry with the trippier aspects of a pure Haze to create a perfectly balanced mix that soothes the body, opens the mind and lifts the soul for a pleasantly happy experience. But, don’t get it twisted – there’s enough punch to go around!.

The Fine Print

Cannabis seeds are legal for us to sell and legal for you to own in the UK and many other places, but they’re illegal to germinate or cultivate. That’s why Gorilla Seeds prohibits all illegal activities when it comes to our weed seeds and only sells collectible souvenirs.

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Local Dutch Councils Want to Supply Weed to Citizens

Proposals are afoot to allow Dutch councils to produce and supply cannabis in order to eradicate the black market that has grown around the current tolerated but not regulated Dutch weed model.

This has resulted in around 30 different Dutch cannabis companies striving to work with the government in the proposed trials in Breda and other parts of the Netherlands.

According to local authorities: “In the front door, it is working well. Back door, all sorts of problems because it is encouraging criminality and the small production in fields in houses and there are fires because of electricity problems.”

An Amsterdam Coffee Shop Menu

The groundbreaking, but simple idea that a legal cannabis market can exist has now been proven in the US, and the recent vote to allow recreational cannabis in California is one of many large milestones that have been passed over the last few years. Sanity is prevailing, slowly but surely.

Waste of Police Time

For Dutch police, dismantling 16 cannabis farms a day (5,856 a year) has surely got to get extremely tiresome at some point. And very, very expensive.

UK police gathering up cannabis plants

Trials will take place in 2018 and the various councils involved will report their harvests and production figures back to government.

New Models Proposed

Different ways of supplying the consumer are also under discussion, including ordering online from licensed vendors. Other options on the table are mass production by companies or medical institutions who could potentially sell directly to the coffee shops.

There is also a cannabis social club model being proposed and another proposition is to allow the coffeeshops themselves to grow their own product.

Depla, the major of Breda is quoted as saying:

“A lot of companies have tried to contact and have said they are capable of producing the cannabis to be sold in the coffee shop. I have had offers from 25, 30, companies telling me that they are capable to produce on a legal and safe basis the cannabis.

Some involved in agriculture or linked with big companies with a lot of spare heat. Producing cannabis costs you a lot in electricity.”

In the trials the companies involved will provide 15 different types of cannabis for sale.

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Look! 57 countries are changing their cannabis laws!

These 57 countries are changing their cannabis laws! And that’s not even counting the US or Uruguay. Given the total number of countries in the world, this means a QUARTER of the PLANET are starting to see sense. The UK does not appear on this list of forward thinking countries (but just watch County Durham go!)  You can click on each country’s name for the full details!  The world is changing.

1. Antigua And Barbuda

“Legislation will cause all fines for the possession of 5 grammes of marijuana or less to be eliminated.”

2. Argentina

“Argentina legalized medical marijuana, after the Senate unanimously approved a bill that was already passed by the House of Representatives”

3. Aruba

“In December 2016 there was a debate about legalizing medicinal cannabis; the opinion of the population has to be part of the debate”

4. Australia

“”Chronic and seriously ill Australians will be able to access medicinal cannabis more quickly under sweeping changes announced by the Federal Government”

5. Barbados

“The debate over the emotive issue of marijuana use has intensified here in recent times, particularly after Jamaica last year decriminalized small amounts and paved the way for a lawful medical marijuana sector”

6. Bermuda

“Legislation decriminalising up to 7 grams of cannabis was passed unanimously in the House of Assembly tonight.”

7. Brazil

“Brazilian healthcare regulator Anvisa on Monday said it had issued the country’s first license for sale of a cannabis-based drug”

8. Canada

“Brazilian healthcare regulator Anvisa on Monday said it had issued the country’s first license for sale of a cannabis-based drug”

9. Cayman Islands

“Grand Cayman’s CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group have introduced medical cannabis for physician-selected patients who are residents in the Cayman Islands”

10. Chile

“Pharmacies in Chile’s capital Santiago will start selling cannabis-based medicines”

11. Christmas Island

“The new laws, which amend the Narcotic Drugs Act, make it legal to cultivate and manufacture medicinal cannabis”

12. Colombia

“The Colombian government finally issued a decree, through the Ministry of Health, which regulates the production of medical marijuana”

13. Costa Rica

“The decision means that anyone caught by police growing marijuana for personal consumption will not face criminal or financial penalties.”

14. Croatia

“Marijuana became legally available in Croatia for medical purposes Thursday”

15. Cyprus

“Doctors in Cyprus are starting to write medical cannabis prescriptions”

16. Denmark

“The Danish government on Tuesday announced that as of 2018, doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to certain patients”

17. Ecuador

“The Ecuadorian authorities have decided to take a step forwards by conceding that medical cannabis may be legally used by cancer or HIV patients”

18. Georgia

“Today you can carry enough for more than 200 joints, after the constitutional court in effect decriminalised possession of the drug”

19. Germany

“Lower house of parliament passes law that allows people with chronic and serious illnesses to get marijuana on prescription”

20. Greece

“Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said last week that doctors will soon be able to prescribe the drug for a variety of medical conditions”

21. Guam

“Health Department officials are accepting applications from those seeking to become licensed medical cannabis cultivators or providers”

22. Guyana

“President David Granger of Guyana says he is open to easing laws on marijuana for personal use”

23. Hungary

“A recently submitted draft amendment proposal from Hungarian Liberal Party leader Gábor Fodor aims to legalize marijuana or cannabis consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes in Hungary”

24. India

“Patiala MP Dr Dharamvira Gandhi’s private Bill to seek legalisation of certain intoxicants, such as opium and marijuana, has been cleared by the legislative branch of Parliament”

25. Ireland

“Ireland is set to legalise the use of cannabis for treating specific medical conditions, after a report commissioned by the government said the drug could be given to some patients with certain illnesses”

26. Israel

“Israel plans to decriminalise personal marijuana use, Gilad Erdan, the nation’s Public Security Minister, said on Thursday, adopting an approach similar to some US states and European countries”

27. Italy

“Milan saw the opening of Italy’s first cannabis clone shop, the Hemp Embassy, on June 15”

28. Jamaica

“Jamaica is upping the vending machine game however by installing cannabis vending machines and kiosks throughout Jamaican airports”

29. Lithuania

“Lithuanian Health Minister Aurėlijus Veryga backs a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana”

30. Macedonia

“The country has set its medical cannabis program in motion and said medical cannabis extracts are expected to become available in pharmacies across the country starting at the end of May”

31. Malta

“Medical marijuana is slowly but surely becoming a thing in Malta. In the “coming months”, Sativex spray will be made available to patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), but the Medicines Authority is also “listening to stakeholders” on a range of other forms”

32. Mexico

“Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a decree this week legalizing medical marijuana”

33. Micronesia

“Applications for Medical Cannabis Licenses were made available for the first time yesterday at the department’s offices in Mangilao”

34. Morocco

“Morocco, top hash provider, mulls legislation to break marijuana taboo and legalize growing”

35. Netherlands

“Dutch MPs have narrowly approved a bill that would permit the growing of cannabis, removing a legal grey area that left “coffee shops” able to sell the drug but unable to supply themselves without fear of prosecution”

36. New Zealand

“New Zealanders with chronic illnesses are applauding the Government’s decision to allow doctors to prescribe a cannabis-sourced substance.”

37. Paraguay

“Paraguay Grants Historic Import Permit to CBD Hemp Oil RSHO as Medication for Epilepsy”

38. Peru

“Peru’s government says it will present to the opposition-dominated legislature a plan to legalize the medical use of marijuana “for the treatment of serious and terminal illnesses”

39. Philippines

“The Philippines has voted to introduce the free and lawful use of medical marijuana, just one day after it voted to reinstate the death penalty for certain drug offenses”

40. Poland

“Polish lawmakers have this week voted to legalise medical cannabis”

41. Puerto Rico

“Puerto Rico medical marijuana dispensaries have begun operating for the first time in the U.S. territory”

42. Romania

“Following convincing arguments from the medical-marijuana lobbyists in Romania, they now become the 10th state in the European Union to have legalized cannabis for medical usage”

43. Russian Federation

“A facility processing cannabis will be built in the Penza region, located in the southeastern part of European Russia”

44.Saint Kitts and Nevis

“St Kitts and Nevis’ prime minister, Dr Timothy Harris, says his government is ready for open dialogue with the relevant stakeholders on the issue of the decriminalization”

45. Saint Lucia

“The Commission was established to determine whether there should be a change in the current drug classification of marijuana thereby making the drug more accessible for all types of usage including religious, recreational, and medical and research”

46. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

“The nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines may soon be an exporter of Medicinal Marijuana, if all goes according to plans between the government and investors”

47 Saint Kitts And Nevis

“St Kitts and Nevis’ prime minister, Dr Timothy Harris, says his government is ready for open dialogue with the relevant stakeholders on the issue of the decriminalization of marijuana”

48. Slovenia

“Also in Slovenia, MGC confirmed that production was underway at its open field farm with its 5,000 square meters of planted cannabis seedlings showing good signs of strength ahead of a planned harvest later this year”

49. South Africa

“The Western Cape High Court has just ruled that Cannabis prohibition in South Africa is “unconstitutional”, and that adults have the right to use, grow or possess cannabis in the privacy of their homes”

50. San Marino

“Authority in San Marino and considering the results of the discussion and the favourable answer by the Parliament about the cultivation for theraupetic purposes, the cultivation could start shortly”

51. Swaziland

“Swaziland lawmakers are to investigate legalising the use of cannabis as a way of boosting the kingdom’s ailing economy”

52. Sweden

“Two patients in Sweden have been granted the right to use parts of cannabis plants to relieve chronic pain – the first time the drug has been prescribed for such use”

53. Thailand

“Thailand has approved a proposal to allow hemp to be grown as a cash crop and for medical purposes in 15 of its districts”

54. Tunisia

“Tunisia’s parliament voted on Tuesday to ease the country’s harsh law on drugs, in a move that could see offenders like youths caught smoking marijuana escape jail terms”

55. Turkey

“The new government regulations will allow highly-controlled and cannabis production in 19 provinces”

56. Zambia

“Cultivation of Cannabis for Medicinal purposes is Legal in Zambia says Home Affairs Minister”

57. Zimbabwe

“A move that will see the country legalising the production and use of marijuana in selected areas, a Cabinet Minister has said”

Study Finds 20 Years of Weed Smoking Has No Impact on Lung Health

It’s not 1974 any more.

When Bagpuss was on, the Miners’ Strike was off, Brian Clough and Manchester United were out of the First Division and smoking was most definitely in.

46% of adults in the UK smoked back then. A simpler time when the long term health impact wasn’t known by anyone other than by Big Tobacco boffins no doubt.

Weed meanwhile was apparently being ‘experimented’ with by the US government and found to cause brain damage.

Tobacco was in and cannabis was out.

What a difference 44 years makes

Tobacco is now the scourge of society and marijuana is being legalised and its health benefits hailed left right and centre.

In fact a study on the effects of marijuana by a team in Atlanta, Georgia, examined a large cross section of the US population and found that smoking at least once a day for 20 years, had no detrimental effect on lung capacity and none of those studied developed lung cancer.

The study used a spirometry test, which is basically a way of measuring resistance when you exhale and found that while smokers typically have a serious depletion in the strength with which they can exhale over time, cannabis smokers felt no such effect.

Couple that with findings from another study published in the International Journal of Cancer, which found that while smoking cannabis does leave some tar in your lungs, your chances of getting cancer from it are pretty minimal.


Good news all round I’d say…

So you’re saying tokers lungs are invulnerable?

Well no, obviously not. Heavy weed smokers who smoke more than 1 a day did start to experience poorer lung strength in the Georgia study. Plus they can have inflammation issues later in life.

But there are somethings you can do to negate these effects and still live a long and happy smoke filled life.

1. Try an alternative way of smoking

One of the biggest hits to your lungs comes from the burning of biomaterial at high temperature along with the paper or rolling material you use, which become fine ash particles which shoot into the depths of your lungs, causing irritation. Safer alternatives to joints include:


Vaping is one of the safest ways to smoke weed. It doesn’t burn the plant material so you get all the juicy residue goodness and a nice puff of vapour, but none of the bad stuff.


Not as safe as vaping because you are still heating the herb to a very high temperature but you can use a screen to stop as much of that hot ash getting through. Plus, no paper and no tobacco.

Water Pipes

The beauty of both water and ice bongs is that not only do they cool down the hot smoke before it gets to your lungs, but they also catch most (not always all) the plant residue and ash. Reducing potential irritation from both.

2. Use Organic Weed

When weed is grown it is often grown using pesticides, fertilizer and can have fungus on it, all of which can stick around through harvesting all the way to your lungs. These nasties aren’t good news for your lungs.

The only real ways to make sure any weed you may have is contaminant free is to either grow your own, or to buy from a source which provides testing guarantees. Some dispensaries in the US provide this kind of guarantee, but I’m not sure any underground operators offer this level of service.

3. Clean Your Lungs

No you don’t need to inhale any antibiotics or anything. All you need to do is breathe.

If you don’t use your lungs to their full capacity, you don’t disturb the stale air which collects at the bottom of your lungs. This festers, along with any toxins and particles you’ve inhaled and can cause yet more irritation and impacts the millions of air canals you’ve got down there.

Ideally you should knock out 20 minutes or more exercise each day to not only get your lazy lungs pumping and shifting all that bad air, but also for your general health.

Now if you’re not keen on skipping into some shorts and trotting round your local park, there is an alternative. Practice breathing deeply.
I know it sounds silly, like you know how to take a deep breath for christ sake, but watch the video here on simple deep breathing techniques.

It shows you how to sit and the right posture and a way of counting and holding your breath a certain way which will help you feel like you’ve never breathed properly before.

If nothing else it makes you super chill as it also works for relaxation.

So now, not only can you rest assured that your weed smoking exploits won’t (as long as you don’t smoke too much) have a big impact on your health and may even stop you getting cancer, you can also clean your lungs for good measure.

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5 Best Weed Combos for the Blues

2018 is in full flow by now and Summer is upon us and we’re all battling the blues until the sun finally shines. Don’t worry though, as always, Big G is here to keep you going until we reach the other side, check out what we’ve got for you today.

Weed to Warm Your Woes

Here are 5 of the very best anti-anxiety, calm inducing, spirit-uplifting strains and things to couple with them to get you through 2018.

1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck and Edibles
Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) is a sativa dominant strain which is well known for providing one of the very best euphoric highs around.It comes from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska and delivers a creeping appetite stimulating effect. Which is why it goes so well with… …chocolate edibles. Pairing ATF with some delicious brownies or non-cook chocolate will perfectly compliment its lemony tang when all cooked up together.
2. Buddha Haze and Watch ‘Friday’
Buddha Haze is 85% sativa dominant and provides upbeat energy and will make even the quietest mouse who doesn’t want to leave the house in January, relaxed and talkative. It’s great for focus and attention too which is perfect for watching…Buddha Haze …Friday! Don’t know what it is about this film but it just makes every stoner happy. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker will have you laughing your ass off and forgetting all about what month it is, while Buddha Haze takes you on a wonderful giggly ride.
3. Dragon’s Breath and Climb a Hill
This hybrid is sativa dominant and is the perfect counter to that New Year downer. Dragon’s Breath is crossed with Northern Lights and Jack Herer so it has strong anti-anxiety effects.,Plus it is famous for its pain relieving properties which will come in handy when you… …climb a hill! The NHS agrees that exercise is great for beating the blues. And instead of hitting the gym, why not take to the great outdoors where you can marvel at the scenery, feel the satisfaction of conquering a summit and also easily find a quiet hill top to try out Dragon’s Breath.
4. Super Jack and a To-Do List
Super Jack is the ‘get shit done’ super sativa which has one of the most energetic highs you will find. Don’t let the spicy and buttery aroma fool you, this feel good will have you up and at it in no time.,Which is why it is the perfect accompaniment to… …a To-Do List! You can use whatever you want to write stuff down on, but one of the best ways to cure your yearly downer is to write down a list of all the things you want to achieve and start planning how you’re going to achieve them. One by one.,First thing on your to-do list: get some Super Jack.
5. Blue Dream and Dream more
This sativa dominant hybrid is your one way ticket to Relaxville. The sativa Haze in this mash-up is what gives it a very calm euphoria and leads to full body relaxation. Which is why it is the perfect partner for… …having lots of dreams. There are countless studies out there which have proven that not getting enough sleep will leave you feeling perpetually down in the dumps.,Smash through and come out the other side a happier soul by catching more Zzz’s with the help of Blue Dream.

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