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This Supermarket now sells WEED?!


Fancy moving to Switzerland?

German supermarket giant Lidl just announced a new range of locally grown cannabis products for their customers over in Switzerland. They’re one of the first to offer something such as this.

What is it going to cost me?

Lidl, notoriously known for being a cost-alternative to most supermarkets, are selling 2 different options:

  • For 18 Swiss francs (roughly £13), you’re able to buy a 1.5g box made from indoor hemp plants.
  • For 19.99 Swiss francs (roughly £15), you can get a 3g box where the cannabis is grown in greenhouses.
  • Compare that to the €7 to €13 price per gram charged in Amsterdam’s coffeshops.

It’s sold as an alternative to rolling tobacco, and it works out as about double the price of a regular tobacco roll-up.


What’s the cannabis like?

It’s important to know that Switzerland does allow the sale of cannabis to over 18s as long as it contains 1% THC or less.

The Botanicals, who are Lidl’s local Swiss supplier for this range, designed them to deliver relaxation as opposed to a high, kind of like Big G’s line of high-CBD strains.

If you’re able to visit a Swiss Lidl, will you be picking up a few grams to try? Tell us why – or why not.

7 of the World’s Strongest Cannabis Strains

  1. Mazar from Dutch Passion


Mazar from the legendary Dutch Passion is a reworking of a powerful Indica right out of Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan. This is one serious girl, with a mind boggling high that just cannot be missed, she smacks you around the head and transports you into a different, fluffier dimension within minutes of partaking. And you stay there for hours.

For Indica lovers, it does not get much better than this, this lady will amaze all that meet her – the distinctive ‘out there’ high is definitely not something to be toyed with by beginners.  On top of this she has a quick flowering time and is ideal for indoors as well as out. Don’t miss out on Mazar, whatever you do. Completely unforgettable. Mazar has won various cannabis cup awards and is often overlooked.


  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Skunk x Afghani
  • Flowering time: 8.5 weeks
  • Flavour: Earthy, Pine, Citrus
  • THC Levels: 19.5%
  1. Jack Herer from Greenhouse Seeds


The Jack Herer strain is well known around the world as a marijuana powerhouse.  A sativa dominant variety which will leave you in a happy but definitely relaxed mode. You’ll still be able to get your stuff done though, Jack does not put you to sleep, despite being some extremely potent cannabis.

Her psychedelic and happy effect will help you through the day – Jack Herer is preferred by many as their go-to daytime strain – with strength. Another multi-award winner which will impress even the most experienced tokers.

  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Haze x Red Skunk
  • Flowering time: 8 weeks
  • Flavour: Fruity
  • THC Levels: 20.9%


  1. White Rhino from Greenhouse Seeds


A therapeutic marvel and winner of two cannabis cup awards, White Rhino from Greenhouse Seeds is a very special breed of cannabis designed specifically for medical use, White Rhino will relax you in ways you didn’t think possible.

If you’re looking for a strong strain that will massage your pain and help you to sleep this is it. High THC levels mean you won’t be able to experience too much of this Rhino – it’s physically impossible to do so without passing out!

As well as packing a powerful punch White Rhino delivers berry tasting fruity flowers that will surprise and seduce you with their soporific power.  She is loved by many for being the ideal cure for insomnia.

  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Afghan x Brazilian x South Indian
  • Flowering time: 9 weeks
  • Flavour: Berry
  • THC Levels: 20.19%


  1. G13 Haze from Barneys Farm


The G13 Haze from Barneys Farm is a much revered strain – another popular one for medical use because of its sheer power. G13 picks you and neutralises your pain, but if you over indulge her, she’ll send you into a deep and sound sleep. One must go easy with this one. If you want to remain awake.

Rumour has it that G13 Haze was bred using a government laboratory cannabis strain – you can decide for yourself when you experience her 21% THC levels and wonderful medicinal effects. This strain has won multiple awards.

  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: G13 x Hawaiian Sativa
  • Flowering time: 10-12 weeks
  • Flavour: Fruit and spice
  • THC Levels: 21%
  1. Star Doggie fom Feminised Seeds


These West Coast genetics have been getting much attention recently and with good reason. Star Doggie is a sensational sativa combination of uplifting and happy energy, with a kick. Extremely pungent and earthy aromas will abound from this US classic. Her nugs are particularly beautiful and multicoloured – leaving a lasting impression on all she meets.

Another strain best not tried by beginners. Star Doggie has some Chemdawg ancestry, giving her that extra special zing and flavour. A superb heavyweight daytime strain for medical or recreational use.

  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Chemdawg Hybrid
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Flavour: Fuel with hints of citrus and pine
  • THC Levels: 20-25%
  1. Northern Light Auto from Royal Queen Seeds


Autoflowering strains have come of age now so it would not be right to miss them entirely from this this list of killer strains. Northen Light Auto contains all the punch of Northern Lights in a quick autoflowering package that will delight even the most discerning of chongers.

She will bring an air of happiness and sociability to you, though without doubt will be helpful for those looking for assistance relaxing at night. Northen Light Auto is very highly regarded and ideal if you are looking for a potent and relaxing easy to handle strain.

  • Type of seed: Feminized Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Northern Light x Ruderalis
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks from seed
  • Flavour: Smooth and slightly sweet
  • THC Levels: 16%
  1. Wild Thailand from World of Seeds


An exotic and powerful Sativa from Asia this oustanding strain stands at a massive 22% THC. Again, not a strain for your first timer.  This is a 100% Sativa variety direct from the jungles of Thailand!

With Wild Thailand a long flowering time should be expected – but you’ll reap massive rewards from this powerful and potent lady. She’ll deliver you to a euphoric and pleasant land far far away from worries and strife. Don’t miss out on this unusual and exotic cannabis powerhouse.

  • Type of seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Thai Landrace
  • Flowering time: 12 weeks +
  • Flavour: Spicey Thai
  • THC Levels: 22.3%

Drug Tests? This THC detox kit can help you beat them.

Drug tests still an issue in the Cannabis world?

Despite a gradual shift of public opinion on medical and recreational cannabis, many workplaces are still administering drug tests for pre-employment checks. These tests are commonly carried out as a urine test, however other methods are out there such as an oral test or blood test. In the US, cannabis is illegal federally, which gives employers the ability to refuse employment based on a failed drug test. Which means, if you’re living in a state where medical & recreational cannabis is legal such as California or Colorado, this doesn’t keep you safe if traces of cannabis are found in your drug test.

There’s a belief that using methods fake urine will be enough to trick the system, however, technology in drug testing has become very advanced so all these cheat schemes are extremely easy to detect. Companies who specialise in THC detoxes, such as Green Gone LLC, have worked on customised solutions in order to tackle these extensive labratory drug tests.

Going for a drug test? Here’s some expert advice.

The amount of studies on THC traces being detected in urine tests after consumption are endless. The Mayo Clinic have compiled some approximate detection times, here are their suggestions;

  • Single use (once per week) – 3 days.
  • Moderate use (4 times per week) – 5 days.
  • Heavy use (daily) – 10 days.
  • Chronic Heavy use – 30 days or more.

Interestingly, THC is not detectable within 30 minutes of dosage (considering you haven’t had any recently), the metabolite will appear in the urine anywhere from 60 minutes to 4 hours after consumption. THC-COOH (tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid), which is the primary metabolite which urine tests detect in the body (as well as some others which assist in the process of recognising THC). There are an incredible number of factors which can alter the detection time as well, such as age, weight, diet, exercise frequency. TCH-COOH also is highly protein-bound to a blood component called ‘albumin’ which slows it down even more.

So how successful are these THC detox kits?

With all these different factors affecting how THC is processed in your body, many companies do not offer solutions which are specific to a person’s situation, making options very scarce. However, Green Gone have pumped a lot of research & development into their range of THC detox kits, along with a set of experts who can help recommend you products which are ideal for your situation.

Based on a number of factors which Green Gone discuss with you, they will offer different courses of THC detox to actually eliminate THC and similar metabolites from your system. They’re offering 2-day, 5-day and 10-day packages currently – Green Gone also expect customers to get in touch with them to ensure that the package is perfect for their situation.

The Dirty Truth About CBD Oils

CBD Oil Hype

Cannabis is really hitting the headlines these days following the legalisation of recreational cannabis in California, and Donald Trump’s recent statement on allowing states to follow their own laws on cannabis without federal harassment will no doubt amplify interest. Everybody wants in on the miracle of medical marijuana, and why not?

CBD is often hailed as one of the most medically effective of the cannabinoids found within cannabis – which it is. However, there are now many different types of CBD appearing on the market for sale, and most of them are not made using actual cannabis plants but are manufactured using hemp instead.

These products have gained popularity as they are legal and do not contain THC, (one of the cannabinoids that can get you ‘high’).

However, for CBD to be most effective it needs other cannabinoids to be present along with it.  Stand alone pure CBD extract is never going to be as powerful as oils that have been made using the whole plant material. More on that later.

This really is a buyer beware situation, and whilst there are reputable companies  making hemp based CBD, there are subtle but important differences between these different oils.

The Charlotte Figi Story

Sanjay Gupta brought the truth about medical cannabis to millions with his excellent documentary ‘Weed’ which covered the heart wrenching tale of Charlotte Figi, a young girl suffering from severe epilepsy, known as Dravet’s syndrome.

Out in Colorado her parents managed to track down cannabis plants being grown with low THC and high CBD by the Stanley brothers. Oil was made directly from these plants, and it is that oil that successfully brought down Charlotte’s seizures from hundreds a week to virtually none. This was not oil made from hemp plants.

This remarkable discovery has driven media stories such as this, which are misleading the public by claiming that hemp CBD was what was used on Charlotte Figi. This is the kind of dangerous misinformation we in the UK are subject to as a result of the illegal and unregulated cannabis market here.

Though there are changes on the horizon.

Industrial Hemp = Less Cannabinoids

Extracting CBD from the hemp plant, whilst completely viable, does require a lot more hemp than extracting it from the cannabis plant (due to the smaller amounts of CBD found in hemp.)

The implications of this are many. Larger amounts of plant matter mean more chance of any contaminants from the soil finding their way into the CBD that has been extracted in this way. CBD extractions from the cannabis plant can be achieved using much smaller plant numbers minimizing the above undesirable effect.

Also, there are less medically useful cannabinoids found in hemp to go along with the CBD. This is crucial to the CBD having its full beneficial range. This is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’.

The Entourage Effect

Known as the ‘Entourage Effect’ and recently discovered in Israel (where much serious cannabis research goes on), this quality means that whole cannabinoids will always act more effectively when they are in their natural state, along with other cannabinoids.

Extracting cannabinoids so that you only have pure CBD for example, means that the CBD is less effective than if it had been left in its original state with other cannabinoids. This is not great news for pharmaceutical companies (who tend to concentrate on isolating individual components of a plant to use as medicines.)

So, if you are looking to treat a serious illness with CBD, you need to take this into account. Most CBD that is sold over the counter in the UK will be hemp based CBD and will therefore not have the same effect as what is known as ‘whole plant extract’.

So whilst these new CBD products appearing throughout the UK may be legal as they contain only CBD, they are not the same thing as having a ‘whole plant extract’ from the cannabis plant, which has much more medical potency than a basic CBD extract.

Will the real CBD Oil Stand Up Please?

But where on earth do you get hold of the full plant extract oil if you too want to treat your child or loved one? One place we can recommend that seems to be doing the the real thing is a company called CBD Brothers. They produce full plant extract CBD from cannabis plants and provide detailed information on their website about their methods.

CBD Brothers also recommend this Facebook group for getting further information on CBD in the UK.

In the news recently a company called Savage Cabbage appear to be selling the genuine full plant extract oil made by the Stanley brothers in Colorado.

Curing Cancer?

There is medical evidence that CBD can kill cancer cells in humans.  This government study suggests so -although studies in the UK are a long way off yet, despite knowledge about the antitumoural qualities of cannabis being known by the US government in 1974.

However, these types of studies are certainly not carried out using CBD oil that you can buy in Holland and Barrett. That is an entirely different matter.

Whilst their oil may offer some medical benefits, this is not something to try out on a cancer patient. If you want to treat a serious disease then getting hold of the proper oil, a full plant extract, is going to be your by far your best course of action.