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Credit Card Payments Now Accepted Worldwide!

Now accepting credit cards worldwide!


From US to Oz – it’s official!


We can now process credit card payments worldwide.


We’re excited to announce that you can now use your credit card from anywhere in the world at Gorilla Seeds!


This might be old news for some of our European customers, who’ve been reaping the rewards of credit and debit card payments for a little while now.


But for all of our other friends across the world – welcome aboard!


Whether you’re in the market for our renowned feminized strains, have an itch for our high yielding autos, or seek the soothing properties of our medical beans, we’ve got you covered.


Fill your boots with your favourite goodies and head to the checkout where you can select the ‘Credit Card’ payment option.


Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.


3 Free Seeds With Your Next Order!


A whopping 150 FREE SEEDS up for grabs – are you ready to get yours?


That’s right, you lucky gits, we’re throwing an absolute mammoth of a giveaway.


Between Saturday 8th September – Saturday 6th October, you’ll have the chance to get your mitts on a mystery box of FREE SEEDS each and every week! Sound good?


Here’s the breakdown, folks:


  • Week 1 – 30 FREE SEEDS – 3 winners (10 each)
  • Week 2 – 30 FREE SEEDS – 3 winners (10 each)
  • Week 3 – 40 FREE SEEDS – 4 winners (10 each)
  • Week 4 – 50 FREE SEEDS – 5 winners (10 each)


We’ll randomly draw our winners from the list of entries every Saturday and let you know who they are in our newsletter!




It’s easy. No, seriously.


Just click this link and enter your name and email address in the submission form.


Done that? You’re in! You only need to enter once to be eligible for every prize draw.




Your mystery box will contain one or more of the following strains:


Chocolate Orange | Dr Krippling



Coinoisseurs take note – Dr Krippling designed this one just for you! The quality is extremely high thanks to the first-class genetics that went into Chocolate Orange Auto giving this smoke a taste that can only be described as to-die-for. It’s silky smooth, washing over your palate in a flood of lush cream, orange tang & just a hint of chocolate. It’s tasty!



Monster Mass | Critical Mass Collective


As CMC’s founding member, Monster Mass is highly regarded as one of the best Critical Mass hybrids ever bred, bar none. Inside or out, this incredible feminized seed kicks ass with shocking yields paired with truly satisfying THC levels. The sedating highs hit hard & fast, leaving the mind & body in full-melt mode for hours. Enjoy in moderation until you know how Monster Mass will affect you!




Auto Massassin | Critical Mass Collective


Auto Massassin is easy, forgiving and practically unstoppable once the clock has been set. No matter happens, the yields get humongous thanks to their Monster Mass & Big Bud parents, going all the way to 450 gr/m2 in just 55 days from seed. They’re like little resin-producing machines – we kid you not!




Bud Bud Bling Tingz | Dr Krippling


Bud Bud Bling Tingz is more than a pretty face. This lady backs her sh*t up with serious yields, devastating power & a flavour that’ll keep you coming back for more. Finishes are extremely fast – a very few have a 6-week fade with none going longer than 8 weeks. This is a great choice for first timers!




Delhi Friend | Dr Krippling


Delhi Friend is real standout with nearly pure Indica genetics, insane 20% THC levels & massive yields that’ll appeal to your inner hoarder. If you’re looking for a new one-hit wonder, this one may very well be it. She’s a true knockout with incredibly fast 6 to 8 week finishes after the flip. These 100% feminized seeds are a definite must-have!




Gelato Cookie D’oh-ope | Dr Krippling

That means this AutoFem is Dope in every sense of the word according to Big G’s favourite Dr Feelgood! How could she be anything else? She gets her speed & bulk from the turbo-charged Grand Heft Auto plus a double dose of flavour & smell from Girl Scout Cookies & a Gelato, a lesser known but equally fabulous member of the Cookie family. Plus, you can’t beat a 7-week from seed finish no matter how hard you try!