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3 Top Fast Buds Strains Free When You Spend Over £29.99!

 Black Friday Cyber Monday


Here’s a stocking filler you won’t get from your Nan this Christmas – and it’s certainly not one to miss! Read on to learn how to get your loot.


Between now and Friday 21st December, every order you place over £29.99 will land you 3 top strains from our partners at Fast Buds when you use our festive promo code.


But we give stuff away all the time – what’s so special about this offer? Well, let me tell you what’s up for grabs:


Cream Cookies Auto – this beauty combines the genetics of Fast Buds’ mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower with a smooth and creamy sativa uplift!

Gorilla Glue Auto – This notorious number needs no introduction. A hybrid that delivers a knockout punch of euphoria and relaxation, that’ll leave you “glued” to the couch.

Stardawg Auto – Chemdawg genetics are legendary for their power & their goo, and Fast Bud’s new Stardawg Automatic does not disappoint! Completely coated all the way to the fans in visible, THC-infused crystals, these fully autoflowering seeds are incredibly potent.




Here’s how to get your festive freebies:


  1. Browse through our stuff and add your selected beans to the basket
  2. When you’re ready to checkout, hit the Shopping Bag icon at the top of the page
  3. Find the coupon code box and enter the following code:




Your free seeds will then automatically be added to your order.


Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.

What Are LEC Grow Lights and Should I Use Them?

CMH or Ceramic Metal Halide, now also known as ‘LEC’ grow lights, are a new technology that is slowly gaining support around the world with cannabis growers. Increasing numbers of farmers are adopting them as word gets around about their unique daytime-like white light along with larger yields than under LED or HPS. Several large grow operations in Oregon have adopted these type of lights so people are starting to take notice.


What are LEC grow lights?

LEC stands for light emitting ceramic. These lights work in a very similar way to metal halide (MH), apart from the fact that they utilise a ceramic arc tube instead of quartz and they run at a much greater pressure.


Sometimes referred to as ‘ceramic metal halides’ they give much higher performance than a standard metal halide bulb offering a spectrum of light very similar to sunlight.


The light created by LEC is about as natural a light as you can get without shelling out thousands on plasma lights. One can not say this of LEDs or HPS.


For one thing, this makes keeping an eye on your grow much easier. You can spot deficiencies and the like without having to turn lights on or off. It’s also a heck of a lot stealthier than a bright pink or purple LED which needs substantial cover in order to disguise its bright light when switched on.


LEC grow lights are able to produce UV-B rays (like the actual sun) something that according to some reports may increase trichome production, but no scientific studies have been carried out on this yet. For this reason you shouldn’t stare directly into LEC lights; they should be treated with care as if they are emitting suns rays.


Can I use LEC throughout the grow?

Yes you can. Like LEDs, LEC can be used from seed to flower, making them an attractive option for a simple grow.


Many LECs also come with a ballast, so it’s literally a case of ‘plug and play’ with these lights. They also last longer than traditional halide or HPS growing bulbs. You can buy bulbs on their own that need to be hooked up to a ballast like a HPS.

Will I get higher yields with LEC grow lights?

Obviously, this depends on what lights you are running now. It would appear that LECs are out-performing metal halide and LED grow lights, and in some cases HPS, when it comes to flowering your cannabis plants.


One grower reviewing on Youtube said:


“I have observed fast and compact vegetative growth and awesome tastes and aromas, and my leafy crops too. However, I think this grow light could play an important role for growers producing flowering and fruiting crops too. After all, a dynamic vegetative state provides the essential scaffolding for any future bumper harvest.”

Another found that the final product had much better looking crystals, if that can be used as a guide, when the LEC grow light was put up against a HPS, and the bud growth also seems to be more prolific.

What are the best CMH bulbs to use?

In tests done by Growershouse, several different types of CMH were tested against each other.


Light readings of UV light intensity at 24” were taken and the best performing bulb was the Ushio 3000K, followed by both the MaxPar 4200L and the SunPulse 3200K. They beat bulbs from Philips and Solistek for overall UV light intensity.


However, in more detailed tests measuring light intensity at differing points from the bulb and combining overall scores, the Philips Mastercolour 3100K was way ahead of the rest of the bulbs.


Where can I get these in the UK?

Philips or other brands of CMH bulbs are available on Amazon or from your local gardening shop. You may need to get a ballast (per supply) and reflector unless you buy the bulb as an all in one system.


Christmas Freebies! 2 Extra Free Seeds With Your Next Order

Christmas Freebies!


The Gorilla’s called for an early Christmas – put down that mince pie, you lucky sods are in for a real treat!


Every order you place right now over £29.99 will bag you two top strains, preserved in their original breeder packs from the one and only Dr Krippling.


First up is Mango Bubble Cloud Auto (I bet you salivated just reading that). This beauty packs a punch with 18% THC, and it’s ready in just 80 days.


Next, you’ll get to taste the delights of the doctor’s Blueberry Pot Tart. It’s fruity buds and strong, sharp blueberry tones are guaranteed to leave you gagging for more.


You better get a move on – these babies are guaranteed to run out fast!




We’ll be winding down for the holidays soon, just like you! Here’s when you need to get your order in by for regular delivery:


· Based outside UK: Friday 14th December

· Based in the UK: Thursday 20th December