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The January Sale is On! Free Seeds on Your Next Order

 January Sale


New year, new seeds! We’ve put together a tasty promo pack for you to scoop up with your next purchase. These freebies are guaranteed to kick-start your 2019 with a bangg.


Between Friday 18th January and Monday 21st January, every order placed over £29.99* will land you the following 3 strains free of charge (*not including stealth and shipping):


Gorilla Zkittlez – Unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez. Leaning toward the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum, this emerging favourite is a powerful and thought provoking beauty, whose trichome-laden glistening pistils will delight all comers.


Bruce Banner – The Original Bruce Banner is a real resin factory with triple-stacked trichomes & a THC rating that can go all way to an astronomical 32%. The genetics lean slightly toward Sativa for a raging head high that’s so fast it starts to pulsate within seconds before easing into a more euphoric & creative buzz.


Grapefruit Haze – These beauties taste and smell exactly as you’d expect. With a sweet and citrusy flavour followed by an authentic bitter aftertaste, these seeds pack a furious fruity punch.




Here’s how to get your January Sale freebies:


  1. Browse through our stuff and add your selected beans to the basket (make sure it totals to at least £29.99)
  2. When you’re ready to checkout, hit the Shopping Bag icon at the top of the page
  3. Find the coupon code box and enter the following code:




Your discount will then automatically be added to your order.