Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 – Got To Have Kaya Now, Man!

Named in honour of Bob Marley’s Kaya album, Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 is a potent 60% Sativa, 40% Indica carefully selected from Mexican, Thai, Afghani and Colombian strains to make a faster, bigger yielding strain with a powerful 22% THC the Wailers would be proud of.

  • 22% THC
  • Carefully Selected Genetics
  • 60% Sativa – 40% Indica
  • Massive Yields & Main Cola

Kaya has even more resin and bigger yields than the AK47 – she’s shorter too, making her ideal for smaller spaces. Finishing in only 8-9 weeks with crystal-covered buds, long white hairs and a massive main cola that gives off a strong, sweet, fruity aroma you know this Gorilla loves… I feel so high, I even touch the sky!

Wake up and Buy Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 from Gorilla, for only £15.99 for 3 feminized seeds and £29.99 for a 5 pack. Stick some Marley on and chillax while we get this legend shipped to you, man!

You Got To Have Kaya Now (kaya, kaya) For The Rain Is Fallin’!Inspired by Bob Marley’s Kaya album, Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 is a pretty special breed.

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