Auto CBD Sugar Gom – Beginner Friendly with 16% CBD!


This medical-grade cannabis seed is a real breakthrough! Auto CBD Sugar Gom is the first readily available automatic seed that consistently produces more CBD than THC (up to double). If you’ve been on either a clone or pheno hunt for something similar, you can end your search right here, right now.

  • Rich Flavours – Citrus, Coffee & Earth
  • Simple, Easy & Mould Resistant
  • Very High CBD to Very Low THC
  • Extract Friendly – Extra-Thick Resin

To create this magnificent new high-CBD seed, Seedsman partnered up with the legendary CBD Crew to cross the frost-covered, extract-friendly Sugar Gom with the Crew’s best fully automatic breeding stock. If you prefer to vape instead of lighting up, you’re in for a real treat!

Auto CBD Sugar Gom has been carefully selected for extra-thick resin with healthier oils & concentrates in mind. These babies are literally coated with sugary goo – they’re an easy trim & you won’t want to waste even a crumb. Even the smaller fans are liberally dusted with frost.

Once these fully autoflowering seeds get started, they only need 70 days or less to reach their full potential, with hairs starting to develop around day 30. Heights can go all the way to a full 120 cm with very generous yields that can reach as high as 120 gr/seed under optimal conditions. Auto CBD Sugar Gom is a real winner!

Of course, Auto CBD Sugar Gom is not a euphoric strain. Rather, it’s peaceful, dreamy & relaxing (not couchlocking) with therapeutic benefits that the experts say can help a full range of maladies including muscle spasms, nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, sleep issues, anxiety and stomach issues among other ailments. This one’s a game changer & maybe even a life changer – don’t miss out!

Get Your Auto CBD Sugar Gom Seeds Today – No One’s Got Them Cheaper than The Gorilla!