Busting 420!


In recent years it seems as though the holiday has exploded in size, but is 420 anymore than just a number?

420 is now a term that most know. Whether you celebrate it or contest it, where did it come from?

Over the years the terms meaning has widely been questioned. Multiple theories have been put forward and the rise of social media has helped to push this into the mainstream media.
Celebrated on April 20th, 420 has been coined as an ‘unmarked national holiday’ by cannabis advocates – but how many of those really know what it means?

One of the most widely spread myths suggested that 420 was derived from a US Penal code relating to cannabis use. A little bit of research proves this to be nothing more than a myth, with the actual 420 code relating to obstructing entry on public land. No mention of cannabis there.

This isn’t the only theory thats been proved wrong. Here’s a few others:

    ‘4:20 is teatime in Holland’
    ‘Cannabis has 420 chemicals’
    ‘’Lyrics to a song’
    ‘To commemorate the death of Bob Marley’
    ‘April 20th is the best time to grow weed’

Just incase you weren’t sure… These are all false.

The true meaning of 420 allegedly comes from a group of 5 teens, nicknamed the “Waldos”, who spent their afternoons in 1971 searching for a treasured cannabis plot, meeting at precisely 4:20. Although unsuccessful in their search, the group began to use “four-twenty” not as a meeting time, but a secret code to speak about their love of cannabis.
As sayings do, “420” spread through the cannabis loving world and many others began using the phrase. One of these being popular band the Grateful Dead and subsequently their fans.

So we now know the true meaning behind the term, but 420 has become a symbol of something a lot greater than that. It is now by extension a way to identify with cannabis culture and hence its popularity today!