Buy a Pack of Elemental Seeds – Get 2 Free Trueberry Feminized Seeds!


The summer heat has made The Gorilla go BOGO crazy! Elemental Seeds is jumping on the bandwagon with Cali Connections & Ultra Genetics to give you bonus weed seeds with every pack you buy from their brands. Best of all, the more you buy, the more you get, with no limits, making this the absolute best time to order. Don’t miss out!

Most California cannabis fans will recognize Elemental Seeds as an offshoot of Elemental Wellness, one of the state’s most respected collectives. Located in San Jose, they’re a non-profit organization that has quite a few accomplishments to their credit including their own High Times award. In addition to some truly amazing MMJ, Elemental Wellness gives back to the community with a wide range of free services including massages and classes.

With an uncertain legal future, Elemental Wellness can’t open branches everywhere they’re needed, so they’ve done the next best thing. They’ve created a new line of cannabis seeds so they can share what they feel are the most effective MMJ strains with the rest of the world. Here’s some of what they have:

True OG

Voted Best Indica of 2013 at the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup, True OG is famous for several traits including an astounding 27.6% THC rating and 5 major awards in the first 4 years after it was released. This is a good one, but no longer available on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for Elemental’s True OG Hybrids!


This is your freebie (2 seeds!), but it’s so good you might want to pick up an additional 6-pack to make it a full 8. Trueberry is a fruit-flavoured, resin-encrusted True OG X (Strawberry Banana X Blackberry) blend that’s top shelf all the way. It’s Indica dominant & Kush heavy for the perfect mix of calm head highs & chill stones.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears is a definite fan favourite due to its amazing flavour profile & spectacular colours. Think sweet berries dusted with lemon-infused powdered sugar, all encased within vibrant red, blue, green & purple-coloured buds. This is a Trueberry X Big Lemon hybrid (that’s a full 25% True OG!)

Grizzly KushM

For raw power (and for regular seed fanatics), Elemental Seeds brings you Grizzly Kush. This killer is 3 parts True OG to one part Abba Zabba for a rock-hard tolerance buster with bite. And once Grizzly Kush sinks her teeth in, she doesn’t let go – this is a bona fide couchlocker that’ll leave you about 10 degrees below chill. Since these are regular seeds, you’ll get 13 of these bad mama jamas in every pack!

And that’s not all – Elemental Seeds has 7 different feminized seeds & 3 regular strains, and almost all are readily available right now at Gorilla Seeds. Don’t miss this chance to try this incredible brand and get 2 free cannabis seeds for every pack you buy as a nice little bonus. Order now!