Canna Products for Your Junk!


Cannabis has a long history of relieving pain, lifting the spirit, opening the mind and putting people in the mood. Now, in addition to smoking a little herb before you get your freak on, try one of these hot little numbers that get right to the point:

Cannadoms – Neon-Green Jimmies for Stoner Willies

Since everything else on this list is for the ladies, we’ll start off with this one, even though there’s no actual cannabis in these condoms. They’re definitely the right colour, and they have the right smell and the right taste, but that’s where things end. Cannadoms were originally sold in Amsterdam where the weed and the sex flow freely, but for a few yo-yos, you can order your own from their website. Pick up an entire box & start a new tradition next 4/20!

Foria Pleasure – Better Orgasms in a Spray Bottle

This magic elixir comes in a convenient spray bottle filled with coconut oil and pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. With a few spritzes, Foria Pleasure will get your motor running on contact for some lucky ladies, within 15 minutes for most and after about an hour for a few, but it won’t get you high. This is a very targeted product that’s good for one thing only.

Each spray contains about 2.5 mg of THC combined with other cannabinoids, and the typical dosage is about 5 sprays directly on, or inside, your lady bits. Reactions will vary, just like they do for all marijuana products, but most report feelings of warmth, relaxation and … wait for it … longer, more intense orgasms.

Foria Pleasure is not meant to be used as lube, it’s not safe for use with latex condoms and it’s only available in Colorado and California dispensaries. And in Cali, you must have a MMJ card to get it – a sign that this is the real deal! If you’re not in an area where you can pick up a bottle of Fiora Pleasure, you can always make your own homemade canna lube.

SexxPot – Bred by a Lady, for the Ladies

The breeding world is dominated by men. Men who, like men, try to push the THC as high as it will go, first to 20%, then to 24%, and now nearly all the way to 30%. But for women, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to sex products.

Karyn Wagner made this discovery by accident when she smoked a low-THC Indica by Mr Nice with a very moderate 14% THC level. It relaxes the body and has a touch of euphoria, but not so much that it becomes the experience instead of enhancing the experience. With a few tweaks, she perfected her new strain and named it Sexxpot.

She now sells her SexxPot strain, the first one ever marketed specifically to women, through her Paradigm Medical Marijuana dispensary and several female-owned delivery services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not local to you? Try Pineapple Express Auto by Barney’s Farm. The taste is sinful & this Indica only has 15% THC!

It’s no secret that 420-friendly girls are super hot, and maybe products like these are why! What do you have in your bedside stash?