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November Gift Pack: Free Seeds on all orders over £29.99

November Gift Pack


3 Top Strains for Free With Your Order This Weekend!


The Gorilla’s back with a brand-new gift pack this weekend – and there are some absolute bangers up for grabs!


Hurry – these babies are well sought after, so you better get your hands on them while you have the chance!


Spend £29.99 or more (not including stealth or shipping) on your next order between Friday 30th November – Sunday 2nd December and you’ll get a free pack containing the following:



  • Peyote Cookies
  • Bad Azz Kush
  • Phantom OG




And for all your connoisseurs out there, each seed comes in it’s original souvenir breeder pack from Barney’s Farm.


What are you waiting for?


Black Friday/Cyber Monday: 20% OFF + Free Pack of Seeds!

 Black Friday Cyber Monday


20% OFF till Monday With This Code, PLUS Free Pack of Seeds!


That’s right Gorilla fans, the monster Black Friday sale is on! Between Friday and Monday, grab a whopping 20% off EVERYTHING on our site.


And lucky for you, there ain’t no queues, no screaming shoppers, and no mental rushing around – just one nice and easy promo code to add to your basket to secure a 20% discount off your order.


What’s that? You want more? Well, we’re also giving away a Free Pack of Seeds consisting of 3 of our sweetest strains when you meet the minimum spend!


What’s the code?


Here’s how to get your 20% Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount:


  1. Browse through our stuff and add your selected beans to the basket
  2. When you’re ready to checkout, hit the Shopping Bag icon at the top of the page
  3. Find the coupon code box and enter the following code:




Your discount will then automatically be added to your order.


How do I Get a Free Pack of Seeds?


All you have to do is place an order over £29.99 (not including shipping or stealth) between Friday 23rd November and Monday 26th November 2018.


Every single order placed over the minimum spend amount will qualify – you lucky sods! We’ll post your free beans out with your purchase.


And in case you’re wondering what’s in the bag – here’s what you’ll get:


  • 1 x Bruce Banner
  • 1 x Peyote Cookies
  • 1 x Bad Azz Kush


Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.

Halloween Weekend Flash Sale – 10% OFF EVERYTHING!

Halloween Flash Sale


Use this code to grab 10% OFF EVERYTHING this weekend!


Pay no mind to the ghosts, ghouls and goblins this Halloween… you’ve got some seeds to snap up in our flash sale!


This ain’t no trick – you should already know the Gorilla only deals in treats (and top quality ones at that).


There’s only one thing you need to get your discount – the almighty promocode. Here’s what to do:


  1. Browse through our stuff and add your selected beans to the basket
  2. When you’re ready to checkout, hit the Shopping Bag icon at the top of the page
  3. Find the coupon code box and enter the following code:




Voilá! Your discount will magically be added to your order, and you can go about your day knowing you’ve bagged a bargain.


Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.

Credit Card Payments Now Accepted Worldwide!

Now accepting credit cards worldwide!


From US to Oz – it’s official!


We can now process credit card payments worldwide.


We’re excited to announce that you can now use your credit card from anywhere in the world at Gorilla Seeds!


This might be old news for some of our European customers, who’ve been reaping the rewards of credit and debit card payments for a little while now.


But for all of our other friends across the world – welcome aboard!


Whether you’re in the market for our renowned feminized strains, have an itch for our high yielding autos, or seek the soothing properties of our medical beans, we’ve got you covered.


Fill your boots with your favourite goodies and head to the checkout where you can select the ‘Credit Card’ payment option.


Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.




It’s a triple threat! Get 3 of our best-selling seeds for FREE with your next order…


You heard correctly, my friend. Courtesy of the good guys at Dr Krippling and Feminized Seeds, we’re giving away:



Between 31st August 2018 and 4th September 2018, EVERY order you place over £24.99 (not including shipping and stealth) will qualify!


There are 1,000 seeds up for grabs – come and get yours.


We’ll share the magic promocode with you below – but first, let’s have a look at what these babies are made of, shall we?





King Gelato | Feminized Seeds


If you can only buy one new cannabis seed, make it King Gelato! Super potent doesn’t even begin to describe these bad-ass beans. The extra-thick layer of resin makes these ladies perfect for concentrates, but at 26+% THC, the dried flowers are more than enough to blow even the most tolerant away. Plus, one pheno goes a deep royal purple. What else would you expect from the King?!





Pink Sherbert | Feminized Seeds


A fantastic example of a GSC cross, Pink Sherbert weed seeds will leave you a satisfying harvest of sparkling, sugar-coated buds with super high THC levels. The long-lasting and medical-grade high is popular with medical users and should be treated with respect. Her tasty aroma will send you into another dimension whilst gently massaging your pain away. You’ll be able to get your stuff done, though.




Afghan Cow | Dr Krippling


Don’t have a cow, man! Better yet, have 850 gr/m2 of Afghan Cow, Dr Krippling’s best cerebral mind bender. Perfect for meditation & contemplation, this impressive Sativa-dominant feminized seed is truly exquisite with mass quantities of eye-catching buds bursting with power thanks to their 22% THC rating. The name might be weird, but the buzz is first rate!



How Do I Get My Sh*t?


If you’re salivating from the sound of these beauties, it’s time to get shopping. Here’s what you do:


  1. Add at least £24.99’s worth of goodies to your basket, then click the ‘Shopping Bag’ at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Coupon Code’ section, and enter promocode AUG18PRO.
  3. You’ll see the ‘Free Aug promo pack’ has been added to your cart – it’s time to checkout!


But you better hurry – this offer ends on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Big G’s Latest Giveaway – 120 FREE Cannabis Seeds Up For Grabs!


Ready to get your seed on … for free? It’s that time again, so here goes!


Big G has partnered up with his best bud Barney to put together some prizes that’re guaranteed to blow you away. And, entering this contest is so easy. You don’t have to fill out any long forms. You don’t have to mail anything in. You don’t have to find some long-gone receipt. All you have to do is click a link for each entry you’d like to submit, follow a few simple steps and you’re in!


Here’s The Deets:


    5 Ways to Enter

  • 7 Amazing Prize Packs
  • Each Winner Gets At Least 20 FREE CANNABIS SEEDS
  • Starts Now – Contest Ends 31 Aug 2018!
  • Winners Announce About A Week Later
  • Absolutely No Purchase Necessary!!!!!

The Prizes – 7 Winners!


Barney’s Farm Blue Gelato 41 – 5 Pack, Feminized Seeds

Blue Gelato 41 is one of Barney’s Farm’s newest creations and it’s a goodie! This is a Blueberry X Thin Mint GSC X Sunset Sherbert cross that’s capable of yielding up to 3000 gr/seed outdoors. That’s crazy, right! Barney’s hasn’t released an actual figure for THC yet, but this one’s reported to be plenty potent.


Barney’s Farm Peyote Critical – 5 Pack, Feminized Seeds

This Barney’s strain has been out for just a little while. It’s a new take on their high-yielding Critical Kush, but with a more intense flavours, aromas & colours. There’s just a touch of mental lift in Peyote Critical, but the Kush will definitely keep you grounded when you enjoy this 80% Indica.



The Feminised Seeds Company – King Gelato – 5 Pack

These cannabis seeds have been topping our sales charts for the past few months – when we can keep them in stock. It’s similar to Blue Gelato 41 with a few differences. Instead of Blueberry, King Gelato includes a very potent King Indica strain that boosts both yield and potency. THC has been tested as high as 26%. Fancy a side-by-side comparison?!


The Feminised Seeds Company – Pink Sherbert – 5 Pack

Pink Sherbert is another GSC X Sherbert cross, but without anything else to complicate the mash-up. Some phenos will turn pink & purplish if allowed to fade, but many will stay a deep green. Regardless of colour, the flavours are an intense mix of sweet, minty and nutty with a heavy, hashy aroma. Highs are strong but functional.



The Grand Prize Add-Ons

Every winner will get four packs of 100% feminized seeds, but Big G will personally draw an extra entry and award one lucky bastard to receive a bonus prize that we’ll announce about mid-way through the contest.


It may be seeds, it may be a very nice stash box, it may be an assortment of papers, pipes and grinders. You just never know. Keep your eyes peeled!


Where You Can Enter – 5 Easy Ways!

You can enter on all 5 sites if you want to, but make sure you read the instructions on each page. They may vary slightly.


If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, please do. It’ll make sure you always know when we’re running specials or giving away free stuff. We try to make sure there’s at least one value-add in each one!



Every contest has to have some. Read each entry site carefully for individual instructions.


  • Post As Much As You Want, But Only One Entry Per Person Per Site Is Allowed
  • One Prize Pack Per Person – We’ll Choose Again If You’re Picked Twice
  • Complaints Earn An Automatic Disqualification
  • Prizes Shipped Via Registered Mail – No Reships If Lost

By entering this contest, you agree that we can send you newsletters and other promotional material using the email addy on your entry. You also agree that we can use your name (it can be an alias) when we announce the winners.


Please make sure you understand the laws pertaining to cannabis seeds where you live and how they apply to you. Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds for collection and preservation purposes only. Germination and cultivation are strictly prohibited.


Everyone’s A Winner!

If you’d like to buy the weed seeds featured in this contest from our online shoppe, use coupon code CONTEST0818 to get 13% OFF – good through the end of the September.


Home Office Finally Return’s Billy Caldwell’s Cannabis Oil


Young Billy Caldwell and His Mother Charlotte


You may remember Billy Caldwell. After the cannabis oils he tried in the US made a miraculous difference in the number of seizures he suffered every day, he became the first person in the UK to be approved for treatment with medical marijuana.


That was in 2017. Just last month, in May of 2018, the NHS told Billy’s doctor he could no longer prescribe cannabis oils for Billy’s treatment.


Billy’s mother didn’t let that stop her. She traveled to Canada to buy a 6-month supply of what she views as life-saving medicine. In her own words:


“I take the view that I’d rather have my son illegally alive than legally dead.”

On her return trip, she declared the medication to customs at Heathrow Airport after which it was confiscated. Billy was hospitalized soon afterward.




Billy’s mother appealed to the Home Office to release the cannabis oils so her son could resume treatment in what was argued to be a real life-and-death situation. Billy had been taking the oils for 19-months straight. A sudden, cold-turkey stop could do more than allow his seizures to increase to their former level – it could kill him.


Home Office Nick Hurd listened to all the arguments in favour of continuing treatment and still said no. This is what his spokeswoman had to say:


The Home Office is “sympathetic to the rare situation that Billy and his family are faced with. The policing minister met Ms Caldwell and advised her that despite these extremely difficult circumstances, it is unlawful to possess Schedule 1 drugs such as those seized at the border this morning without a licence. The minister urged the family to explore licensing options with the Department of Health Northern Ireland.”



Home Office Secretary Javid relented five days later and had the cannabis oils sent to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where Billy Caldwell had been admitted. They made it clear that the treatment was under an exceptional license for a “short-term emergency” and would need to be reviewed.


The current conditions are:

  • The special license is only good for 20 days.
  • Billy must take the oils at the hospital, not at home.

It would seem that the Home Office has a heart after all … kind of.




Charlotte Caldwell, Billy’s mother, said it all:


“No other family should have to go through this sort of ordeal, travelling half way round the world to get medication which should be freely available. “My experience leaves me in no doubt that the Home Office can no longer play a role in the administration of medication for sick children in our country. Children are dying in our country and it needs to stop now.”

At Gorilla Seeds, we agree whole-heartedly. While we maintain strict compliance with current laws and only sell collectible items including high-CBD cannabis seeds, we do advocate for sensible change and the end of government overreach. You may even see legal CBD oils and other products on our site soon. Check back often!


Two Paris Coffee Shops Now Sell Legal Cannabis – Are You Game?


From E-Klop’s Facebook Page – Is that weed???


Parisians are lining up at E-Klop and Cofyshop to try legal weed products. But, before you get too excited, this isn’t really cannabis by our standards. The dried herbs, oils, sweets, vape-liquid and other legal products can’t contain more than .2% THC (that’s 2/10 of a percent, not 2 percent). Instead, they’re high in CBD derrived from hemp.



Will it get you high? Probably not, unless you’re the lightest of the lightweights. But, it might make you feel a bit relaxed and you might … we repeat … might get some of the medical benefits that researchers have attributed to CBD. The laws are clear though – neither the makers or the sellers of these products can make any medical claims or recommendations.




Per gram, dried herb costs about €20-25 per gram at E-Klop and only €10-12 per gram at Cofyshop. Oils, sweets & e-liquids that need more work to process are priced accordingly.


Cofyshop’s owner Joaquim Lousquy had this to say:

“There’s no psychotropic effect. It is not a medicine or a relaxant. We are not doctors. I would not advise anyone to smoke cannabis. Here, we sell it like a common product, in the same way as a furniture shop might sell a table or a chair.”

Marc, a 21-year-old waiting to buy a newly legal cannabis product said:

“I want to find out if the stuff they’re selling gets you stoned. In theory, it has less than 0.2 percent THC, but I’ve heard it contains more CBD [cannabidiol, a legal cannabinoid] and that should have an effect, at least to make you feel relaxed.”

Dan Valea, a psychologist who specializes in addiction only had negative things to say about this new development:

“There are not enough studies [on this]…there is a risk that users [of CBD] may return to using cannabis containing THC, and that CBD will act as a ‘gateway’ product for new users.”

And finally, Marlene, a 72-year-old resident who lives above one of the coffeeshops, was not happy at all. She commented:

“It smells of hashish in the street and it wafts up into our flat.”



Amsterdam’s where Big G likes to play, but he says if you’re in Paris and you’re curious, why not? If you’d simply like to stay home & chill, he’s got plenty of low-THC, high-CBD products of his own like CBD Python as well as more traditional powerhouses like old-school Chronic and new sensation King Gelato with 26+% THC. Now, that’s something you won’t find in any French coffee shop!



Local Dutch Councils Want to Supply Weed to Citizens

Proposals are afoot to allow Dutch councils to produce and supply cannabis in order to eradicate the black market that has grown around the current tolerated but not regulated Dutch weed model.

This has resulted in around 30 different Dutch cannabis companies striving to work with the government in the proposed trials in Breda and other parts of the Netherlands.

According to local authorities: “In the front door, it is working well. Back door, all sorts of problems because it is encouraging criminality and the small production in fields in houses and there are fires because of electricity problems.”

An Amsterdam Coffee Shop Menu

The groundbreaking, but simple idea that a legal cannabis market can exist has now been proven in the US, and the recent vote to allow recreational cannabis in California is one of many large milestones that have been passed over the last few years. Sanity is prevailing, slowly but surely.

Waste of Police Time

For Dutch police, dismantling 16 cannabis farms a day (5,856 a year) has surely got to get extremely tiresome at some point. And very, very expensive.

UK police gathering up cannabis plants

Trials will take place in 2018 and the various councils involved will report their harvests and production figures back to government.

New Models Proposed

Different ways of supplying the consumer are also under discussion, including ordering online from licensed vendors. Other options on the table are mass production by companies or medical institutions who could potentially sell directly to the coffee shops.

There is also a cannabis social club model being proposed and another proposition is to allow the coffeeshops themselves to grow their own product.

Depla, the major of Breda is quoted as saying:

“A lot of companies have tried to contact and have said they are capable of producing the cannabis to be sold in the coffee shop. I have had offers from 25, 30, companies telling me that they are capable to produce on a legal and safe basis the cannabis.

Some involved in agriculture or linked with big companies with a lot of spare heat. Producing cannabis costs you a lot in electricity.”

In the trials the companies involved will provide 15 different types of cannabis for sale.

Image Credits:,,

Look! 57 countries are changing their cannabis laws!

These 57 countries are changing their cannabis laws! And that’s not even counting the US or Uruguay. Given the total number of countries in the world, this means a QUARTER of the PLANET are starting to see sense. The UK does not appear on this list of forward thinking countries (but just watch County Durham go!)  You can click on each country’s name for the full details!  The world is changing.

1. Antigua And Barbuda

“Legislation will cause all fines for the possession of 5 grammes of marijuana or less to be eliminated.”

2. Argentina

“Argentina legalized medical marijuana, after the Senate unanimously approved a bill that was already passed by the House of Representatives”

3. Aruba

“In December 2016 there was a debate about legalizing medicinal cannabis; the opinion of the population has to be part of the debate”

4. Australia

“”Chronic and seriously ill Australians will be able to access medicinal cannabis more quickly under sweeping changes announced by the Federal Government”

5. Barbados

“The debate over the emotive issue of marijuana use has intensified here in recent times, particularly after Jamaica last year decriminalized small amounts and paved the way for a lawful medical marijuana sector”

6. Bermuda

“Legislation decriminalising up to 7 grams of cannabis was passed unanimously in the House of Assembly tonight.”

7. Brazil

“Brazilian healthcare regulator Anvisa on Monday said it had issued the country’s first license for sale of a cannabis-based drug”

8. Canada

“Brazilian healthcare regulator Anvisa on Monday said it had issued the country’s first license for sale of a cannabis-based drug”

9. Cayman Islands

“Grand Cayman’s CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group have introduced medical cannabis for physician-selected patients who are residents in the Cayman Islands”

10. Chile

“Pharmacies in Chile’s capital Santiago will start selling cannabis-based medicines”

11. Christmas Island

“The new laws, which amend the Narcotic Drugs Act, make it legal to cultivate and manufacture medicinal cannabis”

12. Colombia

“The Colombian government finally issued a decree, through the Ministry of Health, which regulates the production of medical marijuana”

13. Costa Rica

“The decision means that anyone caught by police growing marijuana for personal consumption will not face criminal or financial penalties.”

14. Croatia

“Marijuana became legally available in Croatia for medical purposes Thursday”

15. Cyprus

“Doctors in Cyprus are starting to write medical cannabis prescriptions”

16. Denmark

“The Danish government on Tuesday announced that as of 2018, doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to certain patients”

17. Ecuador

“The Ecuadorian authorities have decided to take a step forwards by conceding that medical cannabis may be legally used by cancer or HIV patients”

18. Georgia

“Today you can carry enough for more than 200 joints, after the constitutional court in effect decriminalised possession of the drug”

19. Germany

“Lower house of parliament passes law that allows people with chronic and serious illnesses to get marijuana on prescription”

20. Greece

“Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said last week that doctors will soon be able to prescribe the drug for a variety of medical conditions”

21. Guam

“Health Department officials are accepting applications from those seeking to become licensed medical cannabis cultivators or providers”

22. Guyana

“President David Granger of Guyana says he is open to easing laws on marijuana for personal use”

23. Hungary

“A recently submitted draft amendment proposal from Hungarian Liberal Party leader Gábor Fodor aims to legalize marijuana or cannabis consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes in Hungary”

24. India

“Patiala MP Dr Dharamvira Gandhi’s private Bill to seek legalisation of certain intoxicants, such as opium and marijuana, has been cleared by the legislative branch of Parliament”

25. Ireland

“Ireland is set to legalise the use of cannabis for treating specific medical conditions, after a report commissioned by the government said the drug could be given to some patients with certain illnesses”

26. Israel

“Israel plans to decriminalise personal marijuana use, Gilad Erdan, the nation’s Public Security Minister, said on Thursday, adopting an approach similar to some US states and European countries”

27. Italy

“Milan saw the opening of Italy’s first cannabis clone shop, the Hemp Embassy, on June 15”

28. Jamaica

“Jamaica is upping the vending machine game however by installing cannabis vending machines and kiosks throughout Jamaican airports”

29. Lithuania

“Lithuanian Health Minister Aurėlijus Veryga backs a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana”

30. Macedonia

“The country has set its medical cannabis program in motion and said medical cannabis extracts are expected to become available in pharmacies across the country starting at the end of May”

31. Malta

“Medical marijuana is slowly but surely becoming a thing in Malta. In the “coming months”, Sativex spray will be made available to patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), but the Medicines Authority is also “listening to stakeholders” on a range of other forms”

32. Mexico

“Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a decree this week legalizing medical marijuana”

33. Micronesia

“Applications for Medical Cannabis Licenses were made available for the first time yesterday at the department’s offices in Mangilao”

34. Morocco

“Morocco, top hash provider, mulls legislation to break marijuana taboo and legalize growing”

35. Netherlands

“Dutch MPs have narrowly approved a bill that would permit the growing of cannabis, removing a legal grey area that left “coffee shops” able to sell the drug but unable to supply themselves without fear of prosecution”

36. New Zealand

“New Zealanders with chronic illnesses are applauding the Government’s decision to allow doctors to prescribe a cannabis-sourced substance.”

37. Paraguay

“Paraguay Grants Historic Import Permit to CBD Hemp Oil RSHO as Medication for Epilepsy”

38. Peru

“Peru’s government says it will present to the opposition-dominated legislature a plan to legalize the medical use of marijuana “for the treatment of serious and terminal illnesses”

39. Philippines

“The Philippines has voted to introduce the free and lawful use of medical marijuana, just one day after it voted to reinstate the death penalty for certain drug offenses”

40. Poland

“Polish lawmakers have this week voted to legalise medical cannabis”

41. Puerto Rico

“Puerto Rico medical marijuana dispensaries have begun operating for the first time in the U.S. territory”

42. Romania

“Following convincing arguments from the medical-marijuana lobbyists in Romania, they now become the 10th state in the European Union to have legalized cannabis for medical usage”

43. Russian Federation

“A facility processing cannabis will be built in the Penza region, located in the southeastern part of European Russia”

44.Saint Kitts and Nevis

“St Kitts and Nevis’ prime minister, Dr Timothy Harris, says his government is ready for open dialogue with the relevant stakeholders on the issue of the decriminalization”

45. Saint Lucia

“The Commission was established to determine whether there should be a change in the current drug classification of marijuana thereby making the drug more accessible for all types of usage including religious, recreational, and medical and research”

46. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

“The nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines may soon be an exporter of Medicinal Marijuana, if all goes according to plans between the government and investors”

47 Saint Kitts And Nevis

“St Kitts and Nevis’ prime minister, Dr Timothy Harris, says his government is ready for open dialogue with the relevant stakeholders on the issue of the decriminalization of marijuana”

48. Slovenia

“Also in Slovenia, MGC confirmed that production was underway at its open field farm with its 5,000 square meters of planted cannabis seedlings showing good signs of strength ahead of a planned harvest later this year”

49. South Africa

“The Western Cape High Court has just ruled that Cannabis prohibition in South Africa is “unconstitutional”, and that adults have the right to use, grow or possess cannabis in the privacy of their homes”

50. San Marino

“Authority in San Marino and considering the results of the discussion and the favourable answer by the Parliament about the cultivation for theraupetic purposes, the cultivation could start shortly”

51. Swaziland

“Swaziland lawmakers are to investigate legalising the use of cannabis as a way of boosting the kingdom’s ailing economy”

52. Sweden

“Two patients in Sweden have been granted the right to use parts of cannabis plants to relieve chronic pain – the first time the drug has been prescribed for such use”

53. Thailand

“Thailand has approved a proposal to allow hemp to be grown as a cash crop and for medical purposes in 15 of its districts”

54. Tunisia

“Tunisia’s parliament voted on Tuesday to ease the country’s harsh law on drugs, in a move that could see offenders like youths caught smoking marijuana escape jail terms”

55. Turkey

“The new government regulations will allow highly-controlled and cannabis production in 19 provinces”

56. Zambia

“Cultivation of Cannabis for Medicinal purposes is Legal in Zambia says Home Affairs Minister”

57. Zimbabwe

“A move that will see the country legalising the production and use of marijuana in selected areas, a Cabinet Minister has said”