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Strain Review: Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized!


Ken Estes has been selling premium cannabis seeds since 2003 (that’s 14 years) and breeding for much longer than that. He’s made lots of advancements, but until now, he’s stubbornly stuck to regular seeds. And, when you have one of the most popular strains on the planet in your catalog, you can do that.

When we could get our hands on Original Granddaddy Purp, they never lasted long, and it was by far the most requested strain ever – hands down more popular than either Gorilla Glue or Girl Scout Cookies, especially when you consider this Purple Indica has been available for well over a decade. That’s because GDP is no fad – she’s a solid performer.

Feminized GDP Has Been a Long Time Coming!

Now, Ken has finally crossed the line and produced an entire batch of Feminized Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds. We’ll just warn you before you look, the price is pretty high for a 5-pack, but if they stand up to this strain’s stellar reputation, it’ll be well worth it to avoid any gender identity issues.

Other than a sexual tweak, Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized Seeds should give you all the big, glittery, purple flowers you’ve come to expect from this strain. The smells and aromas should be just as tempting, the Indica high should be just as strong & relaxing and the finishes should still come in at around 8 to 9 weeks. You will not be disappointed!

You’ll Find Lots Of Purple at Gorilla Seeds!

If you can’t afford genuine GDP genetics and don’t have a mate you can split the cost & the weed seeds with, you can also find an amazing array of Purple Strains that are a little more budget friendly at Gorilla Seeds. Our current favourite newcomer is Purple Envy by Feminised Seeds, but you can’t go wrong with Purple Skunk Mass by Critical Mass Collective or Purple Haze by the one & only Positronics Seed Company!

Although we expect Ken to come out with more feminized seeds in the future, we’ll still be selling his regular line as long as we can get them – including Original Granddaddy Purp. We know a segment of our customer base loves a regular seed, even if some of the breeders don’t.

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Breeder Profile: Bomb Seeds


Bomb Seeds takes the BS out of buying cannabis seeds! These beans have meaningful names that tell you exactly what you’ll get even before you read the stats. Like plenty of resin? Go with Hash Bomb. Want mind-blowing power? We recommend THC Bomb. And for maximum medical benefits? CBD Bomb or Medi Bomb, of course!

Based in The Netherlands, Bomb Seeds has access to some of the best cannabis genetics on earth, and they take full advantage of their location. You can trust this crew to deliver only the best gear, all designed, refined and fully tested for vigour, potency, yield, quality and flavour. You really can have it all!

Here’s just a few of the amazing strains offered by Bomb Seeds:

Killer Purps – It’s the Bomb!

Killer Purps is one of the few strains ever released by this legendary Dutch breeder that doesn’t have Bomb in the name, but trust us – she’s no slouch! This is one of the most potent and highest yielding Purple strains you’ll ever find with genetics from both Buzz Bomb and Sour Diesel.

  • Up to 500 gr/m2 in Yield – Mostly Sativa
  • Very Pungent with an Unmistakable Sour Twang

Cherry Bomb – A Flavour Explosion!

If you want maximum bling in minimum time, let Cherry Bomb Auto be your new ride or die! She’s a real beauty with incredibly fast finishes, 20% THC and 450 gr/m2 yields topped off with an intense, unbelievably good Cherry/Skunk flavour that’ll make your taste buds stand up and pay attention. You’ll really love this one!

  • Very Balanced with Happy Highs & Pleasant Stones
  • Short & Easy with Triple-Thick Trichomes

Big Bomb – When You Just Need More!

Sometimes, and in some cases, size really does matter. When you need the biggest buds your can get, and plenty of them, go with Big Bomb by Bomb Seeds. This Big Bud X Bomb #1 cross can pump out up to 850 gr/m2 of massive, resinous rocks oozing with THC!

  • 8 to 9 Weeks of Finish with High Yields
  • Manageable Heights – 90 to 140 cm

To ensure top quality, maximum viability and your total satisfaction, Bomb Seeds hand selects each fat bean before they carefully nestle each one inside their protective packaging. You won’t be disappointed!

Fulfill All Your Bomb Seeds Needs at Gorilla Seeds – No One’s Cheaper!

Strain Review – Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze


If you’re looking for a new strain, you can’t go wrong with Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse Seeds. She has won 7 major awards between 2008 and 2009 including several High Times Cannabis Cups, but that’s not all this 100% feminized seed has going for her.

Super Lemon Haze is a 70% Sativa with a full 19.33% THC (gotta love Greenhouse for those very specific stats) for plenty of potency and staying power. This strain starts off with instant mind-melt before it eases into a happy, grin-inspiring high and a pleasant body stone that’ll ease your pain, relieve your stress and leave you perfectly chill without locking you to the couch. Best of all, it last for hours!

  • Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze
  • Seven Cup Wins – A True Champion
  • Very Citrusy – Full of Limonine

The strong, long-lasting effects are what’ll keep you coming back for more, but the intense, citrusy flavour and aroma run a close second! And, it’s a good thing they taste great because you won’t ever come up short with Super Lemon Haze. Inside, she delivers up to 800 gr/m2 of big, sticky, aromatic buds after a 10-week finish, and those numbers go all the way up to 1200 gr/seed outside. She’s a real whopper!

On the medical front, Greenhouse Seeds says that Super Lemon Haze is great for pain reduction and appetite stimulation. According to Headspace Gas Chromatography, this seriously strong strain is also high in the following terpenes, among others: pinene, myrcene and, of course, limonene. Enjoy!

Buy Your Super Lemon Haze Seeds at Gorilla – You’ll Love Them!

Breeder Profile: DNA Genetics


Now headquartered in the heart of Amsterdam, DNA Genetics has roots that reach all the way to the American West Coast, and this crew still maintains a healthy presence back home so that they can always get their hands on the trendiest, most in-demand breeding stock. Maybe that’s why they have so many Cannabis Cup champions in their line-up?

We could talk all day about how much breeding expertise you can find at DNA Genetics, but let’s skip the BS this time & get down to business. Here’s some of our favourite DNA strains for your perusal:

Stacked Kush – Extract-Friendly!

This Sleestack X The OG #18 cross pairs towering donkey d’s made up of tightly stacked, rock-hard buds with one of the best resin profiles you’ll find anywhere thanks to a double Hash Cup winner in the family tree. Let’s just say if you’re into oils, dabs or any other kind of concentrate, this is one of the absolute best choices you can make.

  • Fast & Easy to Trim
  • 60% Sativa, 40% Indica

Kosher Tangie – A Double Cup-Champion Cross

With a family tree that includes two award-winning parents, you can bet you’ll find more than one keeper in each pack of 100% feminized Kosher Tangie seeds you get your greedy mitts on. Kosher Kush has won several Cups for her Indica-dominant chill while Tangie’s Sativa genetics have more than 10 shiny trophies to their credit. Combined, these two simply can’t be beat! This super hybrid pumps out up to 500 gr/m2 of acid-orange scented buds that ooze with power.

  • Smells & Tastes Like Orange-Drenched Kush
  • Tall with 9 to 10 Week Finishes

Rocklock – A Genuine Warlock Hybrid

This DNA Genetics classic is a proven blend of Warlock & Rockstar with an 80% Indica, 20% Sativa genetic profile, an 8-week finish and epic 600 gr/m2 yields inside. Rocklock is another extract-friendly strain, but that should come as no surprise. DNA seems to specialize in bringing the goo. This is also DNA’s easiest, most beginner-friendly breed. She’ll definitely make you look like a rockstar by delivering an abundance of massive, rock-hard buds completely saturated in aromatic resin no matter how many mistakes you make!

  • Heavy Stones – Very Medicinal
  • Great for SOG or SCROG

Do Yourself a Favour & Go With DNA Genetics for Your Next Seed Purchase!

Strain Review: Gorilla Glue

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the world’s most highly sought-after, and most elusive, dab-friendly cannabis seed ever released for public consumption, Big G’s ready to scratch your back like it’s never been scratched before!

Gorilla Seeds is proud to be the first to bring you Gorilla Glue by the Feminised Seeds Company, one of our absolute favourite breeders. These impressive beans were propagated from authentic cuts from the real GG#4 and have the trichomes to prove it. Just look at that bud porn if you don’t believe us – she’s covered in so much frosty resin that she literally glows with an inner light so bright it makes White Widow look positively dark!

  • Bred from an Original GG#4 Cut
  • Extract-Friendly – Triple-Stacked Trichs!
  • High THC – Amazing Flavour & Smell

Feminised Seeds’ Gorilla Glue stays true to the original GG#4 (Sour Dubb X Chem’s Sister X Chocolate Diesel) in every single way. Not only is she completely coated in goo, she’s got that unique earthy/pungent flavour and aroma that no other strain can match. Gorilla Glue is most definitely American ingenuity at its best!

For your convenience, Gorilla Glue is available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 feminized seeds, but they may not be around for long. This is expected to be one of the most in-demand strains Feminised Seds has ever produced – and that’s saying something!

Don’t Wait – Get Your Gorilla Glue Seeds Now Before They’re History!

Big G’s Halloween Blow Out




This ain’t no trick – Big G is treating to you some SWEET seeds this Halloween if you’re up for it.

To win, all you have to do is browse our site until you find all 5 Jack-o-Lanterns that have been hidden within our pages. Once you think you have all 5, submit your answer to [email protected]

The FIRST 3 ENTRIES with the right answer will win 50 very SWEET seeds this Halloween, and that’s way better than a Gorilla-sized candy bar in our book.



It’s getting cold outside, but Big G is heating things up with a brilliant free seed deal to finish out the month of October. All you have to do is place an order worth at least £36.99 in seeds and we’ll toss in a total of 6 amazing freebies – 3 X Feminised Seeds Easy Kush and 3 X Sweet Seeds Cream 47 – to top things off!

That offer starts now & lasts until they’re all gone – or the clock winds down at 6 PM on 1st November. It sounds like you have plenty of time, but if you’ve been around for ½ a second, you know how fast we sell out!

Here’s what you could get if you order now:


Feminised Seeds – 3 X Easy Kush


Why work hard when you can have it Easy? This 100% feminized seed is the simplest, most trouble-free gear we sell at Gorilla Seeds, bar none, but there’s nothing junior league about their power. These crystal-coated beauties are bursting with THC!

Extra Hardy & Pest Resistant
High Yielding with Early Finishes


Sweet Seeds – 3 X Cream 47


Sweet Seeds went all out with this Cream Caramel X AK-47 cross. Not only will the power knock you for a loop, the sweet, candy-like flavour and aroma will tempt, tantalize and tease until you think you can’t take it anymore. But trust us – you’ll be back for more!

Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside
Balanced – 50% Indica, 50% Sativa


It’s always 4:20 somewhere,

Gorilla Seeds and Associates

Premium Seeds Marked Down by 40% Starting Tomorrow


Tick, Tick, Tick …. That’s the sound of Big G’s watch counting down the seconds to his next Flash Sale! In mere hours, you’ll be able to pick up some of the best brand-name cannabis seeds in our shop for pence on the pounds, or pennies on the dollar!

We’d love to tell you exactly what you can get at these insanely low prices, but The Gorilla is keeping that tempting piece of intel close to his vest and we haven’t been able to pry it out of him. Trust us – it’ll be worth taking a peak!

All sales are limited to stock on hand, and when we run out, we’re out. If you’ve missed out in the past because you waited too long to place your order, you know what you’ll be dealing with. Take our advice and shop early!

Don’t forget, the following still apply:

  • All Free Seed Offers
  • Available Coupon Codes
  • Free Shipping Kicks in at £99 in Seeds
  • Free Shipping Doesn’t Include Stealth

Watch your inbox for the next Gorilla Seeds Newsletter – they’ll start going out right before the sale starts so you won’t miss out!

Peace Out,

The Gorilla Seeds Team

Breeder Profile: Critical Mass Collective – Genetics of Mass Production!


Whether you’re a Critical Mass fan or you simply want the biggest yields of the dankest buds around, Critical Mass Collective should be your new go-to breeder. CMC hasn’t been around for long. In fact, they just released their second wave of strains, and they look fantastic! But you won’t find better beans anywhere, no matter how hard you try!

All Critical Mass Collective strains are based on Monster Mass, a highly refined hybrid created by crossing an outstanding Critical Mass with an equally impressive Crtical+. CMC uses a team-effort model of breeding by including the most insane Critical Mass fans in every project for inspiration, genetic input and for the most rigorous testing program anyone has ever designed.

When you buy a pack of Critical Mass Collective cannabis seeds, you can rest easy knowing that all Critical Mass Collective marijuana seeds are:

  • Bred organically and hand selected
  • Propagated in small batches for freshness
  • Stored in temperature/humidity controlled vaults
  • Packed in sterile, protective vials

Here’s something pretty cool about Critical Mass Collective – When your pack of cannabis seeds arrives, take a close look. Each one has a unique serial number that will let CMC trace your seeds back to the original batch in the unlikely event you have any problems. That, my friend, is a sign that these guys really care about you and want you to get the absolute best result from every Critical Mass Collective seed you buy!

So, now that you’re sold on Critical Mass Collective, the breeder, let’s see if we can sell you on some CMC seeds. Here’s what’s good at Gorilla right now, and we’ll soon have even more!

Monster Mass – The One, The Only, The Original

Monster Mass is the one that got the ball rolling for Critical Mass Collective, and it’s still the most requested strain from their impressive lineup because of both her bulk and her speed. Think you can pass up a premium feminized seed that can yield up to 800 gr/m2 indoors after as little as 45 days? We think not!

  • Select Critical Mass X Select Critical+
  • Up to 900 gr/seed Outdoors, by Mid Sept!
  • Very Potent – 18 to 20% THC

Purple Skunk Mass – A Triple Threat that’s Hard to Beat!

This one’s got it all! Lavender’s lovely colours and aroma, Afghani Skunk’s unrelenting power and Monster Mass’s copious yields. Purple Skunk Mass is a branchy beauty with tons of nodes to hold big, fat buds that literally ooze with resin and a sweet grape stench. Why settle for less when you can have more, more, more!

  • Up to 700 gr/m2 Inside with a 55 to 60 Day Finish
  • Outdoors, 850 gr/seed by Late September
  • More Power for the Slight Wait – 20 to 22% THC!

Auto Masszar – 65 Days from Seed!

You didn’t think the thoughtful crew at CMC would forget about all you autoflowering fans, did you? With a Critical Mass Collective Autoflowering Strain you get power, bulk & beauty in way less time. Our favourite has to be Auto Masszar, a short, 65-dayer with 550 gr/m2 yields, 19% THC, plenty of resin and a Skunk funk that won’t let you down!

  • Taste: Hash, Vanilla, Orange Zest, Coffee & Pungent Skunk
  • Colour: Emerald Green with Turquoise Flecks
  • Effect: Instantly Euphoric & Happy with Strong Physical Relaxation

No matter what Critical Mass Collective strain you choose, buy your beans at Gorilla Seeds! Big G has your back with great prices to start and major discounts to finish, especially if you buy your cannabis seeds with bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is definitely the way to go!

Go for Maximum Results with Critical Mass Collective – Buy Your Seeds Now!

Strain Review: Swiss Skunk, Coming Soon!


Big G’s at it again, and this time he’s working overtime to be the first to bring you Swiss Skunk by the Feminised Seed Company. Like most old-school stoners, he likes super potent filter-busters better than any other type of cannabis seeds, and this one promises to be a real stink-bomb. Check it out!

Swiss Skunk Seeds are 100% feminized with stable genetics that go all the way back to the day when Skunk set the standard for grade-A smoke. You know what we’re talking about – that peculiar, instantly recognizable, sweet stench that makes you want to bury your nose in the bag for hours. That, my friend, cannot be faked!

  • Classic Aroma – Instantly Recognizable!
  • Old-School with Upgraded Potency – High THC
  • Full-Flavoured with Extra-Thick Resin
  • High Yields – A True Super Producer

Pungency aside, Swiss Skunk Feminized Seeds are a great choice regardless of your experience level. These ladies yield big time even if you make a few mistakes, and the THC levels are off the chain. This is strong medicine that’s not intended for the weak or the squeamish! And, as always with The Gorilla & Feminised Seeds, you’ll get top quality for your hard-earned change.

Feminised Seeds’ Swiss Skunk Strain may seem a little familiar to those of you who’ve tried this brand’s incredibly popular Super Cheese Seeds in the past. Swiss Skunk is a new remix that includes those genetics plus something extra special that the breeder’s holding tight to the vest for the moment. When we know more, you’ll be the first to know!

Keep an Eye Out – Swiss Skunk Will be Here Soon!

NB: Here’s a few tips from the Big Hairy One himself. Buy your cannabis seeds with bitcoins & get 20% off plus a free 5-pack as our thank you for using cryptocurrency. And, make sure that you keep those beans dry & safely in their packs. Germination is illegal in the UK & that’s the rules we have to play by. All marijuana seeds are sold strictly for collection or souvenir purposes.

Breeder Profile: Humboldt Seeds


Last time, we talked about how much we like Blue Dream. Now, let’s talk about the breeder responsible for that incredibly popular strain, Humboldt Seeds.

Humboldt Seeds is based in Northern California in the Emerald Triangle, just about the most perfect place on Earth to breed high-quality cannabis seeds. Unlike most American breeders, Humboldt specializes in 100% feminized seeds, and through meticulous R&D, they’ve perfected their technique, delivering even better stability than many of their European competitors.

We can’t knock Humboldt’s quality, and their genetics are second to none, but one of our favourite things about this breeder is their packaging. While many seed companies simply put their brand on card stock and insert it in a ziplock bag with the seeds, Humboldt takes it to the next level with packaging that’s practically destruction proof.

To make sure no customer ever receives crushed seeds, Humboldt Seeds puts their gear in clear tubes, then puts each tube inside a solid piece of wood with the branding and strain name burnt into the front, and the seed description on the back. If they can put that much effort into the packaging, can you imagine how much work goes into the actual seeds?

As mentioned above, Blue Dream is our favourite Humboldt Seed, but they have an extensive collection of other cannabis seed varieties if this one doesn’t float your boat. Here’s some of what we have now, but keep an eye out – we’re adding new Humboldt strains every single week!

Green Crack – Humboldt’s Second Most Highly Demanded Strain

Practically addicting, Green Crack is a high-yielding mixed hybrid that’s a popular cash-cropper on the West Coast. She’s a favourite with none other than Snoop Dogg who coined the name, and that should come as no surprise thanks to a powerful, uplifting high that lasts for hours. The taste is full-bodied with layer upon layer of fruit flavours – mango, pineapple and citrus with just a touch of cedar.

  • Golf-ball Sized Buds – Hard as Rocks!
  • Fast & Resistant to Mould

Blueberry Headband – 8 Elbows Per, No Joke!

It’s nearly impossible to find pure Headband these days, but Blueberry Headband does not disappoint! Outdoors, this monster can get huge, well over 13 feet tall, with yields to match. Up to 141 oz/seed is totally possible with this 707 Headband X Blueberry cross. If you’ve got an unrelenting appetite for top-shelf herb, this is the 100% feminized seed for you!

  • Super Potent – Up to 23% THC
  • 68 Days or Less Finish – Indoors

Mango Sapphire – The Name Alone Won Us Over!

This is another high-yielder with up to 23% THC from Humboldt Seeds, but Mango Sapphire has one thing the other strains by this NoCal breeder doesn’t have – an insanely fast 48-day finish. If your math skills are lacking, that’s 1 day short of 7 weeks. The smell is sweet & fruity, but the flavour is extra special – filled with notes of coconut, mango & sour citrus. Delish!

  • 85% Indica, 15% Sativa
  • Up to 15 oz/yd2

Don’t forget that cryptocurrency is Big G’s preferred payment method. That means if you pay for your marijuana seeds with bitcoins, whether they’re from Humboldt Seeds or any of our other fine breeders, you’ll save 20% and get 5 bonus freebies for a limited time. Don’t miss out on that deal!