For Gorillas Eyes Only!

Classified, Top Secret, Do Not Show to Competition, For Gorillas Eyes Only! This Silly Gorilla has left his confidential Banana case on the bus again – What a stoner!

So before the WikiLeaks team expose our new website redesign, I thought I’d give you a peek at the upgrade first hand because it’s no mystery Gorilla Seeds is the absolute best seedbank on planet earth (and beyond) or the fact we have the cheapest prices on the web.

Here’s a hint of things to come:

  • Colours that Pop! – Even if you never order a single cannabis seed (& we know you will!), you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the screen. It’s pretty slick!

  • Easier Navigation – Our current site isn’t too shabby, but we admit it has a few drawbacks. This total revamp means browsing for your next keeper will be smooth sailing!

  • Information Overload – You can still just look at the budporn & ignore our bad jokes, but if you crave info, we’ll have even more stats, more descriptions & more insane Gorilla stories to share.

But, some things will never change …

The competition just can’t keep up where it matters: fresh, top quality seeds from some of the most dedicated breeders(like) offering quality genetics, 100% feminized seeds of the latest strains (like) and amazing crosses of classics and most popular strains (like, like, & like some more).


It’s not just the new, cool look and feel of the new website we’re concentrating on but even better deals including an amazing selection of free seeds, not old stock that our completion can’t get rid of but top genetics from top breeders.

And, The Gorilla’s free seeds aren’t just free, they’re premium quality and carefully selected just for you as our way of a saying thanks for helping us reach for our goal of becoming the top seedbank on the web.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the launch date. We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you – or blow smoke at you until you forget your name, your dog’s name & whether or not you even saw this blog.

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