Gorilla Seed Bank’s – Facebook Only Competition


1 Winner – Multiple Strains – Facebook Only!

Our Facebook guy is taking a short break, but that won’t stop us from showering The Gorilla’s Facebook fans with free seeds! To keep you busy while he’s away, we want you to trawl our website for the most delicious seed description you can find. Then post a link, image or comment about it & Share what you find.

Here’s a list of the mouth-watering prizes on offer & remember – they all go to 1 winner!

It really is as simple as that. Choose a strain and either post a link, image, comment or all 3 – Share on it on FACEBOOK and you’re in the draw. No bitching, name calling or eye gouging will be tolerated. Any nonsense and you’re added to the shit list – no if’s, but’s or maybe’s!

Competition Ends on Friday the 8th May

Don’t even think about getting these seeds wet. We only sell or give them away for genetic conservation or collectability. We always ship our weed seeds by recorded delivery, but can’t resend if lost. Competition seeds that go missing must be reported to your local friendly customs of postal service.