Gorillas 2016 Competition Winners’



Are You A Gorilla Winner?

Due to Facebook terms and conditions we are no longer allowed to choose or contact Facebook winners directly through Facebook. This blog page will be published on our Facebook page so you can see the winners list and claim your prize.

To claim your prize please contact us preferably by Facebook PM or email [email protected]. We will need your full postage details and email address. Please include the competition you have won in the title.

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Facebook Critical Mass Collective Promotion Winners 25th Jan 16

  • 1st RON MCMILLAN – 5 pack of all 6 strains
  • 2nd DANIEL ARNOLD – 5 Auto Masszar, 5 Monster Mass, 5 Auto Anonymass & 5 Psychtropic Mass
  • 3rd IKER MORENO – 5 Auto Massassin, 5 Auto Masszar, 5 Monster Mass & 5 Psychtropic Mass
  • 4th STEVE HAWKS – 5 Monster Mass, 5 Auto Anonymass & 5 Auto Massassin
  • 5th HELEN URE – 5 Purple Skunk Mass, 5 Auto Massassin & 5 Purple Skunk Mass
  • Forum Critical Mass Collective Promotion Winners 25th Jan 16

  • GRASS CITY ANT DOG – 5 Auto masszar & 5 Auto Anonymass
  • ROLLITUP LISA MARTINEZ – 5 Monster Mass & 5 Purple Skunk Mass
  • IC MAG LEMONSKUNK420 – Purple Skunk Mass & 5 Psychtropic Mass
  • THC TALK DONMITCH0121 – Auto Massassin & 5 Auto Masszar
  • 420 MAG 94XJJOHN – Anonymass & 5 Psychtropic Mass
  • Monthly Competition Winners:

    January 2016 for orders placed in December: #136666 – Kermit Roosevelt

    February 2016 for orders placed in January: #141415 – Colin Gooch


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    All cannabis seeds sold or won on Facebook or through Gorilla are solely intended for collection, storage, novelty or souvenir purposes only. By purchasing or winning these cannabis seeds you are agreeing to these terms. Please do not mention your intention to use these or any cannabis seeds on any of our pages, websites or in any communications – they will be deleted or ignored.

    Competition seeds are sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery and are excluded from our usual guaranteed delivery service. Any non-delivery issues must be taken up with your local customs or postal officials. All reference numbers are recorded and proof of posting retained.