Gorilla’s Dutch Passion Givaway

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Dutch Passion loved our last giveaway so much they decided to do it again. Forget Double Dutch, they’re going for the Double – Double Dutch Giveaway (Ok Quadruple) – in our all new Gorilla Seedbank Facebook contest.


Dutch Passion’s Kit Contents:


  • 1 set of BRAND NEW DP Rolling papers
  • 1 set of DP’s Stickers
  • 1 set of DP Pot Markers

And, of course

  • 1 pack of feminised Dutch Passion Surprise Mix Seeds.

These seeds are the brave little troopers that tried to escape the clutches of the evil packaging machine, but all they managed to do was mix up the stoned DP guy in charge of packing.

Surprise Mix are a collection of feminised and auto fem seeds from any of DP’s high quality range of strains including :



You don’t know what you’ll get, but you will know they’re going to be fantastic strains from the masters.


We have 12 Dutch Passion Kits up for grabs. Here’s how to win them!


  • Click Like, Share & Comment on Facebook with a link to any DP strain from our website to win 1 of 4 Kits.
  • Join any or all of our 4 sponsored forums and you get another entry on that forum.
  • Send me your valid Gorilla order number in a Facebook message and we’ll enter you into our Double Dutch Passion Draw of 2 DP Kits x 2 winners! – 2 sets each.

So that’s 4 chances to win through Facebook plus 2 double sets, and 4 chances though our sponsored forums. The forums don’t know you’re coming, but I’ll be waiting there to welcome you. Please read the rules of each forum before you sign up to – they all differ slightly. The Gorilla is not responsible for anything that goes on at the forums; he’s just giving you another 4 chances to win!


The forums we sponsor are:

Competition seeds are posted via recorded delivery and come straight from the hands of the breeder. We cannot re send any seeds that greedy posties or evil customs officials steal or stop in their tracks. Cannabis seeds are gifted here on the understanding that you won’t get them wet. They’re purely for souvenir or collection purposes – its illegal you know!

You can enter on Facebook multiple times, each forum gives you 1 extra entry & you can order 1 more time with an order number. Try not to look too spammy, and one order number per person, please!

This competition will close on Saturday the 30th August – winnings will be shipped shortly thereafter.