Green House’s Strain Hunters – Doing Their Part to End Prohibition & Change the World!

Traveling the world in search of the most amazing weed – and getting paid for it. I thought working from home and writing about all things cannabis was pretty cool. Any chance of a job guys?

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Underneath all the glamour, fame and adventure, Strain Hunters by Green House Seed Co has a much higher purpose. Their ultimate goal is to bring cannabis out of the shadows by shining the light on the general public’s misconception of this grossly underestimated magical herb.

We are Arjan, Franco and Simon. We are the Strain Hunters. In our documentaries we are showing the value of the cannabis plant; how it can impact people in different historical, geographical, political and economic contexts, to make it socially acceptable. We want to share knowledge and awareness to fight the ignorance that surrounds cannabis and as an old man once told Arjan: “this plant has the power to overthrow governments and to change the world for the better!

Those are big words, but the Strain Hunters most definitely back them up. Let’s take a closer look at one episode that shows how the difference between prohibition and tolerance (or outright legalization) is like night & day.

The Caribbean Expedition – So Close, Yet So Very Far Apart

In 2011, Strain Hunters traveled to Trinidad and St Vincent, 2 different countries in the Caribbean with entirely different drug laws, to see how cannabis currently affects each country and speculate on the possible social and economic future of these islands.



Cannabis Laws: Leaf and Seed = Time

Possession of cannabis can lead to 1 year in prison for a few leafs to one kilo of finished product. While being caught with just 1 seed carries the charge of cultivating, with fines and prison time being more that both possession and trafficking.

Enforcement: Crime Does Pay – Officials

As they were filming the documentary, Trinidad was placed under a gun-related state of emergency. The subsequent police searches led to a lot of unrelated cannabis arrests but very few hard drug or gun arrests. The problems facing the country have little to do with weed, but local politicians and police have been accused by many of focusing on cannabis-related crime because they profit from the local cocaine trade that also fuels gun offenses.

This situation forces the growers on Trinidad to hide all growing activities on small plots of land that lack nutrients & proper irrigation. They must harvest as early as possible to avoid arrest, affecting not only the quality of the crop but doubling the price. The resulting lack of cannabis and plentiful supply of highly profitable cocaine will undoubtedly mean an increase of cocaine use and associated violent crimes.

St Vincent


Cannabis Laws: Almost legal – Not Quite

Even though cannabis is still illegal, the entire island of St Vincent relies on cannabis cultivation as one of its primary exports and its population has a totally different attitude than that of Trinidad.

Enforcement: The police in St Vincent aren’t looking to bust cannabis users but that doesn’t mean you won’t be warned, arrested or fined if caught.

The healthy local economy is largely due to well-managed local police and politicians combined with sensible drug laws that have allowed Trinidad’s fantastic weed farmers to create “the ganga island” – a definite draw for many tourists.

These beautiful islands, their people, music and perfect blue waters make for the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world, but it’s not only these obvious reasons. Their attitude to the cannabis plant is another major factor. Only technically being illegal, the relaxed laws of this island paradise allow tourists and locals to enjoy cannabis as part of the culture.

Until cannabis is legal, even small islands with relaxed drug laws like St Vincent are still ruled by prohibition. Farmers often find themselves under arrest, their crops destroyed and their families totally devastated leaving very few options other than crime as a way to survive. Arjan explains that “everywhere they clamp down on growers, you see more poverty.” On a tiny island with cannabis growing everywhere year round, even the most relaxed drug laws are ridiculous.

The energy surrounding the island of St Vincent is fantastic. Its light, welcoming vibe and tolerance to cannabis is a far cry from its neighboring country of Trinidad, where rolling even a tobacco cigarette can lead to an uncomfortable confrontation with the police.


Back To Their Real Reason for Being There

Not forgetting they still had a job to do, the Strain Hunters’ main reason for this expedition was to find the best landraces. Following the path of an earlier scouting mission, they made a planned visit to “Blacka”, a local cannabis grower. Only two weeks before his scheduled harvest, he had a coincidental visit from “the evil one.” The police had destroyed everything, only serving as a reminder that even in a friendly, tolerant island prohibition still exists.

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