Hallowe’en Competition – Find The Pumpkin And Win! Win! Win!

Ok Guys – enter our 1st Hallowe’en competition for a chance to win yourself some free seeds and an exclusive Gorilla Love Kit.


We just want to say thanks for making us the UK’s No1 Seedbank and what better way than with some mind blowing FREE CANNABIS SEEDS.

Here’s how it works – The Gorilla worked his magic and squashed the description of one of our best-selling seeds to make it sound like a pumpkin. All you have to do is trick-or-treat through our site until you find the right one.

prid desc

Sound simple? It’s not! We have a maze of THC-enriched goodness that covers dozens of breeders and hundreds of premium regular, feminized and fully autoflowering seeds. You will definitely earn this prize – unless you can work out the clues we’ve left on this page to narrow down the choices. Trust us – It’s critical to pay attention!

That’s it. Nothing too advanced or heavy. When you find the pumpkin description, send us the strain name & your contact info through Facebook, Twitter, email – or simply add a comment to this blog. You’ll be entered to win any 5 pack of 100% feminized seeds from the Feminised Seeds brand!

If it’s too early or your too wasted on a nice Kush to try for the exclusive Gorilla love kit, don’t worry – all you have to do is click like and share on Facebook or re tweet us on Twitter to win Free Seeds but you will miss out in the chance to win the Gorilla love kit!

Lucky winners will be chosen at random by The Gorilla himself. Multiple competitions means multiple winners so share, share, share! But only 1 exclusive Gorilla Love Kit will be given away for the main competition.

Be Lucky And Get Clicking – Winners Will Be Announced This Friday the 1st November

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