Joint Doctor Easy Ryder – One Fast, Fruity And Easy Lady

Easy now! Easy as in she won’t give you a hard time and will offer up her goodies without any hassles and quickly. Wait … that still sounds wrong!

Easy Ryder from Joint Doctor is a fast autoflowering strain with massive bud production and a knockout 19% THC content. She’s an absolute masterpiece, and courtesy of her AK47 x Lowryder #2 parents, you get Ak47’s speed and size with large main colas and that extra sticky resin and fruity aroma from her carefully selected Lowryder #2 parent.

  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • High THC Content
  • Fully Automatic

At only 9 weeks from seed, Easy Ryder’s unique branch structure quickly fills up with masses of quality bud, giving off that fruity scent this Gorilla would die for, the high THC hit we all long for and all in no time at all.

This space-saving fully – automatic cannabis seed from Joint Doctor isn’t just easy – she’s an absolute must for every auto enthusiast.

Straight from the top shelf, these weed seeds are from the masters of autos, and easy on the pocket at only £16.28 for a 3 pack of 100% feminised seeds – Easy!

Fresh, Fast, Fruity And Easy – Why Wouldn’t You Buy Them Now?