Joint Doctor’s Purple Ryder – Perfect Purple Pretties

These brand new purps are so good they named them twice. Joint Doctor has created the perfect, purple beauty with Purple Ryder, A.K.A Purple JEMS. Mossy, the famous underground breeder, was on board with this fully automatic hybrid, taking the amazing Lowryder and crossing with an F7 Mazar.

Purple Ryder isn’t just purple eye candy with stacks of bag appeal. Sure, The Gorilla drools over her royal purple nuggets and incredibly sticky resin for hours on end, but is more interested in the sweet floral taste and super relaxing buzz this little beauty gives him.

Joint Doctor’s Lowryder parent has ensured this Purple Ryder will fly under the radar in any hidden space, giving off a low odour, short profile and finishing in only 7 short weeks, making it perfect for a quick stealthy harvest.

Available in 10 packs of 100% automatic seeds for only £35.99 – Hurry while stocks last.

Mossy’s Perfect Purples, The Perfect Treat For The Purple Lover – Get them Now From Gorilla