Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic – You’re Gonna Love It, No Crystal Ball Required!

Here we have a real special treat from Nirvana Seeds, a blue Indica dominant, magical lady with a supernatural blue tint and a nice neutral scent. Did I say she’s blue? 


It’s no illusion, Blue Mystic really is blue! With a fruity berry taste, This Gorilla predicts you’ll feel anything but blue – I’m no psychic, but the floaty, focussed, uplifting buzz and heavy rock-hard buds will lift your spirit to that mystical, celestial plane we all love to visit.

  • Magically Heavy Buds

  • Indica Dominant

  • Clear Uplifting Buzz

  • Yep, You Guessed It, She’s Blue!

At just a rather earthly £21.99 for 5 seeds and £38.99 for 10, you’ll come back for more in the future, so buy a few packs of Blue Mystic Seeds now and before you know it, we’ll have them shipped!

Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic – I Predict You’re Gonna Love It!